Monday, September 1, 2008

Carter Christmas Letter?

The Cleavers we are NOT!
Chad was home today and took some time to read my blog. He told me he loves it but thinks it's too "braggy" Like the Christmas letters we sometimes get. We are a horrid family and we would often tease about the really bad ones we get during the holidays.Life is just so wonderful,they are incredibly rich, the kids all get straight A's. Someone actually wrote "even as busy as I am I still manage to get to the gym to keep my perfect size 6 figure" We laughed out loud and it has been a standing joke in our family. So imagine my horror that he thinks my blog is kinda like a Christmas letter? So I decided I am going to throw in some bad stuff.God knows there is plenty of it! And after his comment I am going to start with Chad...

Chad is extremely accident prone. He is currently home for a few days,on crutches because he once again beefed it on his bike. I think that makes at least 4 times that he has jacked up his ankle in the last 2 years. When he was small he had constant scabs on his face from his big wheel. Why his face? Because he never learned to break his fall with anything but his darling face. He has broken his elbow, bruised his spleen, ripped off the top of his toe in the academy,been to the ER at least 10 times, and on another note was suspended twice in high school for being a prankster. Sorry about the fire alarms, telling the teacher his name was Phillip, and the flying spit wads. You will never read any of that in a Christmas letter

Yep....that's a scab

-Travis mumbles and is often hard to understand
-Steve swears I snore but I think its his echo that he is hearing
-My boys love to toot and then lock the car windows so you can't breathe
-We think we are way funnier than we are
-Don't wake Travis up too early or you will be socked! He is such a grump in the morning
-My boys still leave toothpaste in the sink
-I have a outfit that I sometimes wear to bed when it's cold that Steve calls my"throw momma from the train" look
-We love freebies! We call it being Greek. There is never a time when I have passed a maids cart without extra lotion or shower caps(they make great bowl covers) I take jams from the basket on the table to keep at work, & just a few sweet n lows for my purse. Of course we can afford these things but it's a inborn compulsion
-Face it we are chunky! We just love to eat and to feed people. I studied places to eat for 2 months before going to Boston(and yes we hit them all)
-Our junk drawer is out of control
-We like hamburger helper(so white trash) but just the crunchy taco and stroganoff
-Steve and the boys still play dart guns in the dark. It is so funny to watch and it is intense!
Now of course I could go on and on,but that gives you a good idea. I do not ever want my blog to read like a brag letter. I just choose to write about the good stuff. Because thankfully...even with all our weird quirks and bad habits we are blessed with LOTS of the good stuff!


russhydefamily said...

I just love reading your blog. You are so down to earth and FUNNY. I just have one question... do you feed people before you eat them? :)
You have such darling boys and I love reading about them. You tell Chad you are certainly not as braggy as your friend Nancy :) (Love you mom). With boys that cute, you could brag a little more. I am looking forward to reading all about Travis' wedding. Congrats!
Kori (Little)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Kori, you aren't nearly as braggy as your friend, Nancy!! But when you get to be our age (well maybe my age) you have some "rights" right?? I don't think you're braggy at all, I love everything you say, everyday, and I know it's ALL the TRUTH (I've never doubted a word). I don't ever want to see you list a disagreeable thing about your family ever again, I know you had to make all those things up just to please Chad!!

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I just loved this blog. I love knowing little fun facts about people...these are the things that make me love and adore people...things everyone can relate to! I have an out of control junk drawer too. I mat steal this blog idea too...sunday six has been a HIT!!!

Lindsay said...


dkrikac said...

I had to comment....I read this AGAIN...I loved it SISTA....We all grew up SO GREEK....We watched the BEST, Ya Ya. she could take Half and Half from a Waitress, Crackers, Blackberry Jam, mix it up, and make a Splendid "Blackberry Cobbler".