Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just thinkin ...

I stumbled upon a blog of a fun, young writer who is the daughter of a friend of mine
And she did this cool post " If we were on a coffee date with you " and shared what she would be filling you in on if she was sitting across from you sharing a coffee.
I just liked the concept so much that I decided to try it too

If I were on a coffee date with you ....
I would be drinking a Apricot Ceylon iced tea from Coffee Bean because it is by far MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE !  It has been for years, and I don't get to enjoy them near enough
I have them brew it fresh for me and then ice it because it is extra strong that way
And I  love their crunch ice ...perfection

I would tell you how much I have LOVED reading lately ! I devour one book and move onto the next with such excitement. I am on Goodreads so come find me ! I love this site so much because it keeps you organized and allows you to see what your friends are reading and loving !  I can spend hours browsing for new books and getting excited about what to read next. This morning I found the 2014 Beach Read guide and already added a few to my list.  I am currently reading " The invention of wings " and so enjoying it 

I would also tell you about my day with my best friends. Last week  I spent a belated Mothers Day with the boys and Ashlyn. We had such a nice day. Ashlyn had gotten us all  lunch from my favorite place in San Diego " Con Pane"  {The Turkey club is the bomb}  And they all gave me the sweetest , most tender cards. And Travlyn gave me a beautiful framed pic of Beckham and I and some amazing Meyer lemon olive oil. I have been obsessed with Meyer Lemons this year ! It was a fun day and I always drive away with the happiest heart and a smile that lasts for days.

And lastly I would tell you how much I love Tim McGraws new song " meanwhile back at mommas"  There is something about that song that makes me happy ! If you haven't heard it click here and give it a listen. So sweet, and nostalgic  

Well thanks for meeting me for coffee
I am off to go float in the pool and swim !  I feel terrible for ditching out on church today but am wiped out and needing a little bit of quiet time. My sweet hubby just left without me. I love that he is such a Godly man who will go alone even if I dont. Please forgive me Lord
But I will chat with Him while I float and thank Him for all the blessings in my life.  I am overwhelmed with thankfulness  !
Wishing you all a beautiful week filled with love and giggles!!   

And speaking of giggles, sadly this reminded me of me ....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bunco Joys !

We had a bunco wedding !!
And wowowow was it incredible !

Sweet Katie and Dan have a daughter Bridget who married a great guy Cameron
And we all were so blessed to attend this fabulous event ! It was a bit emotional as we have all known Bridget since she was 3 or 4 and watched her grow up into this lovely young lady
It was such a meaningful service by their sweet pastor 
And lets face it ...the Atwoods know how to throw a party.
Complete with Dom Perignon at every table and the best food and drinks I have ever had !  
They were the most stunning couple and Katie was a vision as mother of the bride. I only have  a couple snaps from my phone but am anxiously awaiting the professional pics from The Crandalls  {Who I think are the BEST photographers ever}  
I love these ladies so much and feel like I have sisters when we are all together.

There is nothing more tender than a daddy daughter dance, and yes this beautiful bride rode in on her horse
It was all right out of a movie and we felt so blessed to share this day with them ....
Wishing you kids a lifetime of joy and love !! We love you

Then the following Thursday I hosted bunco at my house ! Of course we never played. We just ate and chatted about the wedding! It was all we could talk about
I decided to have breakfast for dinner and it was so yummy  !
We had yogurt parfaits, mini BLT sandwiches, a donut tower, egg casserole and potatoes, fresh berries and banana pudding. It was so fun and I loved designing the menu and cooking for my friends.
 We also celebrated Jodies birthday !! 

Paula Deens banana puddin 

 It was a wonderful night sitting aorund my dining room table sharing life stories and being friends
 I am so blessed by these girls and their friendships !

Here's to the friends who became family !!
Who knew my life would be forever changed and blessed by dice !