Friday, May 30, 2008

Lets Celebrate with Charlie!

We had the BEST day with our dear friends the Rizzo's .What a hard year this has been for Charlie and his family. He amazes us with his strength and courage and never ending fight to beat his cancer. So on Memorial Day they invited some close friends over to celebrate how far he has come. We are so proud to be their friends! We have raised our kids together,and faced all the challenges that come when you have been friends for 20 years. But they are the kind of friends who carry you when you need it. She was a rock to me when my Mom passed away. We only hope they have felt our arms around them now when they needed it. We had a BLAST at their home as always. Even had a few shots! ( a first for me ) We love you guys!!!!

Fun Video of the shenanigans ~

My First Blog...

After a fun day of giggles and fun with my neice Chloe she said " You should do a Blog Thia" She claims that my life is interesting enough that she would stop by to see whats new??? So even if she is my only visitor~ Here it begins... WELCOME TO MY PAGE!
I am calling it "Thia Karen" because that is what Chloe lovingly calls me. Thia means "Aunt" in Greek. I have amazing neices and nephews and I have always loved hearing them call me "Auntie Karen" Mekenna, Kalen, Kiley and Kenna have called me that since they were babies even though I am not really their aunt (shhh)
My new favorite title has become "Mother of the Groom" !! We are thrilled beyond belief that our oldest son Travis will be getting married to the most amazing daughter in law to be Ashlyn. God is good !!! And He gives only PERFECT gifts.Perfect is how we feel about her joining our crazy family. I also love "Momala" That is what I always called my Mom and Chad has been calling me that since she passed away. I LOVE it. It always makes me smile and brings a rememberance to my heart that warms me.
Well thanks for stopping by...I hope to share this fun new adventure with you