Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

Today is Steve's birthday...and it has taken me many tries to write a blog for him! The tears start to flow and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.My mind goes back to all the sweet things he has done. The note passed in church that said "you look so cute today" my phone filled with texts that are so sweet I cant bring myself to erase a single one.The countless songs he has sang to the boys and me,my drawer full of cards and notes that are so tender and kind. But he deserves a great birthday post I am going to attempt again. My hubby is the most kind hearted, generous, hard working, loyal, funny person I know. And it seems like when someone is as humble as Steve they often don't get the kudos they deserve. But not a day goes by that his family doesn't love and appreciate him! When I was looking through the photos for a collage I realized in almost every one he has his arms wrapped around those he loves. That is Steve....A safety net, a loving arm of support, a place to rest. He is like a big teddy bear! And for 26 years I have felt safe, completely accepted and loved in those arms. He is the easiest , low maintenance man ever. He loves a nice dinner but is equally content with a tuna sandwich. He could wear the same shorts, shirt and thongs but wants his family to have all they need. His dry sense of humor is a daily joy. We tease that we are still married because we literally crack each other up everyday. He is so dang funny and quick witted. The kids tease him constantly like he is a older brother and I think that's such a tribute to their relationship with him.Poor guy can never take a shower while Chad's home without a bucket of cold water coming over the top and Chad running and giggling down the hall. He is fun, comfortable and the real deal! He is called "Carter" by me and my family. It just suits him!  The kids just call him "Pops". If you are a friend, you are a friend for life! We all are so blessed by your love Steve..And we wish you the happiest of birthdays!!!


cougarnana said...

I love days when I wake up and have a good cry! What a wonderful post about your wonderful hubby.....Happy Birthday Steve!

Chloe Krikac said...

We LOVE our Puffin... he's such a pumpkin! Great post about your hubby, I agree with you a million times over! :)