Thursday, September 11, 2008

A VERY loving toast...

I have been reminded so much recently how many fabulous people we are blessed with in our life.Incredible,generous,kind hearted family and friends.Our life is blessed to overflowing with both the big and little things!It's been the love behind the gift or gesture that has so touched our hearts.Our dear friends the Atwood's who are precious friends gave us the most incredible surprise today.They own property here and a few years back planted a harvest of wine grapes and it has become a very special wine here in Temecula.Everyone LOVES their Syrah.When we were shopping for a red wine for the reception we couldn't find any that came even close to being as good as theirs.So we asked if we could purchase from them to serve at the wedding.They said they would be honored.When I went over the other night for bunco Dan loaded it in my car and only when I got home realized there was a LOT!I felt awkward asking what the total was with everyone there so I just left a blank check made out to them knowing they would be giving me a really great price.And today this was on my porch. The check was made out for "One Million Dollars" and was included in the envelope to us with this note!

Of course I started to cry and haven't stopped yet! How do you ever repay someone for such a loving generous gift.I bowed my head and asked God to bless them 10 fold in every way possible and to please show us how to bless them back!So on this most memorable day we will toast the beginning of the kids married life with a special wine from our very special friends at the "Atwood Winery,Temecula" And it will be a gift never forgotten!
Katie we are thrilled you will be with us at the wedding and we will think of Dan with every pour.

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Anonymous said...

What great friends!! Lucky You!! Some people just know how to do the perfect thing, this was sure a perfect thing. Have a Happy Wedding!