Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Chad~

Chad is not going to like this post! Remember the Cleaver story? He didn't want my blog to seem too 'braggy' and sound like we are the Cleavers! Well Beaver....June just has to spill her heart.When I said I was writing his birthday post,he called from the other room "less is more Mom" Sorry kiddo your birthday comes once a year and this Momma has much to brag about....
So Happy Birthday to my baby boy Chad!! He is now 23 years old and I have yet to lose that darn baby weight. But I am going to cut myself some slack, because we must have been pretty good parents because he sure is one darling son. Chad has so many wonderful qualities rolled into one young man. His sense of humor is over the top, his work ethic, his strong love for family, his ability to put people at ease and make you feel so comfortable. But he wasn't always the easiest kid for sure. My life quote for him was Mark Twain "My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but she enjoyed every minute of it" And that is how life with the Chadster was.He wanted to be born when I was 6 months pregnant so it was "bed rest" for the last three.Then he flipped at 9 months and was breach so it was a C section. We called him "hooper" because he hooped when he would cry. (It was the weirdest noise) And from a early age he displayed a deep love of mischief. He loved McGyver and cut holes in the screens in his room so he could drop a line down? He pulled the tranny on his 300 dollar electric car with Trav so they could make it go faster? They locked us out of our house while they ate cookies inside. We called him a monkey because he could climb up your legs with his feet. He climbed out of his crib at 9 months old and I admit we were briefly tempted to put a net over the top. But he was one of the cutest babies ever(tied with the other Carter boy) He had those blue eyes and a killer smile.Since he shares a birthday with Elvis at a early age when we would sing to him, he would reply in his BEST Elvis voice "thank you , thank you very much" with a little hip jab. And this boy loved his momma! I remember taking him to preschool and he looked right at me and said he liked it  "but I just want to play wiff you mom"  
That was his last day!
So we would play while Trav was at school and he would wait by the front door for his brother and ask me 100 times how many more minutes until Travis was home. He still loves his brother more than anything! We are so proud of his tender heart and loving spirit.I sent him to do the recycling last week and he told me he gave the cans to the guy ahead of him because he looked like he could use the money.One day recently he came home from surfing super hungry, I asked about the lunch he packed and he said he gave it to a homeless guy at the beach  (so much like my mom)
He opens the car door for me, he writes me the sweetest notes, we have lunch once a week "just because" and he insists on treating me. Last week when I got there he had already ordered my iced tea.(so precious) So yes we will overlook the fire alarms he pulled all through high school, the suspension for telling the teacher his name was "Phillip" and the numerous pranks he played.I dreaded "back to school" nights because I knew I was in for some stories! My friend Sherie often reminded me I would be glad that I had a child who colors outside the lines and thinks outside the box. What box? he flattened the box and rode headfirst down the driveway in it. Well she was right! And I thank her for loving him and seeing the humor in things. Like the time he put bubbles in the jacuzzi at their hotel when on vacation with her family. But she reminds me every time I see her that he is still her favorite.

Chad you have been delightful, and your BIG personality just didn't fit in that little body.I am so proud to be your mom.I know the girl who marries you will be incredibly lucky! She will always feel loved and appreciated but there will never be a dull moment.I pray your year is filled to overflowing with blessings.
Happy Birthday!! 
Oodles of love....Your Momala~


Ashlyn Carter said...

This is one of my most favorite posts ever and brought tears to my eyes. I love Chaddy so very much and he is such a wonderful, giving, thoughtful and most loving man. Love you Chad and happiest of birthdays :)

Lindsay said...

O.K.I am a mess! That was the BEST blog I have ever read! I am still trying to see what I am typing through the blurred and water drenched eyes! Chad you are a very special young man and the sweetest ever! We love you with all our hearts! We still remember your N.Y accent when you were just a little tyke! Happy Birthday Chad-Man! Stephan Fred and Karen Estille- You should be so very Proud of the two young men that God gave you!!! You are a very blessed family!!

Love linds

Sara Beara said...

Now I just love Chaddy even more! So precious.

Cougarnana said...

Happy Birthday to Chad! That was such a sweet post/tribute, I feel like I really got to know Chad. Of course, I know he couldn't be anything but wonderful since he has just the very best parents. I hope you all got to celebrate together.