Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

1-I Paid for the person behind me at my Starbucks drive through.And it was so fun! I think I might make that a weekly habit. It was a older car too which made me extra happy. Way more fun than if it was a Cadillac Escalade.But I found myself wanting to stay in line to see her reaction. But that's not important! It's all about an anonymous act of kindness.

2-Chad was home this week for 5 days. And I just LOVE that kid. He has such a sweet heart and he loves his momma. And I admit it's always fun for me to baby my boys. Steve wants him home more often because I made steak, cupcakes, burritos,tacos and all his favorites for dinner.We played cards,talked much,watched movies and waited on him hand and foot.It was GREAT!

3- MY DRESS CAME!!! on Sept 6th. With 4 days to spare before we head out of town! What a fiasco that turned out to be...the sweet lady at Dillard's was put on jury duty and "forgot" to place the order. So after waiting forever I called her and she said(insert southern accent here) "Oh my Lord I am so sorry ya'll..but it's gunna be ok cuz we still got some time. I am gunna ship it next day air myself personally so don't you werry" But...she shipped fed ex ground!!No problem, Whats another 5 days? Then it had the wrong address and was sent back to the fed ex hub. Brazo not Bravo? ( I don't think she undertood my accent) She called again to say "Lordy, I feel so bad about eveythin going so awful,it's just been a comedy of errors hasn't it?...Nope haven't really laughed even once. But no problem, Whats another 5 days? The good news it's here and there is no complaining on's all about being grateful. So I will just say "Thank Gawd it arrived, ya'll needent have werryed about a thang"

4- Ashlyn got a GREAT new job at PLNU a block from their new home. And she got the good news before the wedding and honeymoon so she can go away without a care in the world.The thought of having to travel so much with her old job was just too hard when you are a newlywed and your hubby is home. So she took a step of faith and her last day on the job was Thursday. Friday she got the call and her new job offer !! What a incredible answer to prayer. She is so darling and dedicated they would have been nuts not to take her. But we are sure glad they did...

5-I'm off work for 2 Weeks!!! Going to plant some flowers in the yard and spruce up the house for my family. So when we return from the wedding its homey,welcoming, and clean.

6- I had so much fun at book club. This is such a fun group of girls.I always come away smiling and thankful that I was invited to join their group. We giggle,eat, try all the new restaurants in town and swap funny stories. They often challenge me to read things that I might not normally have picked. I think I am just smarter now that I am a "book- babe" I love you all!!


cougarnana said...

It sounds like you had another great week but I'm sure not as great as this week will be. Yay!! It's almost here, I'm so happy for all of you! I hope you get to enjoy EVERY MINUTE!! And I hope you remember every minute so you can tell us all about it. I loved the idea of paying for the Starbuck's customer but I'm trying to figure out how you do that. I laid in bed last night thinking about how I could pull that off. Oh my gosh, and the dress story just gets better and better. Here's wishing you a wonderful, happy and "exquisite" (my new word from Fancy Nancy) week. Have fun and love to y'all.

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I always look forward to your Sunday Six...since you were the founder and all. You always make me laugh!
I don't even know your family but I am counting down the days til this wedding!! I am so happy for all of you!
Heres to another GREAT week!