Monday, September 15, 2008

The Day of the Wedding!

We all stayed at the same hotel which was so much fun!! All the out of town family were greeted with fun welcome gifts in every room. This bride doesn't miss anything. They were adorable and everyone loved it! All the boys ended up in one suite with Travis.I kept asking if they wanted me to get another room but they were quite happy.And at one point I think there was 9 in there.I just told the maid to leave clean towels and please don't bother even cleaning.I would do it after.We all met up in the dining room for breakfast, the boys swam, picked up their tuxes, relaxed,sat around and talked.I went to Ashlyn's aunt DeDe's house where all the girls got our hair done.It was SO fun! Having girls around is going to be GREAT! And their family of girls is the most fun ever!

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