Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

Another Sunday and a chance to think back on the simple joys of my week. With a grate"full" heart I say thank you.....This week they are really random !

1- "Bar Keepers Friend" I have always heard of this product but never tried it. It's a MUST!!! My sinks and faucets are sparkling.For a girl who loves to clean this is a lot of joy for $1.35 And its been around since 1882. Where has it been all my life??

2- Artichokes..I have loved them since I was pregnant with Travis. It was the ONLY food that I craved! And I have been hooked ever since. My Daddy used to say "you could starve to death eating them" but for me there is just nothing better. I had three this week!

3- I spoke with my nephew Austin on the phone. He is such a GREAT young man and I don't get to see him near enough. I loved hearing him say "I Love you auntie Karen" Going to make sure he saves me a dance at the wedding! And one of his great hugs too

4- I had a really vivid dream about my Mom. I have been missing her so much with all the wedding excitement. Just knowing how much she would love Ashlyn and being there with us that day. So she has been on my heart even more lately. I am thankful God let me hear her voice and see her sweet face in my dreams. And I am trusting she will get to experience the whole day from heaven! It is one that she prayed for since each of her grandchildren were born.

5- Another week without sugar! Now that's somethin...I went to Brighton and the lady handed me a big piece of cake with my purchase because they were celebrating birthdays. "Oh no, none for me thank you " actually came out of my mouth??? Can I get a Boo Yah!!!

6- I finished a good book and I just love the joy of picking my next one. I always have a stack of books in my office that I want to read so I have plenty to choose from. I love to crack open a new one and begin another wonderful story. I know book lovers can relate to this little joy.


Chloe Krikac said...

I look forward to your Sunday Six each week! I LOVE it! Your dream about Ya-Ya made me teary and I have no doubt that she will be enjoying every second of the wedding from her special place in heaven. Congrats on another week without sugar, and finishing the book too! Can't wait to hear which one you've decided to crack next! Love you!

Ashlyn Donatelli said...

so you made me cry. I miss Ya-Ya too and I never even experienced her hugs, but I feel her prayers, so alive and real today. She will be celebrating with us and sitting right next to Jesus. Lucky her.

Anonymous said...

Once again, a warm, heartfelt Sunday Six by Sophia!! I have had a few more loved ones jump on the SS bandwagon and I enjoy reading about all the miracles and joys that our loving Heavenly Father is passing around (even Bar Keeper's Friend). How perfect to get a "visit" from your mom at this very special time in your life. HE just knows what we need! Thanks for sharing and blessing my life. Hugs to You!