Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Six...

Feels like its been ages since I posted and even longer since I have done my Sunday Six. Things have been so busy. But no excuses~I need to take the time to sit and thank God for the many blessings in my life.Here are six to share as a peek into the very blessed life of the Carters

1-I had my "Julia" themed dinner party and it was so much fun! It ended up being just my BFF and her hubby Dennis and us. But we sure had a GREAT night. Sandy brought us pearls and broaches(so Julia) and the Beef Bourguignon was fabulous! It was a lot of steps to prepare but the boys really loved it.I had gone to the Farmers market and got fresh flowers and good crusty bread.After supper we played games out on the patio and chatted for hours.I cherish the time with my friends so much that even over hot dogs and Frito's it would still be fabulous!

2-We had a fun getaway for Lindsay's birthday! Kenny was super busy doing a wedding and conference so it was just Lindsay,Chloe,Steve and I. Once again we has so much fun! My sweet friend Casey's daughter came to "Brody sit" and it was so nice to never worry about him.Thank you so much Lauren! And a BIG thanks to my boss and friend Trish who gave me an extra day off so we could leave town early ! We love you Lindsay and were so happy to be with you to celebrate your birthday!

3-Candy Corn arrived in the stores!! Which to me is one of the happiest days of the year! Because that means Fall cant be far off. It has been a mild summer filled with some terrific fun but I just don't love summer! But it wont be long now and Fall will be here.With pumpkin scents, soups, sweaters,and changing leaves. Now that is pure joy

4-FAMILY! When Sandy was here we were going through photos on my computer and she kept saying "Karen you have such a big extended family and you have so much fun with them" And she is so right. My aunts and uncles, the cousins, my own brothers and their wives. We all get along fabulously and they are such a huge part of my life. If I don't talk to my Thia Mary at least three times a week I really miss her. And of course with my own three kids, I feel so blessed each time they call to say Hi and chat. Life is only sweet when it is shared with people you love. And I am so glad that we have so many to love, and who love us.

5-Markdowns at work! Not much this Greek girl loves more than a good ole bargain. I often will text Ashlyn and ask if she needs a toaster? tea maker? Bbq tools? Coolers? We often have GREAT stuff for super cheap and for some reason I just cant pass them up.So last week they marked down diapers. I'm sure they thought I was a little crazy when I sent this pic and asked if I should buy some? They will probably not be having babies for a couple more years,but at six dollars a bag you know I left with three! They will be on the shelf with all the rest of my treasures and who knows maybe this YaYa will need them sooner than we think.

6-A couple weeks ago my brothers pastor lost his precious son Josiah in a car accident. It was such a sudden death and such a huge loss for their family, their church family and for my brother Dave's family too as they have been a part of his life since he was a little boy. But the faith in God and the testimonies that came out of his passing have really changed me. To watch Pastor Steve do his sons funeral and be able to see the Lords hand is nothing short of amazing. Over 2 thousand people came to the service and 4500 watched online. It is such a wake up call to us all that no one is guaranteed tomorrow and we need to live ready if God should call us home. The one quote that will forever stay with me was when Steve was speaking about Josiah being a organ donor and how 7 people literally have life because of him, He said " We were praying for a miracle for Josiah but God chose for him to be the miracle, and I am ok with that" Wow what faith!! It is amazing to see how lovingly God is keeping them in His mighty grip.
I wish you all a week filled with love and blessings. And the time to count them. We all have so much to be thankful for!

Friday, August 21, 2009

How did I ever raise two manly boys?

This has been the question popping in my mind the last couple of days. Brody had his appointment to be neutered and this mom was a wreck! My vet has literally seen me cry at least five times and Brody is only 4 months old. What has become of me and how did I get to be this much of a softie? I cry when he gets his shots...I cried when he told me the dangers of parvo...And yesterday when I dropped him off I was a basket case. My sweet vet came and gave me a hug and told me it would be fine. But I still had to wear my sunglasses out of the office and back into my work.When I get nervous I tend to talk a lot so I was trying to explain to the vet that I had two boys that were very manly and that I wasn't one of "those moms" who couldn't let go and allow their kids to feel a little pain. (I may have seen him roll his eyes a little) I found myself thinking I'm not sure I was this worked up when Steve got fixed? Steve swears that I was just fine,read the Readers Digest,filed my fingernails and may have even checked my watch a few times to see when we could go home? I know when the boys were young I was a bit over protective, but I'm pretty sure I didn't cry every time they got shots? But this little pup has me whooped. He seems so defenseless and just looks at me with those big eyes that say "help me" But all in all he is doing GREAT~ I took off that horrid cone they gave him and bought him a top of the line soft one that is more like a travel pillow. So much more comfy and he can see better too. An additional forty dollars but my grand puppy Bentley can use it too when he gets fixed. I then cooked Brody brown rice and sweet potatoes and laid by him most of the night. So with all the TLC he is going great! Now Steve, I remember I threw a pot pie in for you when you got home and checked on you once or twice too, so no fair giving me a hard time about this pup of ours. You know I love you both the most! Love,hugs and two paws up from Brody and me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Memory Lane~


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julie & Julia~

I enjoyed this movie so much and wanted to reflect on some of my favorite moments. I never knew too much about Julia Child, but I sure remember watching her often while growing up.
And now I am enthralled with her life story after seeing this delightful movie.All I want to do is read more and more about her. I think one of the things I loved most was her tender relationship with her darling husband. I didn't know that she had such a happy marriage and such a strong supportive husband. I believe that is a huge factor in her becoming so successful. With that kind of undying love and encouragement who knows what we can accomplish. I also loved the story line about the young Julie who was "just a blogger" setting out to accomplish her goals and dreams in Mrs. Child's footsteps. What a great movie for anyone who loves cooking (& food) and going to the movies simply to be entertained. I saw it with Sandy and on the way home she talked me into having a "Julia Child" themed dinner party. So later this month I will be hosting my very own dinner. It will look nothing like the scene from the movie but Lord willing the food will be just as perfect. I will be making her famous Beef Bourguignon and serving wine, cheese, a great salad and crusty bread.I may even attempt the Raspberry Creme for dessert. I am thinking us girls will wear broaches and the men ties. I promise to take photos and give my recipe reviews. If you enjoy a cute clean movie I suggest this one~
Bon Appetit

*Talk about CrAzY~ I no sooner hit "Post blog" and Sandy calls me from the Salvation Army. She is on a hunt for broaches and pearls for our dinner party.I totally forgot about the pearls! We are such kindred spirits. She has spent 16 dollars and has three broaches and has her eyes on some pearls. Life is so fun!

** While at the show she tells me to put my feet up so no one will sit in front of us. Again I know exactly how Ethel felt having Lucy as her tall,thin friend.We cracked up because my feet couldn't even hit the back of the seat.Further confirmation that I am not too fat,but merely too short.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Happenings!

Wow Dave~I'm so glad that you read my blog and look for my Sunday Six. Thank you bro..
But since I was gone all day Sunday I will post them today instead. I can now in all honesty say that my "fans" await the weekly recap ( Ok fan but I'll take it)
It has been a great week! The difference between a good week and a great one is, the GREAT ones are filled with time spent with people that I LOVE. I realize you can take everything I own, strip me of all my "things" but if I have my friends and family I am a happy girl! And everyone knows Happy girls are the prettiest! So without further adieu..Here are my favorite six smiles of the week

1- A really fun book club with the girls. They are just good for my soul. We always laugh while munching on fun food at our favorite T town restaurants. We read great books but its so much more than that. They are like a little therapy group. We share all our quirks and laugh about how weird we are all getting. I know I have mentioned them before but I sure love the book babes!

2- My dearest friend Sandy came out to spend the day and we had a BLAST! She no sooner walked in the door and she was rearranging my furniture and changing lamps around.She is so funny! She made me a list of what we needed to buy later in the day while we were out shopping. We had a long lunch at BJ's ,then an hour long reflexology(ahh-mazing) then off for a pedicure, and a three hour shopping trip at Homegoods (my favorites store EVER! ) We found some great things and laughed constantly.
She is constantly doing laundry...two washers, two dryers, three kids so she is always on the hunt for a BIG hamper. We found this and I thought it might just work.
She wanted a manicure too so while she was getting her nails done I cleaned out her purse. That's a whole other story but I love to see what fun things people have in their purse. It was crazy the stuff she had in there. The salon owner brought me a "trash bag" and I just went to town on it. It's nice to have friends who let you clean their junk while we talk about our favorite gum, lotion, check designs, read each others "to do" lists and think its a perfectly normal thing.

3-Sunday we headed down to see the kids! We always have the BEST time. Although this trip was a little crazy with those darn pups. They played and wrestled all day! We went to the beach for a few hours and then back to the house to put together their new patio set. We had a really nice 10 piece set at my work and it went 1/2 price so I snatched it up! It was a fun surprise for Ashlyn when we drove up with it in the truck. We even had a beautiful green umbrella to put in the middle. So after the boys set it up, Chad came by and we ate outside in the wonderful cool evening air.I love my 3 kids ! And nothing makes me happier than time spent with them.
4- Saturday night we went to dinner with friends at our new favorite restaurant "Vincenzo's Italian" We LOVE this place. The owner cooks and his wife makes all the desserts by scratch. Last time we went he strolled through the place singing acapella while delivering plates. It is a little family owned hole in the wall but the food is amazing! We had a super fun evening just hanging with our friends and the time passed too quickly.They got to meet Brody and they brought him some fun new treats. He was a good pup and made them feel right at home. We love you both and hope we can do it again soon!

5-Every morning that I work we make the trek to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! And I can honestly say it has fast become my favorite part of the day. It's a quick walk with the girls and Kirk and it gives us a few minutes to chat and catch up with each other. I feel like its my "Cheers" where everybody knows your name. Last week we took them a little gift to thank them for always being so sweet to us. They have the BEST iced coffee and customer service ever! But mostly I love spending those few minutes with my work buddies.

6-Books and Music. Oh how I love them both! I think each month I will do the review on my blog of the book club selection so you can all see what we are reading and enjoying. I LOVE to have time to read. It is such a simple pleasure and I am thankful that my parents instilled in me the love of books. I also LOVE music and finding new songs. I text Chloe last week a fun new song title and then she text me back another one. I love having good music in the background of my life. While driving, cooking, and cleaning...I love Frank Sinatra while sitting on my patio, and fun catchy tunes while I drive. This week favorite is Smile by Uncle Kracker. Download it and I bet you will find yourself smiling too.

I wish you all a GREAT week filled with love and giggles and a grateful heart to recognize our many blessings !

Friday, August 7, 2009

Guess I'm not the only nosy one

You can tell a lot about a woman by looking inside her purse...

That was the headline that caught my eye while reading the paper on vacation. It is a regular column in this particular paper and for someone like me who LOVES purses and knowing what fun stuff friends have in theirs it was a fun article to read. So I copied some of the questions and thought it would be a fun post! And even more fun if you shared whats in yours.

Hangbag~Right now a white summery bag by Roxi

Are they status symbols~Not for me. I love to change it up too often so I look for good deals at TJ Max and Macy's. The most I will spend is 50 dollars and that's if I really love it!

What does this bag say about you~ You are never too old for Roxy and everyone should have a cute white purse for summer.If someone found your bag and looked inside what would they think about you~I am a little unorganized-Don't use any credit cards(thanks to the warden hubby)I use my purse calendar to schedule my entire life(& I buy the exact same kind every year from Current) All the presidents heads on my money face the same direction at all times-I am very sentimental because there are love notes from the kids and Steve that go back 15 years-I only use black pens and always have lotion and gum.Also I am a bit of a germaphob so there are always wipes and "nectarine mint" instant antibacterial gel.

Whats the most important item in your bag~My wallet, I know everyone has one but mine is cuter.The pic doesn't do it justice but it has a really fun latch and opens nice and wide. And my phone...I cant leave without it. Never know when Oprah will call and say "hey I found your blog, You are so funny, and Gail and I would love to do lunch"

Whats the strangest~Travel size scope mouthwash. I love to rinse during the day.

Whats in your bag?
A cute notebook for my OCD list making

Calendar....Crucial to my life because my memory is shot!

Pill container? deeeepresssssing...nothing says "middle age" like a good ole pill container

My arsenal against germs but yet my pup kisses me every single day?

So come on friends show me what you have in yours!!
Silly fun, but fun none the less....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I love you S'more...

Today a yummy smell took me on a stroll down memory lane.Funny how that happens out of the blue. I was remembering how obsessed my kids were with S'Mores. When Travis was in high school he would make them almost every night. We bought skewers and he would roast his marshmallow over the gas flame on our stove....add it to the graham cracker layered with chocolate,enjoy and repeat.He was on such a kick with that dessert for months!
That Christmas I bought him the cutest ornament that was a S'more snowman and wrote on the bottom "Just when you think we couldn't love you more..we love you S'more"

Maybe when we see them this weekend I will pack up the stuff and have a good ole fashioned S'more party! I love to almost burn my marshmallow and remove that yummy crusty layer, then roast it again and get it really gooey. I first learned how to make them when I was in Girl Scouts where I also learned how to make a "sit upon" and a "slip knot" Somehow those things never got revisited like that yummy S'more did.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Six...

It has been a while since I posted my Sunday Six. Every week brings so much to be thankful for but I have not taken the time to list them. So today I stop to remember six joys of my week, all the while being thankful that there were so many more.

1-The Krikac's came for a sleepover! We really have so much fun when they come out and we can just hang. We went to dinner and played games. Then in the morning I made breakfast and we sat and chatted over coffee for at least three hours. I love a good ole slumber party.

2- Not one, but two fun packages from the Tennessee Krikacs! Sara sent me a bunch of crafts she made for me while at camp and they were precious! All hand made with so much love and care. And it is so sweet that Dave and Sandy shipped them to me. Sandy also included a fun cookbook "Cooking for Dogs" Now you may laugh at the idea of me cooking for this darn dog but I LOVE to do it. He eats sweet potatoes for his beautiful coat, and lots of chicken and brown rice.Yes he is very spoiled but very healthy!

3- We are not allowed to officially announce this next one until tomorrow when the formal offer is signed but .......I cant stand it.So I will announce it with out naming any names.
One of my nieces (and it's not Sara and I only have two) got a GREAT job at a very respected hospital and the BEST news is that it's in California! So she wont be moving away. Yippee!! She will be starting her career right here with family and friends near by and we are all thrilled about that. Way to go C*l*e !

4-It has been beautiful here this last week. It is much cooler and the nights are gorgeous! Brody and I have been going on long walks or to the park every single night. Last night we sat and watched the sun set and it was so quiet and serene. I literally breathed in gratitude and smiled.

5-Chad had a big test at work and he passed!! He is now "main tower" certified and that is something he has worked for for a while. He is such a strong swimmer and has the best work ethic! The crew all threw a bucket of water over his head as he was leaving to congratulate him!
We are very proud of you Chad man! He has found what is he passionate about and does it with his whole heart.

6-I have been battling feeling kinda sad lately and for the life of me I cant figure out why? I know part of it is because my kidneys are really bugging me and I am afraid to go find out whats up cause I have been down that painful road too many times! I also think it's just the normal ebb and flow of life.But I am so grateful that I have family and friends, and more so the promise of God that He is always there. Someone said if everyone threw all their troubles into a hat you would always take your own back because they really are not so bad. And I have found myself remembering that truth and being grateful that a little "sad" is all I am dealing with. So I will choose joy and thankfulness, and contentment. How about you? What do you do when you find yourself feelin blue?
I hope your week is filled with love, joy, and giggles. And if you find yourself feeling blue lets all blow those clouds away together!