Sunday, March 2, 2014

Things are changin around here

And not in a  good way !
Its my house ! 
It used to always be CLEAN!
Like who's coming over clean ? 
But lately.....
Not so much
The other night we had some fur balls so big I thought we had a possum in the house !
Brody has been shedding so much and I really need to vacuum every single day , but some days  I simply pretend I don't see it
And today behind my cute white hamper in the laundry room I reached behind for a sock and it was ensnared in dust. I used to clean behind the washer and dryer and now I just kinda dustbuster around it and pretend its not that bad. But after seeing it today I busted out the rags and scrubbed probably a year of grime off the floor

Its a cry for help I tell ya....I used to Windex the counters and mirrors every single morning  before work and today you could grow guppies behind my bathroom  sink

I would always hang all our clean laundry and put it away and now we are back to "stacks" in the hallway. I just tell Steve to check his "stack" when he asks where a shirt is
What the heck?   
It was a slippery slope I tell ya, but as I always say I will drop everything to go play or to be with Beckham or to read a great book. And somehow even my imaginary maid  quit showing up ? { her name is Consuela and I call for her all the time to no avail }  
So on this rainy Sunday I am going to tackle this mess !
I am hooked on Fabulouso cleaner in lavender that my sister in law Sandy turned me onto so I fill sinks with hot water and pour some of that in and go to town. It makes it seem even cleaner when it has that fresh smell.  
Pray for me that my joy of having a clean house returns and once again I look like her !
But lets be honest she never had to take her turn on words with friends, or answer email or wipe up dirty paws on a dog who loves to go out in the rain. She is never distracted by Facebook and instagram or the Bachelor just waiting to be watched. Also Survivor started this week and its a GREAT season So its going to be a miracle if I can find the time I had  before!
These dust bunnies just might need to be named and become part of the family !

Post Script....I swear no sooner than I hit Publish and Carter said "come on lets get out of the house for a bit , so we went and got pedicures and had lunch at his favorite spot Temecula Pizza Co "
See what I mean??  Who can say no to that??  At least when my housework does get done my toes will look pretty on the hard wood floors