Friday, February 27, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile

Another Sunday to pause and say Thank You for the blessings and joys in our life...It is a sweet life indeed...

1-A blog comment from Dave that had me in stitch's. When I wrote about the Greeks and how we are a tad nosy. (especially with perfect strangers) This is what Dave had to add to my post. And it's so true I cried laughing. You might have thought I was kidding, but these are the 'normal' details gathered from a waitress or just the innocent person sitting next to you at a Dr's office.
{Sista you crack me up, Cholesterol heck, Birthday, Favorite Color, Kids Ages, Wants, Needs, Family History, Best Childhood Memory, Favorite Place to Shop, Where they Bought their Shoes, Favorite Pedicure Location, give them ten minutes, they will get the scoop}

2-Had another fun day with Thia Mary in Hemet! This time we were off to visit with her friend Sherie.And it felt like an afternoon with the Golden Girls. I have so much fun just listening to them chat. At one point I took out my camera and filmed a little while they were talking about the academy awards.Mary is almost 83 and I love how hip she is about the Hollywood Stars.She loves Hugh Jackman,thinks Jen was only smiling at Brad, and that John Mayer is a dud.It was a fun day and once again I drove away smiling.

3- Speaking of blog comments...Ashlyn and I both so appreciated the encouraging words about Carter and Cook. You all are so darn sweet and if you only knew how much your love and sweet comments mean to me. You read all our faults and gripes and cheer for our joys. And I LOVE YOU ALL right back!

4-Mekenna and I had a fun play day! I picked her up from Kindergarten and the smile she greeted me with melted my heart! We went to lunch and then off to the park to play for hours. Every once in a while she would yell out "I love you auntie Karen" It brought back so many memories of being at the park with my boys. When we came home she played with Chad & Uncle Steve and we just loved having her here! She wanted to eat off her Nemo plate, and snuggle under her Dora blanket. She remembers all those things from when she was here as a baby. The love you give a child is truly never forgotten.

5-I have been organizing my pantry! It sounds silly but it makes me feel so much better. My pantry is a thorn in my side because I am NOT a organized person. I tend to just shove stuff in and shut the door. But I found these little storage containers and have been treating myself to a few.They have pop lids that are air tight and they look so clean.(kinda expensive but if you use your 20% off coupon at BB&B it helps) Only problem is now I don't want to grocery shop because it looks so nice... 6-Stopped by my friend Krissy's house on the way home from Hemet and had such a fun visit with her. For so long we would meet up at least once a week for lunch or a movie.Then we both got busy and we don't see each other near enough. It was so fun to be at her home laughing and getting caught up. We met at a transfer interview for Albertsons years ago and became friends right in the break room. And we've been buddies ever since. She is a joy and we both promised to see each other more !

Bragging Rights...

I hate to brag but...~My darling,fun,creative,inspired,super talented,daughter in law Ashlyn has launched her very own company's web site! I just have to share the joy. Her dream of becoming a wedding planner has come true and we are thrilled beyond belief for her.Her own wedding was so spectacular! She has such a vision for detail and a heart of gold that truly desires for every bride to have the most magical day! And she works tirelessly behind the scenes to assure that everything is just perfect for the wedding couple.After being asked to " help" with so many weddings & then receiving such positive feedback she and her partner decided to open their own company. Take a peek and see what we all are so excited about..
Introducing.....Carter & Cook

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am so nosy it's crazy! I like to say that I enjoy "people watching" because it sounds so much better.But lets be honest..I'm nosy! I come from a very long line of nosy people.The Greeks in my family have made it an art form(seriously)If they suddenly start speaking Greek its cause they are talking about someone near by.My Thia's leave a restaurant knowing the waitresses full life story and probably her cholesterol level. So it's in my genes along with the extra thick calves and eyebrows.But its good too, because we are never bored.When delayed at the airport, no problem just perch me in my chair and let me be.I try to figure out every ones life, what their relationships are, and strain to hear the conversations while pretending to read my book. Steve will be talking and then suddenly realize I am not listening to a word he is saying but to the couple behind me. So once they leave I can tell him their whole story.And every single time he wonders why I care? (Again the man does not get me) He has always teasingly called me Mrs Kravitz.If you grew up in the Betwitched era you know who she was. The always nosy neighbor of the Stephens. Well I resemble resent that. Its not like I stand by the front window staring out..Sure if there is someone out there I might glance for 15 minutes.It's just the way I am wired.I don't miss a trick and I like to know the scoop.But I have always prided myself on never repeating gossip, so you will have to listen carefully the first time.
Well, as they say, "enough about me, let's talk about you...whaddayathink about me?"

Just kidding...
What are your bad habits? Tell me we are not the only ones?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I adore surprises! And my brother Dave has come up with some doozies for me. He has always taken great delight in surprising his little sister. He sends me funny videos,goofy pictures, and some of his voice mails are so hilarious that I've had to forward them to friends. Well imagine my surprise  when this video arrived to my in box. Michael is a good friend of Dave's and has done so much for the Gear Foundation. He stops by the store and helps out when he's in town.Once again thinking of his sister Dave made me this....
Thank you Dave for all the fun,for always being so darn sweet thinkin about your sista!

I love you more!!! Sista your Sista

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile.

Grateful and Content! Two things I always want to be. We have so much to be thankful for and here are six of mine. Some silly, some small but all are joys none the less.

1- I adore this song "Lucky" I have found myself singing it all week and have it as my ring tone for my phone. It makes me so happy! I haven't had my music player on my blog lately but wanted you all to hear this little bit of joy. What song has been on your heart this week? Let me know I would love to add it to my play list.

2-My new vacuum arrived from Bonnie~ wow its super pretty and very "Judy Jetson". It swivels and lays flat so you can vacuum under your bed.It's super quiet and has lots of fun little attachments. It is a little heavy so I think I will make that my downstairs one and not carry it up and down.The best part was coming home to a package! I LOVE packages!

3-Chloe~My niece brings me so much joy its crazy!! She is truly one of my very best friends. We share the exact same humor and when we talk on the phone its pure giggles and fun! I am so incredibly proud of her as she is doing her internship. Long 10 hour days and being away from home but she is killing it! The kids all adore her (who wouldn't) and the hospital staff has come to really depend on her. We are almost at the 1/2 mark until she comes home and we can hardly wait.

4-Tonight are the Academy Awards! I have mentioned before how much I love sitting on my couch in old jammies watching the people arrive on the red carpet while I critique the clothes they wear.I certainly don't agree with many of the Hollywood stars views or behaviors but there is just something in me that has always loved award shows! Uncle Angelo won a academy award and was nominated numerous times so we would gather around the TV and watch while I was growing up.Angelo would take turns taking my aunts to the awards with him.So maybe that's where it all started. So I am excited to pop that popcorn and watch the limos arrive!

5-The Tennessee Krikacs are coming to California!! Sandy emailed me this week saying they were going to come for a visit in April. There is no way to describe how much I miss them.And just knowing they will be here soon makes me feel like its already Spring. I found myself singing "Happy Days Are Here Again " after learning this fun news!

6-Another Song for my week is "I can see clearly now,the rain blur is gone" I had an appointment for my eyes and found out mine had gotten much worse. I was still wearing my old prescription and had not noticed how blurry my eye sight was. I just adapted. But now with my new lenses I can see great! Along with my great new sight is the realization that I need to dust more, vacuum more, and I am much further away from the "thin and tan"thing than I thought.

I wish you all a sweet week.........filled with love, joy,and giggles.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Lost and Found

We have decided that I am a bit of a spazz when I am away from home. (we being Steve) I think when I am away I get so excited that I lose my head(and my stuff) This trip it was almost comical. It was so bad that I found myself looking around for "Candid Camera" to see if they were playing a trick on me (to the youngsters that means I thought I was getting punked) I lost my camera....left it in a hotel we had walked through to admire the lobby.And of course I didn't realize it until we were 6 blocks away. So my sweet hubby ran all the way back and returned with my camera(and my scarf?) Then I left my flip video at the farmers market when I bought my pear. Didn't realize that for a few hours,but we stopped back by and they sweetly had held it for me. I lost my muni tickets, and my mittens. Then I was supposed to carry Ashlyns camera and mittens in my purse only to realize when we got to Sausalito they were not there. I was kinda sure I had left them on her bed and had never put them in my bag, but inside I was panicking. I wasn't feeling too confident in myself.Thankfully they were right where we left them. After all these incidents no one asked me to hold anything else? But guess what? Steve came home without his glasses!! So he called the hotel and yes they were left in the room? They would be happy to ship them home for us. Along with Chads I Pod that was also left behind?So after all that ribbing about Mom......Turns out we are a family of spazzes. So I have a great idea. Next trip we are all going to wear those fabulous 80's fanny packs.I probably still have one of these delightful little numbers.

And my sweet DIL who is just the cutest little fashion bug would probably show up with Travis looking adorable like this.I am so grateful for everyones honesty and that the Lord was watching out for me. I sure needed it...

Monday, February 16, 2009


Along with my bucket list of things to do and see I sadly have another category.
Places to eat! Most people might have on their list of goals to "be thin and tan" but no not me.I have a list of places to go and what to eat while there? So along with all the fun this weekend we also had some terrific food! A few years back Oprah had a show about the top 20 burgers in America. Her best friend Gail went to each of the 20 places and 'weighed' in on what she thought. I loved this episode and printed the list.Well I can happily say I have crossed off 2 of the 20! A couple years ago I went to the "The Counter" in Santa Monica with my Mom and Thia Mary and had my first 'Top 20' burger.It was wonderful and I could see why it made the list.I remembered there was another of the Top 20 places in San Francisco so Friday afternoon Steve and I took off walking near Candlestick Park and found "The Burger Joint" At first I wasn't too sure it should have made the top 20 but after a couple bites I began to see why it did.I loved the way it was served on a big disk and the simplicity of just a burger and fries. I didn't finish it, because of course deep down I too want to be tan and thin. So I left the pickle and a couple fries. We also had our first Oyster! Chad and I have never had one and they sold them at the market. I loaded mine up with fresh lemon and horseradish and I have to say it wasn't bad. A sweet girl we met took a pic of us after encouraging us to try one....
Lastly my sweet daughter in law found out about a cupcake place called Kara's Cupcakes. So we had decided that we would make that a place to find too. We were walking through Ghiradelli square and ran right into Kara's. We even waited for the next shipment so we could have the one we wanted. Vanilla of course with sprinkles. It was delish!! I shared a bite with Steve and he loved it too. (It was much too big a bite,but I didn't cry) I am so grateful Ash and I share a love for so many things.Mostly we really love Travis,Travel and Cupcakes!!

A while back Oprah had Gail do the same thing with "cakes" (I swear Gail is my lost twin) She went to the top 20 bakeries and tasted all the fabulous cakes. It was almost too much to bear....I knew then and there I could not possibly print that list. If I did I would dream of flying off to far away places and when Steve would question why I would ever want to visit De Moine Iowa?And I wouldn't have the heart to say for "Cake" But if I ever end up in De Moine ....

I have a new love.......

Yep you heard me right! I thought I really loved Boston...then I knew I loved Bar Harbor Maine. But now after only a four day affair this fickle girl can say I LOVE San Francisco!! Who knew that I would fall so hard for such a crazy city. But I loved it all! The hotels,the rich history,the Muni filled with wacky people (one who yelled bull sh*t for 15 minutes straight)I am not a bus kind of gal and would never dream of taking public transportation but somehow it's all a part of the charm of this great city. And we rode it everywhere. I also loved walking until we couldn't feel our feet. I loved crossing this item off my Bucket List "Visit San Fransisco and eat chowder on the wharf" DONE! I LOVED the Golden Gate bridge,sitting with my family at the park staring at it for minutes just taking it all in. I loved Ghiradelli square and having a cup cake with Ashlyn at Kara's cupcakes. (amazing) I loved eating at a window booth at Mel's Diner watching tons of people walk by with pillows for the 3rd annual San Fransisco pillow fight! I had to laugh because somehow a homeless guy got his hands on a pillow and he kept walking by smiling and waving it around.I loved listening to the amazing street players trumpet fill the air with the most beautiful sound all through Union Square.I loved that when I asked my Valentine what was on his bucket list he said "being with you while you cross off the things on your list" I loved the rain, the ferry's, the taffy, the delicious pear at the farmers market, waking up Valentines Day morning to little treat bags from our precious daughter in law. I loved the people,the buildings,the art.But mostly I loved experiencing it all with my family! On the way home Steve,Chad and I were sharing our favorite moments of the trip and Chad said "Mom,I loved watching you smile all day like a little kid seeing all the things you've wanted to see" I may never be rich or famous,but I have hit the jackpot with this family of mine.And none of it would have been any fun without them.We had an amazing time and I cant wait to return someday soon. I guess I did leave a part of my heart in San Francisco.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Au Voir

We're the city by the bay "San Fransisco" I am a little stressed only because Steve just casually said from the other room " Hey hon lets just take carry on luggage so we wont have to check our bags" ???? Then I hear Chad reply "Yep that's what I am going to do" What the heck? Who are these people? We are expecting very cold weather and probably a fair amount of rain.I am thinking I need a 'carry on' just for the scarves and mittens. We are usually two peas in a pod but when it comes to travel, the man does not get me.As for me I am going to pack my big ole suitcase and they can wait in the car while I stand alone at the luggage carousel waiting for my bulging suitcase to spin around. A 'carry on' ? No thanks,not for this girl. Thankfully because it's only a four day trip I am confident I will not have to unpack at the Southwest counter because of the weight limit as I have had to in past trips. I normally could count on Steve to "help a girl out" and he would take some of my clothes and shoes into his bag (all the while rolling his eyes & dying to say I told you so) But this trip his 'carry on' doesn't look too promising. Maybe I can get by with only a few jackets and less shoes? Have a terrific weekend everyone!! I will be back soon with photos, food reviews and stories. And my heart...I have no plans of leaving it in San Fransisco

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sunday Six...Moments that made me smile

Another week has flown by and I have so enjoyed it. February is already fabulous! And there is so much more fun to come! My week has been "Blessed" And my heart wants to stop and say "Thank You" God is good!

1- KAITLIN IS ENGAGED!!! Travis has a friend who he grew up with since kindergarten. And when she was in high school her parents moved to Carlsbad.So she moved in with us to finish her senior year. We had so much fun with her here and grew to love her even more. She has always loved us back and calls us her second family(which makes us burst with pride!)She is such an amazing girl and SO dear to our hearts. They invited us to a party to meet her boyfriend fiances Mum from England. Well during the party he got down on one knee and proposed! He is such a terrific guy and we have loved him from the start.You can't be in the same room with him and not be laughing! She is so happy when she is with him and he clearly just adores her. It was so great to see their sweet families and share in the joy of the day.We couldn't be happier! Can you only imagine how darling a wedding couple they are going to be....So cute!!!!
She was so happy for Travis on his wedding day! A wonderful friend and adopted sister

2- I LOVE that you all did the random 25. I so enjoyed reading all your little quirks(and bad picking habits) We all have our little weird 'things' and I think they are so endearing.It was so fun to read them and laugh! I have to admit I read each one a few times.Good job on the homework girls, Thanks for all the smiles!(I already have another fun assignment up my sleeve)

3- Kensay came over Friday and we spent the day playing and having fun. We went out for a nice dinner and reflexology. It was so relaxing and fun...They are the best friends! Always comfortable and easy to be around. Then we went to their house for a little dinner party on Saturday night after Kaitlin's party.And because Lindsay reads my blog guess what she had ready for me? Iced tea with a straw! I LOVE HER...Weekends with family and friends are always perfect!

4-Our new bed came and wow what a difference. I sleep so good and have so much room. Not that I use all that extra room because I sleep curled up on the edge. But once Steve left for work I sprawled out and just loved it. Now I wonder how we ever slept in a queen for 26 years.

5-I am thankful that I always feel safe with Steve. Literally safe....He is such a good driver and takes so much care in making sure we get home safely. I am a nervous nellie when it rains and we had a long drive home Saturday night in pouring rains. But I felt so secure like I would when I was with my Dad. I just click on the seat warmer, listen to James Taylor(cause that's ALL Steve plays) and relax cause he's got it all in control.

6-I got a new phone and this one has a Nav system on it. I am already addicted! For a girl who gets lost so easily this is a dream come true. It tells you if your route has traffic and will re-route you if needed. It says how far you have to go and what time you are expected to arrive. Technology is amazing and once you update you wonder how you ever lived without it. So now I know I will get to Vons in 2.1 miles and the road is clear!(that little joke is for my brother Ken cause he turns his on for every car ride and we tease him constantly) I am thrilled I will no longer get lost and have to call Steve and try to explain where I am. This is a blessing!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things

I have been tagged on facebook to do the 25 random things questionnaire. I seriously cant think of why anyone would want to know these 25 things? And if you read to the end you must be a really good friend. I know how much work goes into these so no pressure...but if you would like to do it too, I would read every single 25. I promise!

1- I am addicted to Ponds wipes. If I start to get low I will buy another whole box from Costco. So now I have about 10 back up packages.

2-I LOVE Mexican food way too much

3- I am very clean but not organized.

4- I will ditch housework to play at a moments notice.There is nothing more fun to me than play time.(which explains # 3)

5-I have friends who I rarely get to talk to, or spend time with because they live far away but in my heart they are some of the closest friends I have.

6-I am an over-sharer...There is not much my friends and family don't know about me.

7-I cant wait for menopause!! I am soooo over having cramps and pms. (example of #6)

8- I have never read a greeting card from my kids without crying...EVER!

9- I have a thing about purses. It is always the first section I go to in any store and my biggest shopping weakness.

10- I am super picky about hotels. I either stay somewhere really nice or would rather not go.I pack lysol spray and always cover the couch with a fresh sheet. I am on the verge of being a germaphob at any moment.

11- I am a list fanatic! I am never without a list of things to do or things to buy. But I always use cute stationery and if it looks too sloppy I will re-write it.(Yes Chloe I have written things down that were not on it just so I can cross them off)

12- I am very sentimental. My brothers always teased me that I cry at grocery store grand openings.I cry every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner and I keep every message my niece Sara leaves me until the phone company deletes it. Thankfully I saved the message my mom left on the day she died just because I thought it was so darn cute. Uncle Pete recorded it and I will now have it forever!

13-I was on the Dr Phil show in 2005 with my friends Trish and Rhonda. We even had our names on the dressing room door and were brought to the studio by limo. And he gave us $400 dollar purses!

14-I still have a nightie my Aunt Teresa gave me for my bridal shower 27 years ago.

15- If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be white cake with white frosting.And I could go forever without pizza.

16-I light a candle in my kitchen almost every single day. I enjoy them so much!

17- I have a terrible sense of direction. I still catch myself trying to figure out North-East-South and West by doing the "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" and turning myself around. Thanks to Travis's third grade teacher for that tip

18-I love pedicures and would probably get one every month even if I was poor.

19-I can not eat anything from Taco Bell. It gives me the worst stomach ache ever!

20-I am a true contradiction. I love to travel but love being home. I love being around people, but love to be alone.

21-I have my moms apron hanging in my kitchen and it still smells like her after three years. Sometimes I just bury my face in it and smile.

22-On every trip I have ever taken I always over pack. And I have to leave the house super clean with fresh sheets. My kids tease me that they grew up hearing "because if we die, I don't want people to think we live like pigs"

23-My best friend makes the sign of the cross every time she starts her car. And I have caught myself doing the same thing.

24-I have about 15 pairs of Old Navy pajama bottoms and every time I wear them Steve calls me "fancy pants"

25-I love to drink out of a straw. Preferably with lots and ice and a lid.