Saturday, September 18, 2010

I barely remember this girl

When I look at the photos of my wedding 28 years ago today  I can barely remember who that young girl was. I was so young and naive but so in love with the Lord and my husband to be. 
If I could talk to her today there would be so much I would want to tell her. So many truths that I have learned over the 28 years of being a wife and having a family .

~ I would tell her to not be self conscience! Wow what I would give for that darling body now. But I was so nervous about being with Steve.I remember buying four bathing suits for my honeymoon and worrying if any of them would be cute on me. If I looked like that now I would probably wear those bathing suits all day!  I would give her confidence and tell her to be darling

~ I would tell her not to worry! I remember often having a sense of worry if the kids would be all right and if we were good enough parents.I am so glad that someone told me that you cant spoil kids with too much love. So when they cried I never hesitated to jump up in the middle of the night and cuddle them. Those cuddle days go way too fast! But of course this young girl didn't know that!

~ But  mostly I would tell her to LOVE her husband with all her heart always!
When you are young your friends, family and kids sometimes have a way of taking over your time and heart. But I would make her realize that in the end it will be him that is still standing by her side. After the kids are gone , and her parents have passed away it will be him that greets her every morning and comforts her in the night when she is sick. It will be him who is the constant source of unconditional love and a daily joy in her life. He deserves her love and devotion above everyone else! 

But I guess you cant really tell someone those things. They wouldn't understand ! Those things need to be lived to be learned.  So today Steve I thank you for giving me time to grow up and always loving me even when I didn't love you back the way I should have. Its been fun these last few years making up for lost time. Just hanging out with you,traveling and being BEST friends. Having less distractions and plenty of time to put you first! I am so thankful that the  vows we spoke are still being lived out in our lives today .

In good times and in sickness and in health...for richer and for poorer.
We still promise 
God is so faithful and I am so blessed that you are too!
I feel like shouting "We did it"  The kids are grown and are practically perfect! We are still laughing every day and having tons of fun! And we will be the BEST grandparents ever!!!  It's all such joy!
I love you with all my heart! Happy Anniversary


Vicki said...

Happy Anniversary! I always love your insightful, heartfelt comments on life.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite post! So honest and true and SO meaningful! Love it! Happy Anniversary and Birthday!
XOXO Kaitlin

Heather and Matthew said...

Love love love the old pictures!

Anonymous said...

I read your Anniversary blog again this morning and cried! Karen you and Steven Fred remind me of the movie "On Golden Pond" more love and laugher as each new day dawns. Love you both so much and you both are a Vitamin shot of C when we are with you!

Love Linds

a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

aw. i loved this so much. the best one yet. Such good truth and promises. Boy do I love you guys. You're marriage blesses SO many lives. xo

Just Believing said...

This made me cry a litle in a good way of course :) Wonderful advice! I often think even the things I would tell myself 6 yrs ago! Thanks for sharing!

dkrikac said...

Wow, Sista...THIS is the BEST Blog Post you have EVER done....YOU are Blessed...Maybe the part about "running around naked" was OVERSHARING....

lozano family said...

just happened upon your blog today and...what a blessing! you can't tell that karen those things but you have told me! loved learning from these honest experiences...lauren

maria said...

awesome post Miss Karen..... you look us as happy and beautiful today as you did 28 years ago! GREAT advice... I'll have to remember that!!! I hope you're enjoying your vacation..... :) oh and thanks for sharing those "old" pictures, they're great!! :)

Vickie said...

Karen, this is a beautiful post. Just had to tell you what a good example you and your hubby have been to your family and those around you. I've been married 32 years and I have all those same feelings you have. I, too, have 2 boys and a daughter, and my husband and I are now getting to enjoy each other and our own interests again. It's a blast! Congratulations, girl!