Monday, September 15, 2008

Lunch with the girls, then rehearsal dinner

Our fabulous weekend started with a fun lunch with the girls in Old Town Ventura at this great little cafe. They had all gone and got nails done and I arrived in town in time to meet them for lunch.Just the wedding party and the moms. It was so fun to sit,chat and for the girls to relax.I was so happy to be included in the fun.Ashlyn not only has amazing sisters but also has the BEST friends!Then it was off to the hotel to meet with family checking in and get ready for the rehearsal dinner.The wedding site was so beautiful and peaceful! God's presence was already there. We prayed together and went through the day with the planner and Ash. Just seeing her come down the isle then was already so sweet. We left there in true "Greek" style...My brother Dave rented a motor home and thought it would be so fun to take the whole grooms side of the family in the RV! It was quite funny and the boys thought it was a blast.I of course feared what the brides side was thinking? Probably for the first of many times "wow those Greeks are a little crazy" And when I say "first time" I mean it.There are some stories!!! But onto this night.We had a wonderful dinner out on the patio at "Tuttis off Main". The food and service was excellent!The kids presented the bridal party with sweet gifts. They were so generous and thoughtful. They bought the Dads Nav systems to thank them for helping navigate them through life.And we moms received beautiful necklaces and engraved porcelain dishes with the wedding date.The groomsmen LOVED the shoes and I smiled at how easy boys are to please.They did wonderful speeches thanking each person individually and sharing stories of the roles they have played in their lives. It was a wonderful meaningful night...

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cougarnana said...

I hope you're working on this all day...and right NOW for that matter. I'm waiting anxiously for the next chapter, I'll be checking every few minutes!! Everything looks so lovely and I REALLY love the RV!!