Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome Christmas!

We had a great Thanksgiving!
I decided since I wasn't feeling 100% we would have an Italian feast. I made two white lasagnas {which my boys love!} and my sweet sis in law Lindsay made a wonderful salad and pasta with meatballs. I also made a big batch of my lentil soup which is always so hearty and good. We had desserts galore and lots of spirited, fun conversation which is what I love most! It was my aunt Mary's 84th birthday so we celebrated her too. She is still so young and such a kind hearted person. We were so busy having fun, I forgot to take many pictures....

We also attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday for one of my book club friends daughter. It was such a memorable and sweet wedding and Steve and I felt so honored to be a part of their day!
The book babes! Oh how I love these ladies!
And now we are so excited about Christmas!! 

We even needed a new little stocking! Next year  he will have his very only monogrammed one like ours! Wonder what name will be on it?
Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful Christmas season ! 
It really is the most wonderful time of the year~ 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Remaining Thankful~

This has become my mind set in spite of having days when I feel pretty defeated
This surgery has not been easy on me and I still find myself wishing I fought it harder. My actual hysterectomy I'm recovering from perfectly, but about two weeks ago I woke up and literally could not move my arms. I felt as though  over night I became a 90 year old lady with arthritis. So I began googling what the heck could be causing this joint pain which is even making my knees and hips ache. Long story is a imbalance of hormones. So my Dr suggested we try a lower patch and I felt about 25% better with the lower dose. So today I took the patch completely off!  Yes I am playing Dr, but I feel desperate to be better and would much rather deal with hot flashes and other junk and be able to dry my hair and walk normally. If anyone knows anything about this condition I would LOVE to hear your advice
And I would LOVE your prayers!  
But in spite of all the the bad we have had lots of good !!

The kids came home last weekend for a wedding for our very dear friends son! We have known Allen since the boys were little and it was such a blessing to be at their wedding with such a wonderful family.  The bride and groom were gorgeous!!

My moms group these women

The three of us with married kids 
Poppa loves his girl ! 

Then on Sunday the boys played golf and I took Ashlyn to get her nails done because she was having her first  
It was so much fun seeing all her precious girlfriends and watching baby Carter receive such lovely and heartfelt gifts! It was a wonderful day and she is just glowing ! {pics coming soon}

I know you all must be sick of hearing about my hubby! But truly the man is angel. He is a tireless nurse who NEVER complains that I had another day of getting nothing done! He makes me rest, does everything I could ask or think of, and makes me laugh all the time! Kidney stones,getting hit by a dog, and now this...
But he still smiles and thinks I am a great wife? Words will never be able to convey what his love and support have meant to me ! When we said for better or worse this man meant it and lives it out every single day!
I am giving thanks for every little blessing this past week
lunch with a friend
a sweet dr who listens
christmas gifts purchased and ready to be wrapped
phone calls from Sara
my cleaning lady martha who spiffed up my house this week and it looks fabulous!
knowing my family is coming for thanksgiving and that whatever  we serve is going to be eaten over tables filled with  love and conversation
my brother dave checking on me and praying for me over the phone {precious} 
having compassion for people in ways before not possible, because i now know what its like to have pain everyday 
christmas music
bubble baths 
plain greek yogurt with honey and walnuts for breakfast
calls from the boys for no reason
giggling with chloe, for some reason we crack ourselves up

This Thanksgiving week I hope you find lots of things to be thankful for!
And this remains the song of my heart today 
" I lift up my eyes to the heavens ...Because I know where my help comes from" 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Memory Lane~

While I've been recuperating we ordered a dumpster and Steve has been cleaning out the garage.  I have been sitting in a chair,soaking up the sun and keeping him company. We have come across so many old memories and precious keepsakes. I even found my ultrasound that I had when pregnant with Travis. I cant wait to show Ashlyn! And I found this darling pic of Steve and the boys. I remember this day so well , we were camping with friends and had a absolute BLAST!

Steve still has this same smile whenever the boys are around. He has always been such a GREAT dad!

And I can hardly wait to see him as a Papou 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Words will never be able to express my thanks

To the real band-aids of my life...My friends and family!!
I have the BEST Dr!  She prayed with Steve and I before surgery that God would guide her hands and give her wisdom. It was so precious and comforting . So I knew I had the best care available and that God had me firmly in His mighty grip!
But what I didn't know was that He was going to surround me with angels in the form of my friends and family.
What a comfort to wake up to the sweet smile of my hubby. And later in the day I needed my eye drops so bad but couldn't reach my bag and in walked my sweet sis in law Lindsay!   She went to my house, walked Brody and spent so much time with me at the hospital being such a quiet comfort.
I had visitors, calls, texts, emails and they all meant the world to me! 
My first day home my dear friend Casey brought over a Mexican feast that Steve and Chad ate for days! It was so nice not to think about dinner. And just when that ran out here came two more dinners! Anne made us Chicken and Dumplings and brought over a big  basket of pumpkin goodies and Kim made us the BEST white lasagna ! Caren brought over my orange jello that she makes for me whenever I am sick or sad and it was so good!  Jodie dropped off a beautiful plant before I even came home so right when I walked in I saw it! Debbie sent amazing flowers,  Donna made us cookies and gave us a yummy pumpkin candle. And Vicky gave me the cutest pumpkin socks to keep my toes warm and a pumpkin candle to keep my house warm. Trish stopped by with flowers and vacuumed for me before she left. Katie brought over a bag of pumpkin goodies  from William Sonoma {the brittle is to die for} and let me talk her ear off since I had been cooped up too long : ) 
And these are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Seriously every single call, text , and email meant the world to me !!
Your love and concern was the best gift of all!  
I am overwhelmed with thankfulness to have such amazing friends and family in my life! 
Its been just over two weeks, the bandages and staples are out and I feel stronger every day!
But more than anything I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I hit the jackpot with my peeps!