Friday, September 12, 2008

It's time!

After all the countdown clocks and preparation the BIG day is tomorrow! And this "Mother of the Groom" couldn't be happier. I have grown quite fond of that title. And have overused it big time! It is even the banner on my cell phone. And I admit once or twice I've answered "mother of the groom"
I have such pride today in being the "mother of the groom" Because quite a groom he will be! And a husband who is tender,loving and sweet like his Dad.Funny how no one prepares you for these stages in your life. When both the boys were gone and I was feeling a little blue someone sweetly said "you kinda need to get a life" But don't you see? They are my life!! One day when I realized that I was no longer Trav's first call with good news but that Ashlyn was, I actually said to Steve "But she isn't the one who carried him for 9 months" Wow that Jewish mother guilt just oozed out of me from nowhere.It isn't easy realizing those shifts in their heart. But then we fell in love with Ashlyn too! This amazing girl who will be his wife. And now I am glad I had to "get a life" because it's so full! And I know they will still be such a huge part of it.Even still this morning I cant help but question...Did I teach him everything? Does he mind his manners and send thank you notes? Does he get enough sleep and eat good? Does he floss and check his oil.But I also realize that I will always be his mom and those concerns never go away.Now I will just worry about them both! One of my all time favorite quotes is "Little boys should never be put to bed, because they always wake up one day older" I have kept it with the picture below for years.

But today I could add "Then they would never grow into great men who bring a daughter into your life" So while her Daddy gives Ashlyn away,this Mom will be quietly in my heart giving Travis away too! But I am keeping my "mother of the groom" crown that I had made.I will need it again with Chad when this process of the heart starts all over again...So one last time, "Mother of the groom" wishes you love,giggles,joy and peace


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

YAY!!!! What a great day today will be...all the excitement and anxiousness!! And tomorrow will fly by...all the planning, work, money...etc Its like plan all year and then its over and you can hardly remember what happened. It will be just lovely I am sure...and SO FUN!!! I can't wait to see all the pictures. Good luck and enjoy every minute!
We love you!

russhydefamily said...

Congratulations, Mother of the Groom! I can't believe your big day has arrived. It is going to be such a beautiful day and I am very excited for you. I can't wait to see the pictures and hear about the day! Enjoy every minute of tomorrow!!!

Abby said...

Karen! I hope you have a blast tomorrow! It will be beautiful-- I just know. Take a lot of tissues and wear waterproof makeup! I send my prayers with my mom and dad.

I love you and know you will look beautiful tomorrow! Enjoy every minute! :-D I know your favorite part will be the mother son dance!

cougarnana said...

OK, it's Sunday morning and I can hardly wait a minute longer...DETAILS, we want details!!....and pictures. Hurry!!

Melanie said...

Umm I just re-read this and it made me cry. I don't even have kids yet and I already don't want them to get married!