Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

Another Sunday when I can stop and say "Thank You" to God who has blessed my life with His grace and mercy.Everyday I am thankful for so many things,big moments and small things too.I always enjoy sharing six...

1-My sweet Chad had to work yesterday but he called to say he was sorry we couldn't see each other. He said he had gotten me a surprise! He went to a really good bakery and bought me a piece of white cake with white frosting.How sweet is that! He is such a tender heart. So I told him to stick it in the freezer and we will share it with a cup of cold milk next time I see him.

2-We had a wonderful brunch yesterday at my son and daughter in laws home.(how fun is that to say) We had a great time visiting, saw their honeymoon photos and spent hours watching them open gifts.Even more than the gifts themselves it's the love and support behind each and every card and package.They were blessed beyond measure

3-Got tickets to the Bonnie Hunt Show for Monday!!! Sandy and Chloe are coming too so we will have lots of fun and giggles.

4-Our moms group had a fun dinner at the "Melting Pot" I have never been to a fondue restaurant and it was really fun. Anywhere with those 8 girls is wonderful! But you just cant beat dipping bananas and brownies in chocolate.

5-Got a photo CD in the mail from our friend Dori who came to the wedding.She took so many fun candid shots.It was a GREAT surprise! Thanks friend

6-Mr Clean Magic Erasers- These little things are amazing!I don't know how they work but they do! Just a little water and it takes off all kinds of grime and dirt. Love em!

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cougarnana said...

Another fun Sunday Six. I can't wait to read your blog about the Bonnie Hunt show!! Also, I've got to try that eraser thing, I always have dirty little fingerprints everywhere. White cake with white you know that is my very favorite chocolate for me, it's white all the way. I prefer buttercream frosting, how 'bout you? I'm glad your kids are back home safe and sound. Happy blogging this week!