Monday, April 26, 2010

Lordy Lordy I dont want to be forty!

My blogging is sadly lacking and I think I need some exciting things to blog about it. Perhaps if I had grandchildren to share cute little stories about { Trav? Ashlyn? } or maybe a fun upcoming wedding to look forward to { Chad?? }   But life is just status quo and oh so boring. But I can share some some little tidbits that have me  seriously thinking about an upcoming move....

To a assisted living home for me and the big  guy! 

Sure you may be saying "Oh Karen its not that bad"
Oh but it is...

My knee has healed to almost 100 %. But because I walked so crooked for 4 months my right foot has horrible plantar fasciitis. So I am still limping ,but now on the other side. Which if I was being followed for insurance fraud I would certainly be in jail. Some mornings I get out of bed and feel like a crippled person for the first few steps. I did buy some really good shoes from Nordstrom and they seem to help. If they don't do the trick its off to the orthotics store with the other seniors. Sass shoes here I come!
Then all of a sudden I need  readers!   Yep, went to text and could not see the print? So I bought a cute pair at Wal Mart thinking I would use them a 'little' to help out. work I need to see the tags. So it was off and on with the readers all day long! Nothing screams "old" like a lady with a limp and reading  glasses! And no, they didn't dangle from a chain around my neck! But it sure would have been easier than  slipping them into my cleavage because more than once they slipped from there down into my shirt because even the cleavage aint what it used to be. So that found me fishing around by my waist to retrieve the glasses and I could swear my bra was down there too? So I did what most would do under these dire circumstances. I got "mono vision"  contact lenses. One for close, one for distance. Its been three days and I cant see either well. I am hoping & praying that my eyes get used to it but so far...not so much. Last night I was 10 inches from the TV to see some curtains on House Hunters that I liked,only to find out they were not curtains at all. Pray for me sisters! Maybe I am overly sensitive because of the menopause {which is a whole other story} but this growing old is  kickin my drooping butt today.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My favorite thing about today~

Was coming home from work after stopping off for a much needed manicure. I put on my cozy jammies and lit a big fire in my den. It will probably be the last one of the season and I sure enjoyed the crackle and warmth. I LOVE the rain! What about you? What was your favorite part of today?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family Favorites

Sometimes while I am writing my blog I think about when I am gone and my kids visit my site to revisit what our life was like. I am so thankful that technology has come so far and we are so much more advanced at documenting life and memories. But there is such a classic charm at seeing old movies too! My Uncle Pete sent me these old movies of him with my mom and their sisters ! It also shows my sweet YaYa~ I love seeing the joy and excitement on everyone's faces and my mom was so darn cute and tiny in her little green dress. Apparently she arrived in California first then the rest of the Greeks came from Ohio soon after. One of those posts which would be boring to anyone other than family but I am posting it so it will always be here for my own family....California 1953

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brownies! I know they are "dangerous" but I have some dimples on my bum that need to be filled in?

I know most people have a brownie recipe that they swear by or even a boxed brand  that they love to use. Well toss aside your old family recipes and print this one because you know when it comes to food , I would never steer you wrong! These brownies are the yummiest, moistest ,easiest to make brownies ever! And its with stuff you probably already have at home. I stumbled upon the recipe one day online and I finally got around to baking a batch. They are going to be the only ones I ever make!  
They are AMAZING!!  

2 cups sugar
1 cup butter
2 tsp vanilla
3 eggs
3/4 cups cocoa
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
dash cinnamon {I omitted this } 
Mix together and bake in greased pan at 350 for 30-35 min. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

So proud of our hometown boy!

Spring is here! Although today it is rainy and pretty cold. It's still spring and I love it! Everything is in bloom and baseball season has started!
Speaking of BASEBALL! ...
Our precious friends "The Craigs" have a son named Allen. He has grown up with Travis and his mom Kim is in our moms dinner group. The whole family is just precious! Their daughter Kendall is an absolute doll with the sweetest personality ever! She restores your faith in teenagers and is the kind of young lady every mom prays for her boys to someday marry !  Allen has been playing baseball since he was a young boy and has worked at it tirelessly with his whole heart. All the ups and downs that go with professional sports, but he kept at it .  And it has paid off!!! He just got picked up by the St Louis Cardinals! When  Steve and I watched him on opening day we almost burst with pride! We are so happy for their amazing family and have overnight become Huge Cardinals fans!  We cant even begin to imagine how they must feel because we are beside ourselves with joy !  Watch for #8 and expect to see big things from him this season!  And Allen, I hope you can hear us all cheering for you with all our hearts.....
Click here to see the story on his big debut!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We had the BEST Easter celebration and every year I am more thankful for this big crazy family of mine! To be with people who have loved you since you were born feeds your soul in a way that nothing else can.  I looked around during the earthquake and thought to myself at least most everyone I love is here and we are together!   It was a magnificent day!  My cousin Mark came with his family so it was extra special because we once again  had some little ones. We BBQ'd  and just enjoyed each others company.

Our last guests left close to eleven and I had to work a 6-3 on Monday. I was wiped out so for the first time in quite a while I left most everything to be cleaned when I got home from work. So after a long day I walked in the door dreading the mess that these darling people can create when we are together...

But instead.....
I came home to a spotless house, every dish done, the tables and chairs all packed up and put away, the dishwasher ran and unloaded and loaded again, the house was vacuumed and the yard perfect! All because of this darling boy!

He said I looked tired and had worked so hard to make the day nice for everyone so he wanted to help. He had spent the night,so he did all the cleaning before he went home.I'm tellin ya I could get a huge dowry for this kid cause he is going to be quite the husband!  
He is so good to his momma! 
It was such a fun day and we created memories to last a lifetime.