Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shuffle up and deal....

We had a really fun night at the home of our dear friends Jackie and Greg.Put together a bunch of fun old people who forget that we are old and you have quite the party! We had a potluck dinner out on their patio,chatted and laughed until our stomachs ached and then......A big game of poker!
The ante was a nickel and you can only imagine how competitive it got with those stakes! After Jackie's warning to "watch out for the Carter's cause they always win" I don't think I even won a single hand.But we had a GREAT time as always and gladly gave our money to the Atwoods who were the big winners of the night. But don't get too attached to that ten dollars cause we want a rematch.And this time I am bringing my visor and cigars.We just love game nights with our buddies!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that make me smile

I loved when Oprah suggested a gratitude journal.Just write a few things everyday that bring you joy.There is so much power in that.We all have so much to be thankful for and we don't stop often enough to think about all the little joys of life.A year ago my best friend and I started asking each other "what was your happiest moment today" I loved hearing hers and sharing mine.So I decided to do the Sunday Six. A perfect day to reflect on the little joys in my life. What's your Six?

1-Leaving church knowing that you met God there & what a wonderful time it had been.

2-CD Mixes-If you make me one I will love you forever and ever!!

3-Mail! Crazy I know but I just love the mail. My favorite is when you have been gone and you get a whole bunch of it.

4-Voice mail messages from my neice Silly Sara. I save them all and listen over and over again., What a fun website.I love to see what people are reading and write reviews of my favorite books.

6-A candle burning in my kitchen. Love the scent and feeling it gives. So cute, when Steve is home he will light one before I come home because he knows I think its cozy. Such a small but tender thing thing he does with me in mind.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nifty Fifty!

My sweet friend and fellow bunco babe Carol turned 50! And we had the nicest luncheon in her honor. We all met at Anthony's for a fabulous lunch hosted by Suzanne. The day included cute little party favors,a wonderful lunch, yummy cake, lots of fun gag gifts and plenty of giggles...My kind of party!! Carol has wonderful friends who love her dearly(myself included)She is always doing so much for others that it was nice for her to be the center of attention for a change.She has such a tender heart and is a great mom and friend.She is married to "Dr Brian" who we all think is the best OBGYN in the valley.Of course none of us will ever know that! bunco parties,holidays,poker games and then stirrups??? (We just trust he is the best)We are sure blessed by their friendships and wish Carol the happiest of birthdays!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saying goodbye to a dear man

It was with such sadness that we said goodbye yesterday to our dear friend.Charlie was the sweet husband of my friend Jodie.They have three amazing children Cody, Samantha and Austin. We feel so blessed to have been able to share our lives with his. We have spent countless hours at Bunco dinners, birthday parties, school functions and life celebrations. He was such a strong, quiet man who took such tender care of his family. He had a dry sense of humor, a darling smirk of a smile and the most amazing blue eyes. Whenever I saw his truck around town I would wave and it was always returned with a sweet smile.His fight against cancer was so admirable and he gave it everything he had and then some. His motivation simply to be here for Jodie and the kids.I thank God for the promise of eternal life and can picture him baiting his hook and fishing with Jesus. No pain,no fight,just joy and peace being with his Maker.I also thank God that we were able to say goodbye.There is a peace in knowing ahead of time that someone will be leaving this life.I am grateful for the chance to hold his hand,tell him how much we loved him and that we will always watch over his family.His service was so beautiful and heartfelt,Cody and Samantha spoke and shared so many funny memories with such love and incredible grace.Charlie we will never forget you and will think of you often in your OP shorts, Rizzo construction shirt and work boots. Your loving legacy lives on with your beautiful family. And we will love them always as we did you.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tag you're it!!

I have been tagged by my dear friend Nancy…
You are supposed to list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions and 3 surprising facts about you. Then you tag 3 others. I am going to tag Chloe,Ashlyn and Abby. You don’t have to answer but it is fun to read…..

3 Joys ~
That’s a easy one. Time spent with my hubby,kids and family,
A clean house with fresh sheets
A really good book

3 Fears~
Losing Steve or my boys
Never getting a stamp in my passport
The decline of human compassion.When I watch the news I can’t comprehend how people can be so mean.

3 Goals~
To make more time for the people in my life.I have realized that time spent with the Lord,friends and family are the only moments that give your life meaning.
To organize my closets and simplify all my "stuff"
To lose that last 5 pounds... : )

3 Current obsessions~
Lists! It is crazy how many lists I make and if I do something that isn’t on my list,I add it so I can cross it off.
McDonalds Iced Vanilla Coffee
The game show Password.I even Tivo all the old ones from the 70’s I LOVE it! Betty White is a rockstar!

3 Surprising facts~
I love pajamas and sometimes put them on right after work before the sun even goes down.
I have a distrust of anyone who scrap books or who doesn’t like butter cream frosting.
I have a alias name of "Sophia" whenever I don’t want to use my own.Reservations,star bucks orders,etc. Sometimes Karen is just too boring

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Serendipity's !

That's what my Mom always called unexpected surprises!And I was so excited to come home and find one today from my sweet sister-in-law Sandy.I don't like the "in law" because it makes them seem less than family,and in my case they truly are my sisters.She is married to my brother Dave and I just love her to pieces! As you can see from the note she knew me as a teen when her and Dave first started dating.I loved junky candy,had braces, and giggled when her and Dave would kiss.I even bought her old blue Ford Pinto when I turned 16. And that thing could go from zero-25 in five minutes flat.I have grown to love her more and more as the years go by.She is the perfect balance for my crazy brother.She is lighthearted but practical,fun but calm,goofy but always grounded. When I know they are coming for a visit my heart starts to count down the days and even after a weeks visit I cry when they leave.It is just never enough time! I often get little surprises in the mail and they are always such fun!!Today it was a darling apron,a beautiful keepsake book for Travis from his cousin Sara and a wedding gift for he and Ashlyn.But the box of 70's candy is the BEST!! I am chewing my Razzles gum and have my eye on those Bottlecaps and Wonka Gobbstoppers! Thanks Sandy for all your love and friendship and I cant wait to see you all in 59 days!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Showers of Blessing!

We had the BEST day yesterday at Ashlyns first Bridal Shower. It was hosted by her wonderful aunt DeDe and she was surrounded by family and friends who love her so much and share in all the joy of her and Travis.When you meet her family you realize how these 4 Donatelli sisters became so remarkable. What a incredible loving family and I have never felt so welcomed.During the shower the boys played golf. Travis, Steve, Ashlyns dad Steve and her grandpa Paul.After the shower we all met up for a fun family dinner.Ashlyn's mom Sara made homemade lasagna and we had yummy pies that Grammie made.The food, fun and fellowship was PERFECT!! Travis has a wonderful new family and we feel like we do too! What a legacy of faith they have.Ashlyn's grandparents shared their recipe for a happy marriage that has lasted 52 years.They are so precious and there was not a dry eye at the table. I am overwhelmed with gratitude!!After dinner we went out to visit the site of the wedding.It is so special and I know it will be the most magical day ! With a thankful heart....

Friday, July 11, 2008

There is nothing better than a old friend...

I had such a treat last night. I called my dear friend Nancy Little and we talked for a over an hour and I could have gone three more!! We used to work together years ago and she is just the nicest person you could EVER meet.And her sweet hubby Jim was my all time FAVORITE boss!! They both left such a imprint on my heart. I used to listen to stories of her "little" girls and think she was the BEST mom ever! My boys were younger and I would only hope that I could become such a terrific Mom.We have managed to stay in touch over the years thanks to email.I remember once when Travis was in high school and I called her for advice,In Utah!! But if there is anyone with the right perspective about life and family it would be this terrific lady.Married for over 40 years to her best friend,she has the most amazing kids & grandchildren.I dug out this old photo of us in our "Boise Blues" Gosh we were so groovy in the 80's.I know she is a visitor of my blog and I wanted her to know how grateful I am that time stands still with a true friend.Even if years have passed without talking you just pick up where you left off. "Chit and Chat, this and that, the many hours we've simply sat"...Little Family,I hope in heaven my house is right next door to yours! And yes Nancy I will help all the old people!Remember that?(Insert smile here)
To visit her blog go to "The Little's" link on my page...Super cute!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Now don't judge....

Ok guys, I admit it.I have a serious problem and maybe by confessing I will find the cure? I am addicted....yes the "Bachelor" shows. I think I have seen every one. I cringe, yell at the girls, and swear that I should NEVER watch another shallow,horrible episode.But season after season the curiosity gets the best of me and I am hooked. This last season I had to watch because DeAnna was Greek like me? I really think that was the only reason (denial is part of the problem) And of course my neice who is a "mini me" is hooked too. So last night DeAnna made her final decision and I literally cried. Jason was so sweet and kind hearted and he had a darling little boy. And he got side swiped while down on one knee.She chose Jesse.It was brutal!! I tried to call Chloe to talk out the pain of it all but she was on the phone with Southwest airlines trying to get a one way ticket to Jason's home town of Seattle : ) She thinks he is the sweetest too. I say go find him Chloe and bring him home to our Greek family....This is the last season I am ever going to watch....??

Monday, July 7, 2008

Punched back in....

After almost two months away I went back to work today. When you walk in its as though you never left.It was good to see so many friendly faces and people who I have seen daily for years and years. And I finished 5 hours at work before "Regis" was even over! My life really adjusted to me not working....I watched Jay Leno until midnight,went to the movies at 9 with Steve just because I could.I started to feel productive if I was out of the house by 11am. But my home was no cleaner or more organized and I found myself feeling kinda lonesome some days. I think I actually do better when I am busier.I find I am more productive and don't push things off to another day.I know retirement will be wonderful when all those grand babies need my time, but for now work is good too. So back to setting my alarm,being in bed by 10,Coffee Bean runs with the girls at work every day at 7, And trying to keep life in a good balance.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This ones for you Jamie~

My friend Trish has the sweetest daughter "Jamie Bell" She told me she is a visitor of my blog but wanted to know when she is going to be on it.I think she was kidding cause thats what she does best.But since you asked...This blogs for you! I nick-named her "spellcheck" because she loves to catch me with misspelled words.If you ever get a card from her you can bet there will be confetti inside it that makes this huge mess.I don't think I have ever heard her hang up with her Mom without saying "Love you & miss you" first.She has a heart of gold and a fun sarcastic humor like her Mom and I. So I thought I would add her cute photo and dedicate this song to her. You are so adorable Jamie and your Auntie Karen loves you.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Take a little time everyday to be Silly~

I was on my computer earlier today looking through photos of my family and I realized something....We are so SILLY !!! I think that if I had to pick one thing I love most about this life it would be "Being Silly" I have the funniest brothers and I grew up with dinners laughing so hard we would spit milk out our noses.
My parents laughed every single day. Can't count the times we have had to leave places because we couldn't stop laughing! Life is hard, and there are so many serious things that occur. But I really cherish the silly moments with my family and friends!! So I am going to take a little time everyday to be silly. Are you in?

Silly Video's