Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raindrops on roses & whiskers on kittens..

These are a few of my favorite things!

My brother Dave with Santa at the Hawthorne Fire Station. I just love his sweet little smile.And he still has it to this day....

The kids Christmas Card this year! I just think they are the cutest and I love this pose.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Cocomotion machine! I got one for Ashlyn and Travis too.I know you're wondering "how much better could it really be? But it is! Perfect temperature, frothy, mixed evenly with no lumps. Mine ran all day on Christmas.If it cools just turn it back on and in a few seconds it is ready to go.Perfect with Stephen's Gourmet hot chocolate and milk.Trust me you will love it! (and a great price at Wal Mart)

For two kids whose favorite movie ever is "Dumb and Dumber" this pic just cracks me up! Chad got a new Vespa and he and Trav took it everywhere! My very own Lloyd and Harry!

I have been wanting one of these for so long and Ashlyn and Travis got me one for Christmas! It is more beautiful in person. It has the names of my three kids and I love wearing them near my heart.

How about you? What are some of your favorite things? Let me know so I can be happy with you!
Love and giggles.....Karen~

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Had a holly jolly Christmas!

Wow that was fun! We truly had one of the best Christmas's and I thank the Lord and my sweet precious family. This was the first year that Travis and Ashlyn came up for a few days before and woke up with us on Christmas morning! It was so magical having my three kids here for all the fun! We spent Christmas Eve day just getting last minute things done,playing games and Ashlyn and I got mani/pedi's.Our precious Kaitlin stopped by with her fiance to visit and that always makes us so happy! Then we went to church and out for a great dinner. We came home,put on jammies and played cards and cooked dishes for the following day. Christmas morning was so fun having everyone come down to open gifts and sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus"(our longtime family tradition) The kids gave us, and each other such thoughtful ,sweet presents. Of course I cried as I opened mine just picturing them out shopping for such memorable things. And my Santa baby Steve got me such great gifts! Christmas Eve he saw me struggling with my old mixer trying to get things done and came into the kitchen with a brand new Kitchen Aid! I have always wanted one and what a fun surprise! After breakfast and cocoa we started the clean up and prep for the Greeks. Ash was such a HUGE help vacuuming and helping me set things up. (love having a girl)The boys gave the puppies baths and even played a round of tennis. The rest of the family arrived around one and the fun continued! It is so loud and crazy and goes by much too quickly. But we all had such a wonderful time being together. Lots of games, football, gifts,back rubs(another tradition at every gathering) great conversations, and lots of fun! The last person left around 11pm and the kids left shortly after that for the drive to Ash's family. Lucky Travis to have another amazing family to go celebrate Christmas all over again. No matter what you buy...or what you all pales in comparison to just being together! I went to bed tired but with such a grateful blessed heart!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Joy!

The kids are here and I am loving life! Sushi and checker games last night, today the boys are golfing with Steve, Ashlyn is at a photo shoot for Carter & Cook and I am listening to carols and putzing around the house. I am overwhelmed with comfort and joy and so happy to have some quiet moments to bask in Christmas!

In the spirit of Christmas & giving I have the sweetest story to share! At our annual Bunco Christmas Party we always have a fun gift exchange. It's the game where you can steal or pick from the pile. Well of course all the super darling gifts are stolen until frozen and cant be traded anymore. This years "hot" gift was the cutest Weather Vane planter box. I had it, but of course it didn't last long because of how darling it is (I might have even mentioned once or five times about how you shouldn't steal from a handicapped person)But it still made its rounds and went home with the Atwoods! We were all happy they got it! But a few nights later there was a text from Katie saying "there is something on your porch" so I ran out and found this!
The picture doesn't do it justice.It is the CUTEST !! Of course I called Katie right away and she said her and Dan wanted us to have it.But they wanted it...they rightfully won it....then they gave it away....and they gave it to me!
I just could just cry every time I walk by it,but it also sure makes me smile.What a sweet, generous gesture of love from precious friends with hearts of pure gold~
I will cherish it always
I love you both!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh what fun!

You just gotta love pulling up to a friends home for a party and having a reserved parking space just for you. This was a hoot! And yes I had my driver pull right in.(thanks Steve) From there the night only got better and better! We were invited to John and Nancy's for a book club dinner that was so much fun! They are the BEST hosts and you feel so at home the second you walk in the door. After sharing appetizers we each brought,we went into her lovely dining room for a wonderful dinner! She is the BEST cook and makes it all look so easy. Yummy Chicken Parmesan, salad and fresh bread! It was my first Holiday party with "poppers" and I think they're jolly good fun! We all wore our crowns, shared our prizes and laughed at the riddles and jokes! I'm not English but I think those Blokes are onto something! Then we played a fun game called "Apples to Apples" and laughed like a bunch of silly teenagers! Or maybe it was my first "hot buttered rum" that gave me the giggles? Sure is a delicious new holiday treat.When I first met these precious girls it was to share books and literature but I LOVE that we now share our lives! Steve agreed it was such a GREAT night! Thank you to our wonderful hosts and "Cheers" to a great new year!
I love you all tons!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Memory Lane~

Etch a jammies...Chad being silly with the "nose pick"...Travis with a darling smile...step haircuts fresh from the barber shop...precious memories for sure!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Friends are the best gift of all!

Whatever would we do without them? I am thankful for so many friends who have blessed my life with holiday cheer! Jackie stopped by to say Hi and ended up fluffing the tree for me. (Steve & Chad seem to think it looks great straight out of the box? But it looked so much better after her girly touch! Sandy came and stayed for two days helping me shop and decorate. We had so much fun and only she could make me feel happy while in a motorized Wal Mart cart! We had lunch and shopped for 9 hours.Then while drinking hot cocoa at 11 pm she decorated my little tree that I just love! Last Thursday the girls from our once a month work dinner decided it would be easiest to have a pot luck and bring the party to my house. So everyone brought a dish and we had the BEST time!
Paper yummy desserts and it couldn't have been easier or more fun! We had a fun gift exchange,chatted,laughed, and ended the night full of comfort and joy!

Thank you to all my friends and family for the calls and emails ! You are angels and I feel so blessed to have you! Who could ever want or need gifts when your life is filled with the things that really matter!
I am drinking from my saucer cause my cup has overflowed!

On a side note...Chad also had some Christmas Fun! This year instead of the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party they decided to have a dressy party. I just think he looks so darn handsome so of course I had to share!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


My view for the last few days.....
But at least I can get out of the house for a little shopping. I sadly know which stores have 'carts' and which don't. Khols you are one of my favorites but,you need carts for your older customers (or the darling young ones who happen to be hurt at the holidays :) At first I thought I would die of embarrassment but I am finding them to be a blessing!

I LOVE YOU! You can buy almost everything on there and shipping is FREE with only a 25 dollar purchase. And nothing cheers the housebound like packages arriving on the doorstep everyday!

Wednesday I thought I would stop off at Chick-Fil-A for a large iced tea to get me going before my shopping trip! They have the BEST iced tea! Well they offered me a free "small peppermint shake" and all I can say is Thank You! (and darn you guys) I have thought of nothing much else since. Yummy peppermint ice cream with tiny chocolate chips and whipped creme with a cherry on top! (I didn't eat the cherry, trying to watch the calories) I seriously was almost mad with every yummy sip. But it was free! And you know us Greeks with bargains. Just cant pass them up!

My bestest friend is addicted to QVC and it's hilarious! I woke up one morning at 7am to the phone ringing. Of course no hello, just "hurry turn on the Q they have the best little flashlights on " She calls me all the time with the hottest selling items and some I have to admit look pretty darn nice. But Sandy if you are calling it "The Q" and your first thought when you wake up is tuning into channel 14 you may be close to the ledge.

Thirteen more days until Christmas and despite not feeling my best,I am loving the time at home! I cant really bake or run around like I love to do,but I am looking for the blessing and I think just having the time to be "home" is a wonderful one! I hope you are enjoying the days too!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Glad I made you feel better.....(a tongue in cheek post)

One of the blogs I love to visit is Melissa at "Stretch Marks" She is so darn funny and I often feel like we are sisters separated at birth. She is a kindred spirit and I love her blog! I find myself laughing and thinking we have so much in common. Well,she did a post about losing her "Mother Of The Year" status because of her reaction to her precious daughter Remi. Being the kind hearted person I am and always wanting to" lift a sister up" I left her a comment about a time when I was not a very good momma to Chad....

Well I guess it made her feel so much better!

So much better in fact that she jumped up,completely healed and started writing a blog post all about how much worse a mother I was and shared the story!Complete with a link to my blog so everyone can stop in and see what a horrible mom looks like. Now Melissa, you are such a big deal in the blog world and while part of me feels so honored, I just want to let you know that its "game on" I hope you share another really embarrassing story soon and you can bet I will link to your blog. And if I'm ever in Texas I am going to put on my "bump it" ,do my hair real big, stop off at Chick Filet and get us lunch, wear my Twilight t-shirt,pack some sugary candy for the kids and stop on over for a little throw down!

You sure made me smile and I am glad to know that we all fail at times! So lets each make a "Mother Of The Year Crown", give them to each other and then we can in all honesty say " Look what I was awarded" and no one will ever need to know how we got them!
Stop over and see the post and add Melissa's blog to your favorites. When shes not busy being mean she is hilarious!
Melissa at "Stretch Marks"

Friday, December 4, 2009

My gum drop tree....

I have so many fond memories of my childhood and they seem to come out of nowhere! Last year I was thinking of all the ways my mom would decorate our house for Christmas and I remembered we always had a gum drop tree. So I sent out to buy one for myself. I think my moms was pewter? (probably from the 'Blue Chip Stamp' Store) So last year I found a plastic one and just had to have it. Of course it arrived on the 27th. So this was the first year I was able to put it up and I LOVE it! Little memories of things that made our childhood home cozy. Who knows what I'll want to buy next? An Andy Williams album....a carousel that spins from the heat of a candle underneath...a box of tinsel for the tree from Thrifty's...or a train around the tree?
I certainly share my moms love for the "Little Drummer Boy' She would sing us the "pa rum pa pum song" every single night at Christmas time! So no coincidence that I have lots of "drummer boy" ornaments. I hope my kids will always think back on their holidays at home and smile the way I do !

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Silly Sara~

I often mention my precious niece Sara! What a joy she is to be around and how deeply she LOVES her family! She was so cute when she heard about my leg she called to say she asked all her friends to pray for me. I said " Well thank you Sara" and she replied "Well you know my dog Lacy is still blind"
I cracked up...she didn't want to expect any BIG miracle and be disappointed just in case. So funny, tender and sweet (just like her) Well my darling Nephew Kory sent me this video today that he took of her talking to me and I LOVE it! Now that will cure whatever ails ya... can pause the music on the right column of my blog