Sunday, May 24, 2015

Remembering ....

LOVE  this picture of my Mom and Dad

I was thinking the other day how much I am going to miss hearing certain phrases
I was talking to my aunt Mary and she was cleaning her house but still had to
"run the sweeper"

No one says that anymore, and it kinda made me sad ...
She and my mom both used the same great words and it  always bring back memories

They went to the Beauty Parlor to get a wash and set
They did their marketing instead of grocery shopping
They ate supper
They had laundry days
They went into town  to buy milk
They drank soda pop 
They went to the picture show
They watched their stories on TV
My mom wore slacks or dungarees
And go aheads
And I wore tops and bottoms
She carried a pocket book
And we wore galoshes when it rained
We had a credenza by our front door that we dropped everything on
My daddy would often say someone was a real nice gal  or they were slender
And he drank Sanka
My mom wore a brassiere
And they both said " how do you do" when introduced to someone
My daddy loved  Eyetalian  food 
When I asked him how long something had been he said "since Christ was a carpenter"
And he hogged the clicker
My mom loved laying in the backyard on a chaise lounge

I wish I could remember them all, but I am pleased as punch that I have these memories of my sweet parents
Funny how a little conversation can take you down memory lane..

Have a sweet day you whipper snappers and try to stay out of mischief