Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things

I have been tagged on facebook to do the 25 random things questionnaire. I seriously cant think of why anyone would want to know these 25 things? And if you read to the end you must be a really good friend. I know how much work goes into these so no pressure...but if you would like to do it too, I would read every single 25. I promise!

1- I am addicted to Ponds wipes. If I start to get low I will buy another whole box from Costco. So now I have about 10 back up packages.

2-I LOVE Mexican food way too much

3- I am very clean but not organized.

4- I will ditch housework to play at a moments notice.There is nothing more fun to me than play time.(which explains # 3)

5-I have friends who I rarely get to talk to, or spend time with because they live far away but in my heart they are some of the closest friends I have.

6-I am an over-sharer...There is not much my friends and family don't know about me.

7-I cant wait for menopause!! I am soooo over having cramps and pms. (example of #6)

8- I have never read a greeting card from my kids without crying...EVER!

9- I have a thing about purses. It is always the first section I go to in any store and my biggest shopping weakness.

10- I am super picky about hotels. I either stay somewhere really nice or would rather not go.I pack lysol spray and always cover the couch with a fresh sheet. I am on the verge of being a germaphob at any moment.

11- I am a list fanatic! I am never without a list of things to do or things to buy. But I always use cute stationery and if it looks too sloppy I will re-write it.(Yes Chloe I have written things down that were not on it just so I can cross them off)

12- I am very sentimental. My brothers always teased me that I cry at grocery store grand openings.I cry every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner and I keep every message my niece Sara leaves me until the phone company deletes it. Thankfully I saved the message my mom left on the day she died just because I thought it was so darn cute. Uncle Pete recorded it and I will now have it forever!

13-I was on the Dr Phil show in 2005 with my friends Trish and Rhonda. We even had our names on the dressing room door and were brought to the studio by limo. And he gave us $400 dollar purses!

14-I still have a nightie my Aunt Teresa gave me for my bridal shower 27 years ago.

15- If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be white cake with white frosting.And I could go forever without pizza.

16-I light a candle in my kitchen almost every single day. I enjoy them so much!

17- I have a terrible sense of direction. I still catch myself trying to figure out North-East-South and West by doing the "Never Eat Soggy Waffles" and turning myself around. Thanks to Travis's third grade teacher for that tip

18-I love pedicures and would probably get one every month even if I was poor.

19-I can not eat anything from Taco Bell. It gives me the worst stomach ache ever!

20-I am a true contradiction. I love to travel but love being home. I love being around people, but love to be alone.

21-I have my moms apron hanging in my kitchen and it still smells like her after three years. Sometimes I just bury my face in it and smile.

22-On every trip I have ever taken I always over pack. And I have to leave the house super clean with fresh sheets. My kids tease me that they grew up hearing "because if we die, I don't want people to think we live like pigs"

23-My best friend makes the sign of the cross every time she starts her car. And I have caught myself doing the same thing.

24-I have about 15 pairs of Old Navy pajama bottoms and every time I wear them Steve calls me "fancy pants"

25-I love to drink out of a straw. Preferably with lots and ice and a lid.


Melanie said...

Okay, #22 is my favorite!!
Oh, and about #10- sister, I work in a hotel and trust me... it is good that you Lysol the place away. I think working in a hotel has made me even worse. I hate even putting my face on the pillow case, which I know is clean, beause it has touched the fancy pillow thing... (which never gets washed and people put on the floor, every night). One time I even slept with a t-shirt over my pillow the whole trip.

And I am SO excited that I can finally comment on your blog. Trust me, I have been reading faithfully for months :) I will have to go back and comment on old entries.

G & H said...

so cool! I love reading others 25 lists! There so awesome! Dr Phil show! Super cool!!! Love them all!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I keep waiting for Casey to post about her sense of direction. She uses up, down, left and right. So, you go down to San Diego and then up to come home.

I used to be a list fanatic and I am trying to become one again. Life ran so much more smoothly when I did.

As far as cleaning, that part of me ran away and I sure wish it would come back.

Sara Beara said...

I think I can say AMEN to almost all 25! Love it.

Casey said...

And what's wrong with that?! You always know what I mean when I tell you directions ;)

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I love random things about is all those little odd things about us that make us...US!...and I loved EVERY one that makes you...YOU!

Cougarnana said...

I AM a really good friend...I read every single one and loved them all! I'm trying to come up with 25 things about myself but I'm having trouble, only 10 so far...I guess I'm just not a very random person.

Kori Hyde and family said...

I loved your post. I feel like I know you as well as one of my own sisters. Way to go coming up with 25 random things. You are so much fun and I love your blog (As you can probably already tell...I am the St. George person on your tracker that pops up three times a day! :)

Lindsay said...

Ok. Tietta I just had my vitimin by reading your 25 random things! I would "AMEN" to every one of them! You are right on the money with EVERY one! I love the one about the boy's giving you a greeting card and always crying! You are simply blessed with a God that loves you sooo much that He has blessed you with a precious family that loves you too! I love ya so very much! Keep up your blogging, it feeds my soul!

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Okay, is it just 25 random things at all? Just pull them out of thin air? Sigh. No wonder it is hard. I read Cougarnana's and loved them and I think it was Ellsworth Party of Four had me rolling on the floor.

I loved all your random notes~! I will be working on mine this weekend. So far I have one. Sheesh.

The Lunds (and a few Koenigs) said...

We have soooo much in common, but I laughed about the straw because I feel so completly complete when I have a diet dr pepper in my cup holder of my car with a jumbo straw. And I have to take 3 sips at a time and then I sigh and smile.