Sunday, November 18, 2012

My dork factor is off the charts!

One of the most painful things to watch was my birthday surprise celebration on video!
I LOVED it because it captured one of the beautiful days of my life.  But as I watched I cringed because I am such a huge dork!
I told Steve I feel like the chubby kid on the baseball team who makes tons of mistakes, is always distracted, and costs the team money and points.But he is having so much fun playing the game you don't have the heart to kick him off.
That's me! 
I am having so much fun and am just so thrilled that I get to play this game of life!
So thankfully my sweet family and friends humor me and allow me to be on their team.
The video revealed what I have always suspected. I dance like a girl who thinks she has rhythm, I don't cry pretty, and my hair goes flat in an hour after leaving the house. My voice goes into a weird pitch when I am over excited and I am a absolute social spazz. 
And this "dorkiness" happens to me on a much more regular basis lately ...

Last week I was carrying a rug and comforter to my car from Home Goods and realized my gait was off ? Felt sorta off balance ? So I looked down and had two completely different shoes on? One sandal was flat and one had a heel . I couldn't get to the car fast enough {which wasn't too quick because my hips were so out of alignment} 

The very next day I went to pay for something and my phone was in my purse?
Yep my big ole black Uniden

Then just this morning I jumped into the shower without getting a towel. I normally wouldn't panic because there is always one hanging there, but I had gathered them all up to do laundry
So there I was...freezing cold with my shower cap on running down the hall to grab one thinking "God please dont let me fall and have someone find me like this"
I sure would love to be one of those sophisticated ladies who have it all together but  realize that will never be my life, so I have to find the humor in my own.
And I'm thinking I am providing humor for many more people who are way to sweet to ever stop to ask me " mam did you know.......

And when you see me ask about the Salvation Army drop off ! There are simply no words to describe what happened there....
Chloe and I almost peed our pants on the way home from laughing so hard

Wishing you a happy week  
Filled with love and giggles !


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Memory Lane~

Christmas with the Greeks! And my sweet baby boys kneeling down in the front ! Sara wearing her sweet hat, and Chloe's darling smile. Kory being a ham because he is so much like his daddy! My beautiful momma surrounded by her grandkids with the happiest smile. And now I fully know her joy.
Some of the sweetest memories for sure...

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am so glad you are here !  My two favorite months are outstretched before me and I am trying to drink in the joy!
But to be honest I have been struggling a bit...
I am having anxiety attacks for the first time in my life and I think losing my job and benefits have had more of a impact on me that I thought.Carter sweetly tells me to relax and just enjoy this season and I'm trying...
Then the anxiety comes back
I pray, read my bible and absolutely trust that God has our future in His hands. But the mind is strong and that nagging fear creeps back in.Gosh, I seem to worry about the world in general .There is so much uncertainty for so many people. Friends and neighbors have lost their long time jobs and some have moved to other states in hope of a fresh start. Poor New York doesn't even have their  power restored and so many have lost everything they had. I even worry about the upcoming election.I desperately want my candidate to win!
All these adult issues that you suddenly realize are more important than ever before.
Sometimes getting older is tough. I want to sit on the kitchen floor with my friends playing Jacks, watching Brady Bunch, smelling dinner wafting through the den knowing my mom was making us something yummy and everything was just fine. To be young and care free again! 

But so much good is happening too! Travis and Ashlyn have bought their first home and Steve has been working on it with the boys every weekend. They are making huge progress and having a blast doing it! And of course I go too for moral support and cookie deliveries 
It is going to be amazing when it is done!
What a view

And that Beckham gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by...

He is pure joy and a constant reminder not to have a care in the world  !
He knows his Mommy&Daddy will do whatever it takes to make sure he is taken care of
We need to rest in that faith too!  The same God who has always taken such good care of us will continue to do so! How much more does He love us... His children
So even though we all struggle from time to time, I can feel the deep gratitude bubbling up inside of me reminding me to find joy and be thankful in ALL things!