Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I believe in Angels

Imagine you are feeling a tad behind and a little overwhelmed.And you have this list of things you really want to get done before company arrives. Silly things but you know you would feel better if they were accomplished. And now imagine while you are inside your own house on a Sunday afternoon your sister in law drives out from Orange County and plants fresh flowers in YOUR yard. Yep she snuck into our yard, weeded, and planted a ton of fresh flowers all without me knowing. We had friends stop by for a visit and she hid in the bushes when we answered the door. After walking them out to their car an hour later we noticed our walkway and porch filled with flowers.Our guests said "yeah there was a 40 year old lady out there doing gardening" We suspected, and called Lindsay and she was at the park by our house waiting for my brother to pick her up. Busted!! She was laughing and said she knew we would fight her on it and she wanted to do it for us. HOW SWEET!!! And what a fun surprise!!! I've written before about her sweet, giving heart and how she is always out doing us.So after visiting and admiring her work, we all went out to dinner and had such a fun night. Of course we pleaded to let us treat because she has spent all this time and money on our yard. We barely won that....only to get this email the next day.

Hi guys,if you're looking for the parking ticket that was on the fridge . . . you won't find it . . . be a gracious receiver of Lindsay and mines gift of giving . . . and don't say then we have to receive your gift back (repayment) because that cancels out the gift . . . thanks for an awesome dinner!!!!love, kennyk & lindsayk

WHAT!!! See what I am dealing with here. They are the worst!!! And I say Game on ...When you steal a $30 dollar parking ticket off the fridge and pay it, you are asking for trouble!!! When I get to heaven and God asks if I gave enough,I am going to have to explain that I certainly tried but the people he put in my life made it next to impossible. But don't you worry...I am already plotting my revenge. ( I mean gift) It was such a fun surprise and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.......


Anonymous said...

The reason you have Angels in your life is because you Believe in Angels!! Ask your sister-in-law if she has room for another member in her me!! Your yard looks so beautiful and then sprinkled with flowers from heaven, how perfect!

russhydefamily said...

I love that story. What a wonderful sister-in-law. You are so lucky. I learned a lesson from a dear friend of mine that is a cancer survivor. She said during her chemo treatments so many people would call and ask if she needed anything. Of course she did, but how do you say "yes, can you come and scrub my toilets or make me dinner". She said she could never bring herself to ask for anything. However, she said that many people would just stop by and take her children to the park, or bring her ice cream, or come and mop her floors. She said that it changed the way she offered her services to others. It sounds like your sister-in-law has an understanding of that as well. The flowers look beautiful.

I also love your Starbucks story. I love random acts of kindness. You inspire me to be a kinder more thoughtful person. Thank you for blogging!