Saturday, May 20, 2017

Fear Not

Hello old blog, the site that holds all the memories of weddings, babies being born, and random musings of this crazy Greek girl and ALL that she is thankful for. Looking back I am so thankful that I documented so much so we will always have these beautiful memories  !
I rarely post anymore but this thought keeps going in my heart and I decided to share it here...

When I thought about leaving my job and taking a early retirement the fear of letting go of that security was OVERWHELMING!!
What if something happened to Steve? What if I was making a huge mistake? Will I lose my medical benefits? I was such a nervous wreck about letting go of what I knew for a chance at a new beginning that I actually broke out in hives like a crazy person

But now after a few months have passed I'm so incredibly THANKFUL!  I often think what if that fear had kept me from making this change?

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore

I have found this to be true !!  And I am so thankful that God gently pushed me to trust Him and make the leap
You learn so much about yourself when faced with uncertainty and one thing I learned was that my faith was in the security of my job when it should have been placed in my Father who has NEVER left me or forsaken me.....
My fear became bigger than my faith
But God lovingly kept pushing me closer to the edge until I was ready to jump
My sweet husband and kids were so encouraging and the new scary unfamiliar job that made me so nervous now feels like HOME
I pinch myself that I have set days, weekends off, and get paid to love and help the sweetest team of people
Almost every single day they thank me for being there? I have never worked for someone who values their people more
God is so good !! And I am so thankful for His nudging with this stubborn girl who holds onto familiar with a crazy strong grip
Are you afraid to make a change? Pray and ask the Lord to show you His plan and then  

Jump in ..........
The water feels great