Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Travis~

I love to do birthday tributes on my blog! Travis is 25 today and I can't very well do the 25 things I love about Ashlyn and not do one for Trav.So if you would indulge me one more time as June shares a little about this fabulous kid of ours.
Here's the "25" things that I adore about him.They are not all be good, but in true Mom style I love the 'not so good' just as much.Its what makes us real and even more endearing.

1-He loves the Lord with his whole heart

2-And loves my daughter in law the the same way

3-When he gets frustrated he makes this little scowl and I swear he looks like he's 9 again.It just happened this last weekend and Ash and I both just cracked up

4-He laughs with his whole body.His head tilts back and it's really a whole body giggle

5-His nickname was "Thor" because he is so stinkin strong!

6-His shoulders literally fill the booth at a restaurant and so none of us want to sit by him.You end up squished with your bum half off by the time dinner is over

7-He loves his Mom and Pops!

8-He gets cranky when hungry but is easily soothed once the food arrives

9-He LOVES a bargain! He will call and say "Mom I was so Greek" and tell me the great deal he got with so much enthusiasm

10-He is a great "puppy daddy" Bentley loves him! He has surprised me with his patience and how proud he is when Bentley listens

11-He has a very grateful heart!

12-He LOVES Chad! I will never worry about their friendship because they love each other too much to ever be mad for more than a minute

13-He expresses his heart so tenderly on greeting cards and I have never been able to throw a single one away

14-He is a little boy when it comes to play! He loves to wrestle,surf, skateboard,run,and climb

15-He is extremely savvy about budgets and saving

16-He truly appreciates all the little things Ashlyn does for him.Clean towels,sheets and home cooked meals

17-He also loves that she buys her taco shells

18-He is faithful! To the Lord and to doing what is right. He doesn't waver even when it isn't the easiest path to take

19-He has his Momma's Greek calves

20-He loves his sister in laws and is very protective of them

21-He is turning into quite the handyman around the house. Fixing pipes and building fences

22-He wont go to sleep if he thinks someone is upset with him. He likes to smooth things over and he never carries a grudge

23-He is adorable in a baseball hat. But his mother in law saw his cutest outfit yet, Ashlyn's fuzzy robe over his trunks to go surf one morning!

24-He planned for two weeks how to propose and wanted there to never be a story like theirs

25-He is just plain fun to be around and his joy for life is contagious!

The pride we have in who he has become over flows our hearts.
Travis you stole my heart from the second they laid you in my arms
Happy Birthday ~


Cougarnana said...

This is soooo sweet, Karen, I got a little teary. Travis sounds like an amazing young man but then how could he not be with you for his mom and Steve for his dad. He is blessed beyond measure just as you are. I hope he has his happiest birthday ever! P.S. I "got" the taco shell joke!!

G & H said...

So sweet! #9 and #15 are my husband too a Tee!

Happy Birthday Trav!

a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

this was so sweet. a few comments...
8. couldn't agree more.
14. oh man. is he even old enough to be married? now that i think of it... ;)
17. take that back.
22. i'd have to disagree. he's gone to bed grumpy with me too many times. :)

love u. have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

This was sooo sweet! He truly is one of the greatest kids ever, raised by the greatest family ever! However, I do believe you should add that he does the best "Cowardly Lion" impression ever and I use to make him do it for me when I was having a bad day and it would always cheer me up!

Love ya!

Melanie said...

I have to be honest... I have been looking forward to this! I LOVE your birthday posts :)

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

I tell ya...Travis IS McDreamy!!!
Happy Birthday to him...and the mom who did all the hard work giving birth to him and raising such a good kid!

Anonymous said...

He looked so cute in that robe...
I love that he looks after the girls...
I am thankful he has Godly, loving parents...

xoxoxo Sarah