Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

Wow what a GREAT week...It will be really hard to narrow it down to six. Whenever I am with my brothers and their families life if so darn fun! With a tired, grateful heart I say Thank you...

1-I had a terrific,memorable birthday and heard from friends old and new.And of course had a big piece of homemade white cake that was so yummy!(Thanks Chloe and Tietta)

2-Steve and I celebrated our 26th anniversary! I am so thankful that we still like each other so much! We are thinking this might work out....27 years here we come

3-My niece "Silly Sara" is so fun! The things she comes up with just cracks us up.I wish I knew what goes on in her precious brain.Kids with autism have such pure joy and LOVE. It's contagious, and you find yourself being silly right along with her.She is always smiling,dancing and giggling.

4-Fall is here! I cant wait to decorate.It is my favorite time of year with the crispness of the cold air,sweatshirts,soup, pumpkins, jammies.I just come alive when its cold!

5-We shopped around with Dave for a spot to open a store here in California.Just knowing that it's a possibility makes me happy. And I have so many friends who would be eager to jump in with both feet to help. I am convinced that my family needs to live within a hours drive of each other. We are just happier as a posse.

6-Blog comments! I just love when I get on and see that someone has read my blog and left a love note. Thanks to Chloe,Mel,and all the "Little families" You guys are the BEST! Even when I can't respond please know that your encouragement means the world to me!


cougarnana said...

As always, LOVED your Sunday Six! Look what you've started, every single person I love is doing Sunday Sixes!! But my question for the week is...why aren't you commenting on anyone's blogs? Where in the world are you? You need to get back home and get back to the business of your blogging duties!! I wish you a happy week.

cougarnana said...

Yay! So happy to hear you are BACK! I'm sure you're not as happy as we are but we, in the blogging world, have missed you!!

dkrikac said...

Oh Sista....I love your blogs...I am HOOKED. I can't call every morning, but I can log in a read and it makes my day...We love our Auntie and Miss her....Yeah, YOU TOO Uncle Steve....(Steven)

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