Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday~

Today is Ashlyns 25th birthday! I love to do birthday tributes so I thought it would be fun to list 25 things I love about my precious daughter in law. It should be really easy to do because she is perfectly perfect. "June Cleaver" has been known to brag, but Karen Carter is telling the truth,straight up. She is one amazing girl!

1-She is extremely creative
2-She loves to cook
3-She loves the Lord with her whole heart
4-And loves my son the same way
5-She has the cutest little bird legs
6-She loves to be silly
7-She always sends thank you notes
8-She loves the Greeks! They sometimes take some getting used to, but her love for them "took the cake" (there's a story there trust me)
9-When she thinks something is cute she makes this little grunt sound & pounds her fist
10-She loves us! What a blessing to be loved and accepted for who we are
11-Her smile lights up the room, and her shoes fill the rest of it
12-She adores her family and has the utmost respect for her parents
13-She is precious to Chad and watches out for him like a sister
14-She has more vision for detail than anyone I know
15-When I call her she answers the phone with a smile and always says "Well Hello"
16-She is delightfully modest
17-She is a tender heart, and has so much empathy for others
18-She remembered every single gift people gave them for the wedding. I once used a towel at their house and she said "your friend Kim gave me those"
19-She is up for a challenge! She LOVES to shop and married one of the most frugal boys I know
20-She is a 'girlfriend' kind of girl. Her friends mean the world to her and she will always carve out time for them
21-She grew up watching Seinfeld, That fact alone made us know she would fit right in
22-She always smells so good
23-She was the oldest sister and can be bossy firm. Perfect for Trav
24-She loves babies and has such a mothers heart. It will be so fun to see her as a Momma.
25-She LOVES my boy! I know for every mom there is nothing that brings you more joy than seeing your kids happy. And Travis LOVES his new life as her husband. They are cared for, protected, nurtured, prayed for, and cherished by each other. She is the biggest blessing to ever come into the lives of the Carter family. I truly prayed and dreamed of a wife like her for Travis and God answered our prayers more than we could ever imagine. We love you sweet DIL and wish you the Happiest of Birthdays! Mom and Pop Carter

**And as a bonus she loves cupcakes...white with white frosting~ perfect!


Cougarnana said...

Such a sweet tribute to an obviously sweet girl! It truly is a wonderful blessing to LOVE our children's spouses (we've had it both ways, and this way is waaaayyyy better!) I'm so happy for Travis (and YOU) that he hit the wife jackpot, nothing is more important!

Chloe Krikac said...

What a sweet post, and I AGREE!!! She is so incredible... a true gift from the Lord to all of us... :)

a s h l y n . c a r t e r said...

love you SO much and thank you for the sweet post. i enjoyed reading each one slowly, one at a time :) xoxo can't wait til saturday!

G & H said...

I am like totally tearing up with how incredibly sweet that post was!

and this one

19-She is up for a challenge! She LOVES to shop and married one of the most frugal boys I know

Hilarious because I though my hubby was the most frugal LOL :)

Ashlyn is such a doll and is very lucky to have a MIL who loves her so much!