Sunday, May 24, 2015

Remembering ....

LOVE  this picture of my Mom and Dad

I was thinking the other day how much I am going to miss hearing certain phrases
I was talking to my aunt Mary and she was cleaning her house but still had to
"run the sweeper"

No one says that anymore, and it kinda made me sad ...
She and my mom both used the same great words and it  always bring back memories

They went to the Beauty Parlor to get a wash and set
They did their marketing instead of grocery shopping
They ate supper
They had laundry days
They went into town  to buy milk
They drank soda pop 
They went to the picture show
They watched their stories on TV
My mom wore slacks or dungarees
And go aheads
And I wore tops and bottoms
She carried a pocket book
And we wore galoshes when it rained
We had a credenza by our front door that we dropped everything on
My daddy would often say someone was a real nice gal  or they were slender
And he drank Sanka
My mom wore a brassiere
And they both said " how do you do" when introduced to someone
My daddy loved  Eyetalian  food 
When I asked him how long something had been he said "since Christ was a carpenter"
And he hogged the clicker
My mom loved laying in the backyard on a chaise lounge

I wish I could remember them all, but I am pleased as punch that I have these memories of my sweet parents
Funny how a little conversation can take you down memory lane..

Have a sweet day you whipper snappers and try to stay out of mischief

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Job Chapter 2 :)

As most of you know , I had a really bad fall on Christmas Eve. I was told I have a severe bone bruise and now three full months later I am still limping and my leg simply wont go straight.
I have spent "thousands" on rehab and therapy and have seen two specialists, had two cortisone shots.....
And I still limp 
But I refuse to let this steal my joy !! 
So I continue to push myself and try to find the joy and lesson in all of this
When I see people on crutches or with a cane its amazing the compassion that rises up in me and I pray for them right then and there. And I thank God always that my limp is temporary and that I will recover

So while I was getting a new xray on my leg I asked if I could get a KUB because I thought I felt some kidney stones. I have been having pain in my back,and I have had so many stones that now I  know when they are there.
Well, I found out that I have TWO more BIG ONES and before I go back to work I have to have another lithotripsy

After I cried in Dr Mc Dreamy's  office, reminded him again that with the money I have spent on these buggers I could have gotten a tummy tuck and a new rack....
 I once again resolved 
I will not let this steal my joy !!

Then today when I went to get my teeth cleaned I found out one of my wisdom teeth needs to be pulled?? So I am off to a Oral surgeon for that
April fools?
No I'm afraid not...
But I am choosing joy and looking for the sunshine in these days of challenge

I have a Maker, He knows my name, He sees each tear that falls and He hears me when I call
It is easy to trust when things are going well, but I will trust that the sun will come out even when I am in the clouds !
If you need me to pray for you, please let me know...I will help you carry your burden no matter how heavy it feels
I am thankful for family and friends who have encouraged me and helped carry mine

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Catching Up ...

Some random Joys and updates from the Carters ! 
I am working hard on getting my knee up to snuff ! Sadly it has not been easy . I got the MRI results and found out it is just " a severe bone bruise? and there is some cartilage damage but they seem to think when my knee settles down that it will settle down too?
I am still in therapy trying to get my range of motion back. I still walk so horribly and just cant get that darn leg straight

So while I am off I am continuing to work  like crazy on closets and drawers and just today took a HUGE car load to the Salvation Army
I dont know where all this "stuff"  lives but I find it and off it goes
It feels like we have moved and I LOVE IT!! 

Chad had a really epic rescue last week. A guy jumped off the cliffs and Chad jumped in after him. I would covet your prayers for him, he says he prays real quick before he plunges in but when I see the situations he faces it scares me so much
There was a photographer nearby and she took a couple pics
Proud momma had to steal them ...this boy is my hero

The kids took out their big picture window and replaced it with amazing accordion glass doors so I had to take a pic of Beckham and Pops like the one I did last year.
Gosh he is so grown up now

Last week I spent a day with them and had such fun !!
Beckham is a ball of energy and  Joy !!
He is stoked on life and is so expressive and sweet. He loves to dance, loves his poppa and talks about his daddy so much. And his love for Amelie is off the charts. He kisses her constantly! He still loves to be naked with just his undies on.

And our sweet Amelie loves to sit up and play with toys and she giggles and loves food !
I think she wants pizza !!
No, she told me ...
She has two teeth and is such a good sleeper!  her skin is soft as silk and I love to smell her neck
Ashlyn shared this pic of them last week and I adore it !!

Wishing you days of joy and laughter....
And closets with extra room and bare shelves :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Simplify ~

My family was here for a couple of weeks and it was FABULOUS!!!  I will blog about the crazy fun we had soon, but one of the biggest blessing was having my sister in law Sandy help me organize my house ! 
She is the queen of organizing and she LOVES to do it?  It started with her putting a casserole dish  away because I still cant bend my knee and the next thing I knew 4 hours had passed and my kitchen was organized from top to bottom ! 
It was magic 
Even Sara got in on the "fun" because she loves to check expiration dates :)
Shes a numbers girl and her ole auntie cant even see them with readers

What a gift to give someone of your time and expertise !! And it was the kick in the butt I needed to keep going. I have taken four loads to the Salvation Army and threw away tons of trash
Before you start thinkin this YaYa chick is a slob, I promise my house is clean...
It is picked up, the beds are made and is usually " drop by company"  ready!
But its all a farce because behind the cabinet doors I am a shover !

I  just throw it all into a drawer or cabinet and when my junk drawer gets full I start a new one.
So I have about 4 or 10  { I don't remember}  But Sandy even organized those with baggies full of batteries and another with pens etc
This week I bought some fun kitchen bins from Costco and organized my pantry  even more
I think I am a changed woman !! 
I think....
Steve and I did a bunch in the garage and now I am going to tackle the guest room closet this weekend while the boys go away on a surf trip
I just dont need ALL THIS STUFF !! I am over sentimental and want to save every single card and note, but I started taking pics and throwing most some a few away !
 I found this one and sent it to Chad from my sweet mom... and then 

I actually threw it away !!

My hoarding battles are being won little by little and it feels so good
I think that is my word for this motto creed ...
Thank you sis for all your help !
Now onto the closets...
Wish me luck, I'm going in