Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Thankfulness...Moments that made my heart happy

It has been a busy,fun week ! Nothing extraordinary but lots of smiles and so much to be thankful for!

*My husband cracks me up almost every single day! We laugh about so many stupid things in the course of a week, and I am so thankful for his humor and that he finds me funny?
This was a honest to God conversation in our kitchen this morning
Steve-Do we have any cinnamon? I hear it helps you lose fat"
Me -What are you going to do eat it plain? 
" No maybe put it on some toast"
Well we have cinnamon rolls do you want me to bake those? 
Sure that would be great      
But it is those everyday silly moments with him that I smile and thank God for my perfect other half to make me whole!

*I also had the best day with my friend Abby! We went to see the Hunger Games! She said it was because of my recommendation that she read the books so she wanted us to see it together 
We liked it a lot! 
It seemed to bring the book to life in just the way I pictured it! They left some things out which is normal, but it sure left me wanting to see the next one! It is such a unique premise which is why I liked the book so much. I would give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5 . After the movie we went to lunch at CPK and chatted for hours. I love that I can be friends with my friends children who I have watched grow up since grade school
And now we talk like besties out for a afternoon, never minding our 25 year age difference!
I love you Abby and thank you for the fun afternoon  

*Saturday we celebrated our bunco buddy Kims 60th birthday! She invited all us girls to Ponte Winery for a wonderful lunch ! We sat out on the patio and had wine and wonderful conversations and the BEST DARN CAKE!  She is such a generous, kind hearted lady and I am so thankful to have had her friendship all these years!  I am hoping we are still all together when we celebrate our 80th! They are the friends who have become family .....  

Lastly~  Who wouldn't wake up happy every single day with this little guy is in your  life! 

He has brought so much joy to their family and to ours as well !
I seriously didn't know this kind of love was possible.....
It is like nothing else I have ever experienced 
Wishing you all a happy week, filled with love and giggles
And tiny little fingers that wrap around yours and melt your heart !

Monday, March 19, 2012


I have often asked for prayer for Chad because he is constantly off on some adventure
Costa Rica, Skiing in Mammoth { where he is now } or mountain climbing. He made it sound like he did a "little" climbing but because of Facebook I was able to see the pics.
Now you know why I ask for prayer.....

Yep that speck up there is Chad

Are any of these guys certified climbers?Nah

                          The kid knows no fear!

Maybe its best he kinda skims over the details , because I am wreck when I know what he is up to!
I also found some cute surf pics from Costa Rica on his page. This boy has such a passion for life and I enjoy seeing him live it fully!

So when you say your prayers...
Pray for Chad too!
For safety, caution, protection but mostly that he never loses his LOVE for life!
On  top of being so darn adventurous he's just the cutest,sweetest boy ever!
Last week he was with Beckham and he text me
" Thank you for caring for me when I was too young or asleep to remember"  
I melted....he is so thoughtful and always thinking about his momma
I don't know how I lucked out with such sweet, manly boys in my life! And I am thankful that Beckham will have such great role models!
But I'm already praying Beckham takes up chess and checkers for sport
YaYa can only handle so much 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maternity Leave

I promise to be back soon and they wont all be posts about Beckham!
But for now I am busy with work, and visits with the new Carter family. I just got home from a couple days with the kids and I was in full  YaYa mode  { my family knows just what that means}
I did what YaYas do best....clean, make sure everyone has PLENTY to eat, and help  in every way possible!
But mostly I did a lot of this ...

I was able to go the Pediatrician with Ashlyn and Beckham and it was so fun to be there as he was weighed and checked  
He is just the sweetest little guy and I love every second with him in my arms
This weekend I am off to a birthday party, grocery shopping, church, laundry and getting my own house back in order 
But he will be in my every thought and dream

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with love and joy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So there's this boy...

And he has completely captivated my heart....
Our days have been filled with visits to the hospital and thankfully now to their home as Beckham came home on Monday.  He is hungry, happy and oh so darling
A few images from the last few days...
This one captures the deep love I have for  my daughter in law!

Papou & Beckhams hands
Proud Uncle Chad

Travis and Ashlyn are true parents at heart. They seem to be adjusting beautifully and adore their little guy . One of my favorite pics was of Travis holding Beckham. The second they unplugged all his tubes Travis took off his shirt and cuddled close skin to skin. Thankfully Ashlyns friend captured the sweet moment with her camera. I also love the one of Beckham staring straight into his mommas eyes. Ashlyn amazes me with her calm, patient demeanor realizing it will all just get easier. I was such a frantic first time mom and admire their calm so much.
These days are the sweetest and I am loving every text, picture, poop update and moment holding and helping in any way possible
I cherish my new role as YaYa  and Papou is quite smitten too!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Beckham Paul

We are smitten.......

We fell in love at first sight

And I will NEVER forget my son coming out of the room with tears of joy streaming down his face

Ashlyn is a rock star! No drugs and a fierce determination to stick to her birth plan

He is everything and more we could ever dream of  

It is beautiful seeing your baby with a baby....My heart is so full of joy and love it literally feels like it could burst

March First 12:56 pm 8 lbs 5 oz   19 1/2 inches long