Monday, July 26, 2010


Outside my Window…It is overcast with June gloom and I couldn't be happier about it!  I watered, did laundry, made the beds and scrubbed the bathroom and it is only 9am . I come alive when it's cool!   

I am thinking…I love having Mondays off!  Mondays have such a different feel to them. A new beginning and a chance to get ready for another week.  

I am thankful forSo so so so much! 
God is so good to this family and I am often overwhelmed with thankfulness!
To name a few...
*Travis called the other day just to say Hi and I love that. A quick update on life and a "I love you"  mom just fills my heart!
*A great visit with my family Sunday afternoon
*A fun date night with Steve Thursday. We saw a funny, silly movie and laughed like teenagers then went to Red Robin for a burger and fries.
*Ya know how moms worry unnecessarily ? Well sometimes I worry since Chad doesn't have a girlfriend  that he might get kinda lonely and is working too hard.Then I see these pics on face book and know he is just fine  : )
  { look at that sweet smile of his and I tell ya that boys heart is pure gold  }

From the kitchen…I am going to bbq salmon from Costco and make some fresh green beans and rice. I haven't been cooking much and miss it! So since I am off today I am going to be domestic and  make a nice dinner and set the table pretty.

I am wearing…my standard summer fare...capri pants and a top.

I am reading…trying to finish up my book for book club Tuesday night! I am determined to carve out some time to read today! 

I am hoping…for strength and comfort for a pastors family whose daughter is battling cancer. Her name is Daisy and they would covet your prayers for her.  Also we attended a wedding this weekend and I find myself hoping so much for a long. fun filled life for the bride and groom! They were simply precious and there is something so awe inspiring seeing two amazing people join together in a marriage! Their whole life is waiting for them and I can feel their excitement and joy! Rory and Amy I will be praying for you both and can hardly wait to see what God has in store for you.

I am creating…a really soft place in our guest room. I got new linens and pillows and it looks so inviting in there. Just need a few new little pieces and it will be done! 

I am hearing…the washing machine on load number 2 and my Pandora mix of Chris Tomlin   

Around the house…The bathroom is almost done just a few little paint touch ups and the shower door needs to be installed!   I am going to buy some fresh flowers today at the market because its been too long and I miss them!  I have a candle burning and the smell of vanilla is fabulous!

One of my favorite things…This Pledge Multi Surface cleaner is so nice! I got the lavender scented one and use it on everything! Yesterday Kenny and Lindsay called and decided to buzz out so I wanted to freshen up the house a bit. This stuff is amazing! You can use it on glass, wood, I even used it on my faucets! And the smell is yummy and fresh!

Well that's what is going on in my corner of the world today! How about you? I would LOVE to hear!
Hope your day is filled with love and giggles!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lunch with an old neighbor~

Today was so special to me!
My dear old friend and neighbor Dori was in California and Paula  decided we all needed to meet for lunch! I am so thankful that I was off and could join in the fun! Dori was one of the very first friends I met when I moved to T Town and she lived around the corner from me. We each had two kids around the same age and we quickly became good friends. She is also the person responsible for me joining my precious Bunco group because she once asked me to sub!  {which is now 20 years ago}
Her family moved away to Colorado and we try our best to keep in touch.  Today proved what I  have always known....
When you have a true friendship with someone you pick up right where you left off. Its never awkward or forced and there is sure to be lots of giggles and fun!   
I love you Dori and am thrilled I got to see you!
And being with Kim and Paula is always a special treat! 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Its the little things....

little joys....
little reasons to smile and give thanks...
So today I stop to say thanks for the little things....

*I am so thankful for people who are honest. Kory and Sara lost their video camera at Disneyland and I was sick about it. He had so much great footage of their trip and I was praying someone honest would find it. ...and they did! I wish people would grasp the joy of being honest and doing the right thing! Thank you whoever you are and God bless your kind heart!!

*Old Home Movies!! As I mentioned before we have been taking all our old movies to Costco to be put on DVD and I love watching them!  Seeing my Mom and Dad, the kids when they were the  most delicious babies, and my darling  husband who has always been the best daddy brings tears to my eyes. We both look so young and busy with the kids and I can hardly believe all that we have been through together raising our family. Looking back is bitter sweet and more than once I cried like a baby....But it sure is nice to have those moments captured forever!

*It is so great to have Brody home! He stayed at Chads for a couple weeks and had a BLAST! Chad LOVES him and took such good care of him. But I picked him up yesterday and it will be a long while before I let him go again. I missed that sweet pup so much!
He is all clean and laying at my feet as I type. And to hear his sweet breathing while I slept was perfect!

*I am back at my new store this week and I LOVE it! Who would have thought after all the crying and anxiety about going there that it would feel so much like home just a few short months later! It is such a happy place to work and there are so many fun people who I get to share my day with.

*I drove to pick up Brody Sunday morning and spent a few hours with the boys. Ash was away at a wedding and the guys had a good ole slumber party! Chad and Travis are such good friends and it warmed my heart to hear about the night they had together eating pizza, playing games  and  hanging out. I watched them eating their donuts, drinking coffee and laughing and reminded my heart to take a picture.

*My dear friend Casey had surgery and she is recovering well! And it looks like all her tests are going to show good results!  I was so worried about her and am grateful she is on the road to recovery!

How about you? what little joys filled your week this week? Share them with me in my comments ! I would love to hear....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Lovin...

Kory and Sara arrived and decided to do their trip in true "California" style....
Kory rented a blue convertible to drive Princess Sara around in. He even got her a blue scarf to match! So she looked like Audrey  Hepburn with the wind blowin in her hair. 
I loved that one of their first stops was to the CoCo's my mom would always take the kids! Each one of her grandkids has such sweet memories of being there with YaYa!  She would let them order whatever they wanted but made sure to "blot" their fries before they ate them. So cute...

Another thing Sara really wanted to do is have a bonfire at the beach! So last Sunday we all met up at Old Mans and spent a great day together!  The weather was perfect and she smiled all day long!

It was such a special day, filled with Pauls good BBQ'ing, lots of surf and sun and of course yummy smores!

We had so much fun with Kory and Sara and will have many more stories  to share!
Making memories is the BEST and for Sara there is nothing better than memories with her family! 

 My cousin Mark surfing tandem with cute!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I'm  on summer vacation!
No I am not off work, or at a fabulous beach house.
But in my mind I am on vacation.I want my days to continue to be as they are ...
Filled with fun friends, my darling hubby who makes me smile every single day, seeing my kids every chance I get, watermelon and lemonade,sandals, good books and BBQ's .
I remember the joys of summer when school was out and the summer months were wide open for adventure.  
I miss those days
So I'm trying to capture that feeling in my heart....
I hope you do the same! Ride your some good movies...ditch responsibility every chance you get and have some fun!

I'm sure gonna 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm just a sucker for a good pill~

I am so excited to be starting a new medication tomorrow that I want to go to bed so I can wake up and take it!
I have not been feeling like myself lately and "fatigue" is something I have never battled before. I kept thinking it must be menopause and tried to get at least 7 hours of sleep at night. Between the lack of energy and the weight I was getting downright discouraged. I have been trying like crazy to eat better and only 1/2 of anything I order and yet it didn't matter.  So I decided to get my blood work done and see whats wrong??
My Dr asked right off  if I had been tired and if my hair was coming out?  
Yes and Yes
Turns out my thyroid no longer was balanced and he said it was no wonder I felt like crap! {sorry mom I know you hated that word but it really describes how I have been feeling }  So I start my new medicine in the morning and I can hardly wait to see if I feel like my normal self again.   He seems to think I am going to be thrilled!
Lets hope so....He also said my metabolism will be working right and the weight should come off much easier!
YIPEE!!!   I'm thinkin if all goes well I should l be thin by Monday?