Friday, September 5, 2008

What,Me an award??

I just want to thank my parents, my wonderful friends and family, everyone who voted for me (yes that's you Nancy,thankfully only one vote was needed). I also want to thank all the people who make such a difference in my life. The Dillard's lady,my crazy family who provide so much material for my blog. I feel like Sarah Palin in a small way.One day you are just doing your job and taking care of your family and the next you are thrust into the lime light when someone makes you a household name!! Someone believes in you and thinks you are special. That your "niceness" makes a difference. WOW I am honored! What a terrific surprise!! The "Nice Matters" award in the blog world is a very big deal! (As I am now) If I am needed to make any appearances or acceptance speeches please let me know as I have 11 dresses to choose from and will have nothing but time after this wedding is over.
Seriously I am honored that my dear friend Nancy bestowed this award to me. It means so much that she visits my blog and shares my life in this way. I feel the same way about hers. I check it everyday to see what fun adventures she's had with her family and what her and Jimbo are up to. I have always loved her family but feel now I really know them and get to share their daily life. I will try to live up to this wonderful prestigious award and promise to be NICE ! I better run in case Oprah is trying to call after hearing the big news!


cougarnana said...

Not only are you nice, you are absolutely the funniest girl EVER!! What a crack up! Love to You!

russhydefamily said...

Congratulations! No one is more deserving than you, Sophia!

dkrikac said...

You DESERVE Every accolade bring Joy with every keystroke..Keep it up.