Saturday, July 23, 2011

26 Sleeps

We are so close to our Alaska adventure and my heart is overwhelmed with excitement!
In less than a month I will be with my family for 8 straight days and that alone makes me the happiest girl ever!
We have so many amazing adventures planned that were researched with every spare moment I had.
Clearly I have forgotten that I am a chubby, middle aged mom because we are signed up for some daring  crazy fun!
We will be zip-lining in Skagway on the newest and  largest zip line! We will be going over glacier fed waterfalls doing 11 zip lines plus 4 suspension bridges !  My palms are sweating just typing that out.

We will also be doing a private whale watching tour in Juneau and kayaking in Ketichikan

So we have the excursions planned, the reservations made for flights &  hotels.
But we were still missing one BIG thing
The official cruise dance.....
So an email went out to the family to learn this dance and be ready to "bring down the house" with this little number.

I even made it my ringtone so every time I hear it I do a little jig.
You might think we're kidding?  but No!
When Chad emailed me last week he even signed it
Love Carlton....

I love my family and we are going to leave this ship with some amazing memories! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chico Sticks....

This week I attended a funeral for the father of one of my childhood friends. Jeanette and  I grew up together on the same street our whole lives and we share so many memories of our childhood and school. She was my maid of honor 29 years ago and has been one of my dearest friends as long as I can remember. Sadly her sweet dad Frank passed away.It was such a bitter sweet day  because he had been ill and you feel the relief of knowing they are no longer struggling along with the sadness of not being able to see them again on this side of life.He was married to Jeanette's mom for 62 years!  We recalled them dancing in the living room and her jumping up to greet him at the door when he got home from work. Our other childhood friend Renee came so the three of us girls were together again.
And that always means laughs ..............
Lots of them !!
There was so much joy in remembering funny stories, and we took lots of trips down memory lane. Jeanette's sister lovingly placed a king size Hershey bar in the casket with her Dad. She remembered on Saturday nights he would go to Thriftys and get one and they would each get a few squares. So I jokingly told Renee to bury me with a Chico Stick when I pass away.  It was my favorite candy growing up and they used to tease me like crazy about that.
So when she came to the chapel guess what she brought me ? 

It is hard to convey in words what it is like to be in the presence of such sweet, old friends. No matter how many years go by you automatically pick up right where you left off. No awkwardness or fear of not knowing what to say. You just feel at  HOME ! And I always walk away missing them already. I'm sad it was a funeral that brought us together again but was so thankful to be able to be with Jeanette and her family at a time she needed support and "laughter through tears" because we sure had plenty!

How would any of us cope with loss without the strong arms of love and support from family and good friends?
I feel so incredibly blessed to have both !
I am looking forward to another 30 years of friendship with these amazing girls, creating more memories and having lots more giggles

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've grown accustomed to his face....

                                                                               { photo courtesy of Ashlyn }
We have been babysitting our "Grandpuppy" Bentley for the past 10 days while the kids were on vacation in Hawaii. At first I was a little apprehensive about having  another dog to feed, brush, and take care of. But my concerns sure didn't last long and now I find myself feeling so sad that he is leaving tomorrow! I miss him already! 
He and Brody have been having the BEST time...
They wrestle and snuggle and keep each other such good company.
And we have fallen in love with this little rascal !!

So Bents anytime you want to come visit YaYa the doggy door is always open!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Counting my blessings...

*family coming for a 4th of July sleep over

*knowing "Travlyn" are having a blast in Kauai with Ashlyns family

*my hemoglobin went up !!

*beautiful  summer sunrises on my way to work

*macaroni & cheese bite appetizer with the book babes
{seriously you will moan when you eat one, so we each had to have two }

*a sweet late night call from Sara because she couldn't sleep 

*the sweetest thank you card from Miss Kendall.It is so precious that I simply can not ever throw it away! How can a young lady at 18 be soooo sweet and thoughtful ? it restores my faith !

*happy  sunflowers from Ashlyn in the cutest vase with a bow

*two phone calls from my brother Paul , I don't get to talk to him that often, but I love that he loves me! 

*My good book, with a icy lemonade, and my feet up in the back yard, cozy in my jammies 

What about you...What little blessings are you thankful for this week? Please share!
I would love to share your joy!