Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

Another Sunday when I can stop and say "Thank You" to God who has blessed my life with His grace and mercy.Everyday I am thankful for so many things,big moments and small things too.I always enjoy sharing six...

1-My sweet Chad had to work yesterday but he called to say he was sorry we couldn't see each other. He said he had gotten me a surprise! He went to a really good bakery and bought me a piece of white cake with white frosting.How sweet is that! He is such a tender heart. So I told him to stick it in the freezer and we will share it with a cup of cold milk next time I see him.

2-We had a wonderful brunch yesterday at my son and daughter in laws home.(how fun is that to say) We had a great time visiting, saw their honeymoon photos and spent hours watching them open gifts.Even more than the gifts themselves it's the love and support behind each and every card and package.They were blessed beyond measure

3-Got tickets to the Bonnie Hunt Show for Monday!!! Sandy and Chloe are coming too so we will have lots of fun and giggles.

4-Our moms group had a fun dinner at the "Melting Pot" I have never been to a fondue restaurant and it was really fun. Anywhere with those 8 girls is wonderful! But you just cant beat dipping bananas and brownies in chocolate.

5-Got a photo CD in the mail from our friend Dori who came to the wedding.She took so many fun candid shots.It was a GREAT surprise! Thanks friend

6-Mr Clean Magic Erasers- These little things are amazing!I don't know how they work but they do! Just a little water and it takes off all kinds of grime and dirt. Love em!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

I am not talking about Christmas yet,although I have already started my countdown!But it is ONE of my other favorite times of the year!!! SURVIVOR Season! I am a huge fan,some might say a crazed fan...I have NEVER missed a single episode EVER in 17 seasons!It is just the best show on TV.I love to watch the competition,the struggle to stay clean,the lack of food,not being able to sleep,all from the comfort of my own sofa while eating popcorn.My friends know not to call Thursday nights at 8 and my own children know if there is an emergency it's best to hold off until nine.I have never gotten bored with the show or grown tired of the conniving and game play.I have had some favorites,Rudy the 80 year old navy seal,Rupert,Cherie,Coby,and of course a few I couldn't stand to watch for one more episode.But you have to love a show where there are people from all walks of life,all ages trying to form a team and survive the wilderness for 40 days.This season we are back in Africa and it looks like it will be a good one!(Well not "we" I will be here in my jammies in Temecula but you know what I mean) Out Wit..Out Last..Out Play! Maybe I should buy a buff to wear while I watch.And they eat a lot of coconuts so I really should eat some yummy macaroons...If you're a fan too let me know who you rooting for.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Almost everyone has a hero..And lucky me to have one in my own family. My brother Dave is a hero! Not only to me,but to 24 differently-abled people who work with him everyday. A few years back Dave realized when their daughter Sara graduated high school that there was no place for her to enter the work force. She worked at Lowes for a while watering plants but they were not prepared to handle the challenges of a special needs person.I will never forget the time they picked her up and she was drenched because the hose leaked and no one thought to help her.(This was one mad auntie who cried hearing that story)Dave started to think about how many other kids face those challenges or stay home because they are not given the chance to work. So he decided to open "Our Thrift Store" They started getting donations, found a store site and opened with a few kids working. After 4 years he now has 24 people who work for him who love their jobs!! The excitement and pride they have in working is so priceless.It is a non profit so each dollar that comes in goes back to hire more people and there is always a wait list for those who want to work.Sara has so much pride in how many pieces of clothes she hangs each day. And they love to get their paychecks!For the job coaches it isn't a easy job.Patience, love and understanding are greatly needed.It is very demanding but the joy they get back is so great.And they certainly have the hearts for it!! Dave,Sandy,Sara and Kory are loved like family. For many who work there,they are the only family they have.A couple weeks back they closed the store to surprise Dave with a birthday bash.Only fitting that he would celebrate with his favorite employees and friends! They quickly became my favorites too after one visit to the store.Hugs,smiles and enthusiasm are a GREAT way to start the day.Now we just need to open another store here in Temecula! I am praying for that big time! For info visit

When the kids find money in pockets or purses they get half and half goes into the kitty for a pizza party! Beth LOVES to find money! Dave calls her his intercom system because she has such a joyful "loud" voice.I happened to catch her excitement on video when she found $3.10 (forgive my southern accent it's just so contagious)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Here's Bonnie~

I have a new favorite!! "The Bonnie Hunt Show" This lady is so darn cute and I just adore her! I have always been a fan and loved her in my favorite movie "Return To Me" She is so girl next door and you feel like she could be your best friend.I was anxiously awaiting her talk show and have been taping it every day since. Love her! She often reminds me of things in my own childhood.She is a huge Dean Martin fan(me too, grew up watching him with my mom)Seems like everyday she shares something from her childhood that takes me back to mine. I remember wearing dickies under my shirts and dresses,the pink flamingos in peoples front yards,and the large family fighting for attention.Her family stories are so funny.She also reminds me of my friend Katie.Same cute hair,bubbly personality and accent.One problem though since I've been watching..I now talk with a Chicago accent? And I have never even been there? Of course my mini-me Chloe loves her too! She found out that she visits people who are sick so we are trying to come up a disease so we can meet her for lunch!(something easily cured or not easily diagnosed) Today I googled to see how close in age we are,and found she is one year older than me. Also found out its her birthday..So Happy Birthday Bonnie! Thanks for being such a fun spot in my day.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

Wow what a GREAT week...It will be really hard to narrow it down to six. Whenever I am with my brothers and their families life if so darn fun! With a tired, grateful heart I say Thank you...

1-I had a terrific,memorable birthday and heard from friends old and new.And of course had a big piece of homemade white cake that was so yummy!(Thanks Chloe and Tietta)

2-Steve and I celebrated our 26th anniversary! I am so thankful that we still like each other so much! We are thinking this might work out....27 years here we come

3-My niece "Silly Sara" is so fun! The things she comes up with just cracks us up.I wish I knew what goes on in her precious brain.Kids with autism have such pure joy and LOVE. It's contagious, and you find yourself being silly right along with her.She is always smiling,dancing and giggling.

4-Fall is here! I cant wait to decorate.It is my favorite time of year with the crispness of the cold air,sweatshirts,soup, pumpkins, jammies.I just come alive when its cold!

5-We shopped around with Dave for a spot to open a store here in California.Just knowing that it's a possibility makes me happy. And I have so many friends who would be eager to jump in with both feet to help. I am convinced that my family needs to live within a hours drive of each other. We are just happier as a posse.

6-Blog comments! I just love when I get on and see that someone has read my blog and left a love note. Thanks to Chloe,Mel,and all the "Little families" You guys are the BEST! Even when I can't respond please know that your encouragement means the world to me!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Splendid September

My brother and his family have been here since the wedding.And we have been having a BLAST! Dave,Sandy and their darling daughter Sara. Kory had to fly home because he is still in college.We are super proud of him and terribly miss him being here with all of us.We cruised the coast in the RV,went to Carlsbad for a couple days,visited Chad in San Diego and he showed them around where he works,went to Mission Bay,ate lunch at HoDads,(a favorite of Diners Drive Ins and Dives)played cards,visited with Thia Mary,and we still have three more days of fun! Kenny and his family are coming today! I think all this fun and company has helped with the wedding let down.Then we heard from the newlyweds! They called last night to wish us a happy anniversary(26years)and me a happy birthday(39 years).They are having so much fun and they sound GREAT! Travis has that smile in his voice that just warms my heart. He almost giggles while he talks.It was fun to talk about the wedding and hear how much fun they had.Life has sure been fun this last week!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I promise they wont all be wedding posts!

Now that a few days have gone by and I have digested one of the most magnificent days of my life I thought maybe I could share my heart a little about such a special day! Ashlyn needs to be a wedding planner! Her love and vision was in every detail.The entire day was filled with magic!It will be hard to even remember all the lovely touches.Firstly they wrote their own vows and it was awesome to hear their hearts.They were very tender,serious,funny but so endearing.My brother pastor Ken married them and did a great job!!He made it all the more personal and special.At the lovely reception her details were everywhere.They are 24 years old and she had 24 guest tables.So each table was a year 1984-2008.When you received your seating arrangement and went to your table there was a photo of her and Travis from that year.So cute!

She made eyelet candle holders for each table and her mom made wonderful sugar cookie favors in little holders thanking each guest for coming.She had incredible caterers who waited on the guests so quickly and efficiently. We had cocktail time in the back of the house with hors d'oeuvres and music.Then onto the front yard filled with hanging white lanterns for the remaining part of the evening. The food was amazing,tri-tip,chicken and a martini mashed potato bar that had yummy toppings to choose from.Chad did a GREAT speech as his best man and Emily and Lauren toasted Ashlyn straight from their hearts.Travis lovingly thanked his "wife" for such a great night and thanked all the guests for coming! You could often find him raising his hand to show off the ring which he is so proud of! The DJ was super fun and played a great variety of music for dancing! The Greek music was a hit! Everyone loves to yell "Opa" while in a huge circle!One of my favorite "mom" moments was my dance with Trav,(to the song "Find your Wings"on my play list)Those few moments will be forever etched on my heart! I reminded him to look out at the sea of people who have been such a big part of his life.They cheered for him at sports, watched him take his first steps,went through grade school together,shared a dorm,studied abroad,and they are their parents dearest friends who helped shaped who we are as people.And they were all in ONE place,for ONE magical night because they loved him and Ashlyn. Such a incredible memory to have everyone you love with you for one special day! Another favorite moment was when they left and everyone lined the driveway holding candles to send them off. They played "Happy Trails To You" as the kids walked down.Travis picked up his grinning bride with so much love and joy and carried her all the way to the car while saying goodbye and thanks.The parents went to the car to send them off and my new daughter smiled and said "I LOVE YOU". Ashlyn, we LOVE you too! And thank God for you joining our family everyday!And for joining our two families together!It will be happy trails....because they are completely committed to always love each other like they did on that day.The love & support from family and friends was so strong you could grab it.It really was a dream day and I am so thankful to her family for all the support to make it so. We have a daughter and we are thrilled!! Travis has a wife and he is ECSTATIC!!!! Ashlyn has a husband and she is LOVED and ADORED!!
To view the slideshow from the day Click here...Tunnel Photography

Monday, September 15, 2008

A MOST Magical Day! (captured by the MOST talented photographer)

The Day of the Wedding!

We all stayed at the same hotel which was so much fun!! All the out of town family were greeted with fun welcome gifts in every room. This bride doesn't miss anything. They were adorable and everyone loved it! All the boys ended up in one suite with Travis.I kept asking if they wanted me to get another room but they were quite happy.And at one point I think there was 9 in there.I just told the maid to leave clean towels and please don't bother even cleaning.I would do it after.We all met up in the dining room for breakfast, the boys swam, picked up their tuxes, relaxed,sat around and talked.I went to Ashlyn's aunt DeDe's house where all the girls got our hair done.It was SO fun! Having girls around is going to be GREAT! And their family of girls is the most fun ever!

Lunch with the girls, then rehearsal dinner

Our fabulous weekend started with a fun lunch with the girls in Old Town Ventura at this great little cafe. They had all gone and got nails done and I arrived in town in time to meet them for lunch.Just the wedding party and the moms. It was so fun to sit,chat and for the girls to relax.I was so happy to be included in the fun.Ashlyn not only has amazing sisters but also has the BEST friends!Then it was off to the hotel to meet with family checking in and get ready for the rehearsal dinner.The wedding site was so beautiful and peaceful! God's presence was already there. We prayed together and went through the day with the planner and Ash. Just seeing her come down the isle then was already so sweet. We left there in true "Greek" style...My brother Dave rented a motor home and thought it would be so fun to take the whole grooms side of the family in the RV! It was quite funny and the boys thought it was a blast.I of course feared what the brides side was thinking? Probably for the first of many times "wow those Greeks are a little crazy" And when I say "first time" I mean it.There are some stories!!! But onto this night.We had a wonderful dinner out on the patio at "Tuttis off Main". The food and service was excellent!The kids presented the bridal party with sweet gifts. They were so generous and thoughtful. They bought the Dads Nav systems to thank them for helping navigate them through life.And we moms received beautiful necklaces and engraved porcelain dishes with the wedding date.The groomsmen LOVED the shoes and I smiled at how easy boys are to please.They did wonderful speeches thanking each person individually and sharing stories of the roles they have played in their lives. It was a wonderful meaningful night...

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's time!

After all the countdown clocks and preparation the BIG day is tomorrow! And this "Mother of the Groom" couldn't be happier. I have grown quite fond of that title. And have overused it big time! It is even the banner on my cell phone. And I admit once or twice I've answered "mother of the groom"
I have such pride today in being the "mother of the groom" Because quite a groom he will be! And a husband who is tender,loving and sweet like his Dad.Funny how no one prepares you for these stages in your life. When both the boys were gone and I was feeling a little blue someone sweetly said "you kinda need to get a life" But don't you see? They are my life!! One day when I realized that I was no longer Trav's first call with good news but that Ashlyn was, I actually said to Steve "But she isn't the one who carried him for 9 months" Wow that Jewish mother guilt just oozed out of me from nowhere.It isn't easy realizing those shifts in their heart. But then we fell in love with Ashlyn too! This amazing girl who will be his wife. And now I am glad I had to "get a life" because it's so full! And I know they will still be such a huge part of it.Even still this morning I cant help but question...Did I teach him everything? Does he mind his manners and send thank you notes? Does he get enough sleep and eat good? Does he floss and check his oil.But I also realize that I will always be his mom and those concerns never go away.Now I will just worry about them both! One of my all time favorite quotes is "Little boys should never be put to bed, because they always wake up one day older" I have kept it with the picture below for years.

But today I could add "Then they would never grow into great men who bring a daughter into your life" So while her Daddy gives Ashlyn away,this Mom will be quietly in my heart giving Travis away too! But I am keeping my "mother of the groom" crown that I had made.I will need it again with Chad when this process of the heart starts all over again...So one last time, "Mother of the groom" wishes you love,giggles,joy and peace

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A VERY loving toast...

I have been reminded so much recently how many fabulous people we are blessed with in our life.Incredible,generous,kind hearted family and friends.Our life is blessed to overflowing with both the big and little things!It's been the love behind the gift or gesture that has so touched our hearts.Our dear friends the Atwood's who are precious friends gave us the most incredible surprise today.They own property here and a few years back planted a harvest of wine grapes and it has become a very special wine here in Temecula.Everyone LOVES their Syrah.When we were shopping for a red wine for the reception we couldn't find any that came even close to being as good as theirs.So we asked if we could purchase from them to serve at the wedding.They said they would be honored.When I went over the other night for bunco Dan loaded it in my car and only when I got home realized there was a LOT!I felt awkward asking what the total was with everyone there so I just left a blank check made out to them knowing they would be giving me a really great price.And today this was on my porch. The check was made out for "One Million Dollars" and was included in the envelope to us with this note!

Of course I started to cry and haven't stopped yet! How do you ever repay someone for such a loving generous gift.I bowed my head and asked God to bless them 10 fold in every way possible and to please show us how to bless them back!So on this most memorable day we will toast the beginning of the kids married life with a special wine from our very special friends at the "Atwood Winery,Temecula" And it will be a gift never forgotten!
Katie we are thrilled you will be with us at the wedding and we will think of Dan with every pour.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love.......

I love books-playing games-vacations with my family- bonfires at the beach while my guys surf-white cake-movies-time with my girlfriends-pajamas-iced tea-bunco buddies-trying new recipes-side splitting laughter-a babies breath-book club-spa days-my 3 big brothers-holidays with the Greeks-Barnes&Noble-having a daughter in law(almost)-pedicures-Golden Spoon-my nieces and nephews-accents-quotes-pictures-cruises-fresh flowers-notes from my kids-Gods amazing grace-autumn-swing sets-motherhood-banana laffy taffy-people who love life!!!
And I LOVE THIS VIDEO! I want to watch it everyday and make one of my own. It makes me so happy!!Just proves that inside ALL of us is true joy,and a desire to be silly and laugh together.It took him 14 months,in 24 countries.It is so addicting and fun! He is truly a hero to me and I don't even know his name
Be sure to pause music player first...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I believe in Angels

Imagine you are feeling a tad behind and a little overwhelmed.And you have this list of things you really want to get done before company arrives. Silly things but you know you would feel better if they were accomplished. And now imagine while you are inside your own house on a Sunday afternoon your sister in law drives out from Orange County and plants fresh flowers in YOUR yard. Yep she snuck into our yard, weeded, and planted a ton of fresh flowers all without me knowing. We had friends stop by for a visit and she hid in the bushes when we answered the door. After walking them out to their car an hour later we noticed our walkway and porch filled with flowers.Our guests said "yeah there was a 40 year old lady out there doing gardening" We suspected, and called Lindsay and she was at the park by our house waiting for my brother to pick her up. Busted!! She was laughing and said she knew we would fight her on it and she wanted to do it for us. HOW SWEET!!! And what a fun surprise!!! I've written before about her sweet, giving heart and how she is always out doing us.So after visiting and admiring her work, we all went out to dinner and had such a fun night. Of course we pleaded to let us treat because she has spent all this time and money on our yard. We barely won that....only to get this email the next day.

Hi guys,if you're looking for the parking ticket that was on the fridge . . . you won't find it . . . be a gracious receiver of Lindsay and mines gift of giving . . . and don't say then we have to receive your gift back (repayment) because that cancels out the gift . . . thanks for an awesome dinner!!!!love, kennyk & lindsayk

WHAT!!! See what I am dealing with here. They are the worst!!! And I say Game on ...When you steal a $30 dollar parking ticket off the fridge and pay it, you are asking for trouble!!! When I get to heaven and God asks if I gave enough,I am going to have to explain that I certainly tried but the people he put in my life made it next to impossible. But don't you worry...I am already plotting my revenge. ( I mean gift) It was such a fun surprise and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.......

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Six...Things that made me smile...

1-I Paid for the person behind me at my Starbucks drive through.And it was so fun! I think I might make that a weekly habit. It was a older car too which made me extra happy. Way more fun than if it was a Cadillac Escalade.But I found myself wanting to stay in line to see her reaction. But that's not important! It's all about an anonymous act of kindness.

2-Chad was home this week for 5 days. And I just LOVE that kid. He has such a sweet heart and he loves his momma. And I admit it's always fun for me to baby my boys. Steve wants him home more often because I made steak, cupcakes, burritos,tacos and all his favorites for dinner.We played cards,talked much,watched movies and waited on him hand and foot.It was GREAT!

3- MY DRESS CAME!!! on Sept 6th. With 4 days to spare before we head out of town! What a fiasco that turned out to be...the sweet lady at Dillard's was put on jury duty and "forgot" to place the order. So after waiting forever I called her and she said(insert southern accent here) "Oh my Lord I am so sorry ya'll..but it's gunna be ok cuz we still got some time. I am gunna ship it next day air myself personally so don't you werry" But...she shipped fed ex ground!!No problem, Whats another 5 days? Then it had the wrong address and was sent back to the fed ex hub. Brazo not Bravo? ( I don't think she undertood my accent) She called again to say "Lordy, I feel so bad about eveythin going so awful,it's just been a comedy of errors hasn't it?...Nope haven't really laughed even once. But no problem, Whats another 5 days? The good news it's here and there is no complaining on's all about being grateful. So I will just say "Thank Gawd it arrived, ya'll needent have werryed about a thang"

4- Ashlyn got a GREAT new job at PLNU a block from their new home. And she got the good news before the wedding and honeymoon so she can go away without a care in the world.The thought of having to travel so much with her old job was just too hard when you are a newlywed and your hubby is home. So she took a step of faith and her last day on the job was Thursday. Friday she got the call and her new job offer !! What a incredible answer to prayer. She is so darling and dedicated they would have been nuts not to take her. But we are sure glad they did...

5-I'm off work for 2 Weeks!!! Going to plant some flowers in the yard and spruce up the house for my family. So when we return from the wedding its homey,welcoming, and clean.

6- I had so much fun at book club. This is such a fun group of girls.I always come away smiling and thankful that I was invited to join their group. We giggle,eat, try all the new restaurants in town and swap funny stories. They often challenge me to read things that I might not normally have picked. I think I am just smarter now that I am a "book- babe" I love you all!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Week from Today!!

The kids got a DVD player as a gift and this movie was inside. How cute and clever is that!! A week from today is our Big Fat Greek Italian Wedding. And this Mom couldn't be happier ! (thanks for sending the phot0 Ash)

Friday, September 5, 2008

What,Me an award??

I just want to thank my parents, my wonderful friends and family, everyone who voted for me (yes that's you Nancy,thankfully only one vote was needed). I also want to thank all the people who make such a difference in my life. The Dillard's lady,my crazy family who provide so much material for my blog. I feel like Sarah Palin in a small way.One day you are just doing your job and taking care of your family and the next you are thrust into the lime light when someone makes you a household name!! Someone believes in you and thinks you are special. That your "niceness" makes a difference. WOW I am honored! What a terrific surprise!! The "Nice Matters" award in the blog world is a very big deal! (As I am now) If I am needed to make any appearances or acceptance speeches please let me know as I have 11 dresses to choose from and will have nothing but time after this wedding is over.
Seriously I am honored that my dear friend Nancy bestowed this award to me. It means so much that she visits my blog and shares my life in this way. I feel the same way about hers. I check it everyday to see what fun adventures she's had with her family and what her and Jimbo are up to. I have always loved her family but feel now I really know them and get to share their daily life. I will try to live up to this wonderful prestigious award and promise to be NICE ! I better run in case Oprah is trying to call after hearing the big news!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I know there's been quite a few birthday tributes lately..But you just have to meet Dave!

My Dearest David~ The middle of my three oldest brothers.I have often described someone as being "funny" But in this case "funny" is the GODS HONEST TRUTH. My brother Dave makes it impossible to be in a bad mood if he is in the room. And you leave with a sideache from laughing. My mom said that Davud made her laugh from the minute he was born(she always said his name with a ud at the end,so cute) She said he was "comical" since birth,that he constantly smiled, laughed and was silly even as a baby.Today Dave turns 50 !! How can that be??? I have the happiest memories of growing up with him.Of course that's after I got over the fact that he was the favorite.Because really how could he not be? Sure I was the only girl and I was the baby of the family but he was the favorite.You know you had GREAT parents when each child kinda thinks they were the favorite! But that Dave is just so much fun and incredibly kind hearted. I remember when he was in high school he would stop off at the store on his walk home and buy me surprises. When I got home from school they would be there on my yellow canopy bed.Once it was those waxy soda bottles that had syrup in them, and a candy necklace. He was probably only 15 and even then was sweet to his little sister.To this day if I have surprises for Steve or the boys I always put them on their bed.He also let me drive his cool van to the airport with my girlfriends to see "Robby Benson"(Our Ice Castle's Hero) Three 16 year old girls giggling and driving, so of course we completely forgot how high the van was until I scraped the entire top trying to underground park.I wasn't the least bit nervous to tell him because in all my life I can never recall him being mad at me. I have vivid memories of being tickled,teased and tortured by Paul and Kenny. But Dave was always my protector.(OK maybe tortured is a little harsh..but I did have frequent rug burns from them dragging me on the carpet and they would often shoot me from their cannon feet six feet into the air like a rag doll) But Dave was just born a gentle soul. Loud but gentle. He is our built in entertainment. And he performs on cue! Dave do your southern accent..Dave do your magic tricks...Dave imitate the neighbor.....Dave tell that story...Which he always does while we are on the floor in stiches.Everytime I answer the phone I hear a loud "sista my sista" to which I always reply "brotha my brotha" While visiting them in Tennessee I would wake up every single morning to fresh Starbucks delivered to my room. A joy I desperately tried to impart to Steve with no luck at all.He is an amazing father, husband, brother and friend. And I am most grateful! Dave I can hardly wait to see you all. But I am already dreading another teary airport scene when you leave. I don't cry pretty and everyone feels so sorry for me standing at the curb watching my brother board a plane. I just cant get used to you not living in the room next to mine even after all these years.Happy Birthday Bro! You are adored by all of us

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

Today is Steve's birthday...and it has taken me many tries to write a blog for him! The tears start to flow and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.My mind goes back to all the sweet things he has done. The note passed in church that said "you look so cute today" my phone filled with texts that are so sweet I cant bring myself to erase a single one.The countless songs he has sang to the boys and me,my drawer full of cards and notes that are so tender and kind. But he deserves a great birthday post I am going to attempt again. My hubby is the most kind hearted, generous, hard working, loyal, funny person I know. And it seems like when someone is as humble as Steve they often don't get the kudos they deserve. But not a day goes by that his family doesn't love and appreciate him! When I was looking through the photos for a collage I realized in almost every one he has his arms wrapped around those he loves. That is Steve....A safety net, a loving arm of support, a place to rest. He is like a big teddy bear! And for 26 years I have felt safe, completely accepted and loved in those arms. He is the easiest , low maintenance man ever. He loves a nice dinner but is equally content with a tuna sandwich. He could wear the same shorts, shirt and thongs but wants his family to have all they need. His dry sense of humor is a daily joy. We tease that we are still married because we literally crack each other up everyday. He is so dang funny and quick witted. The kids tease him constantly like he is a older brother and I think that's such a tribute to their relationship with him.Poor guy can never take a shower while Chad's home without a bucket of cold water coming over the top and Chad running and giggling down the hall. He is fun, comfortable and the real deal! He is called "Carter" by me and my family. It just suits him!  The kids just call him "Pops". If you are a friend, you are a friend for life! We all are so blessed by your love Steve..And we wish you the happiest of birthdays!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Carter Christmas Letter?

The Cleavers we are NOT!
Chad was home today and took some time to read my blog. He told me he loves it but thinks it's too "braggy" Like the Christmas letters we sometimes get. We are a horrid family and we would often tease about the really bad ones we get during the holidays.Life is just so wonderful,they are incredibly rich, the kids all get straight A's. Someone actually wrote "even as busy as I am I still manage to get to the gym to keep my perfect size 6 figure" We laughed out loud and it has been a standing joke in our family. So imagine my horror that he thinks my blog is kinda like a Christmas letter? So I decided I am going to throw in some bad stuff.God knows there is plenty of it! And after his comment I am going to start with Chad...

Chad is extremely accident prone. He is currently home for a few days,on crutches because he once again beefed it on his bike. I think that makes at least 4 times that he has jacked up his ankle in the last 2 years. When he was small he had constant scabs on his face from his big wheel. Why his face? Because he never learned to break his fall with anything but his darling face. He has broken his elbow, bruised his spleen, ripped off the top of his toe in the academy,been to the ER at least 10 times, and on another note was suspended twice in high school for being a prankster. Sorry about the fire alarms, telling the teacher his name was Phillip, and the flying spit wads. You will never read any of that in a Christmas letter

Yep....that's a scab

-Travis mumbles and is often hard to understand
-Steve swears I snore but I think its his echo that he is hearing
-My boys love to toot and then lock the car windows so you can't breathe
-We think we are way funnier than we are
-Don't wake Travis up too early or you will be socked! He is such a grump in the morning
-My boys still leave toothpaste in the sink
-I have a outfit that I sometimes wear to bed when it's cold that Steve calls my"throw momma from the train" look
-We love freebies! We call it being Greek. There is never a time when I have passed a maids cart without extra lotion or shower caps(they make great bowl covers) I take jams from the basket on the table to keep at work, & just a few sweet n lows for my purse. Of course we can afford these things but it's a inborn compulsion
-Face it we are chunky! We just love to eat and to feed people. I studied places to eat for 2 months before going to Boston(and yes we hit them all)
-Our junk drawer is out of control
-We like hamburger helper(so white trash) but just the crunchy taco and stroganoff
-Steve and the boys still play dart guns in the dark. It is so funny to watch and it is intense!
Now of course I could go on and on,but that gives you a good idea. I do not ever want my blog to read like a brag letter. I just choose to write about the good stuff. Because thankfully...even with all our weird quirks and bad habits we are blessed with LOTS of the good stuff!