Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Job Chapter 2 :)

As most of you know , I had a really bad fall on Christmas Eve. I was told I have a severe bone bruise and now three full months later I am still limping and my leg simply wont go straight.
I have spent "thousands" on rehab and therapy and have seen two specialists, had two cortisone shots.....
And I still limp 
But I refuse to let this steal my joy !! 
So I continue to push myself and try to find the joy and lesson in all of this
When I see people on crutches or with a cane its amazing the compassion that rises up in me and I pray for them right then and there. And I thank God always that my limp is temporary and that I will recover

So while I was getting a new xray on my leg I asked if I could get a KUB because I thought I felt some kidney stones. I have been having pain in my back,and I have had so many stones that now I  know when they are there.
Well, I found out that I have TWO more BIG ONES and before I go back to work I have to have another lithotripsy

After I cried in Dr Mc Dreamy's  office, reminded him again that with the money I have spent on these buggers I could have gotten a tummy tuck and a new rack....
 I once again resolved 
I will not let this steal my joy !!

Then today when I went to get my teeth cleaned I found out one of my wisdom teeth needs to be pulled?? So I am off to a Oral surgeon for that
April fools?
No I'm afraid not...
But I am choosing joy and looking for the sunshine in these days of challenge

I have a Maker, He knows my name, He sees each tear that falls and He hears me when I call
It is easy to trust when things are going well, but I will trust that the sun will come out even when I am in the clouds !
If you need me to pray for you, please let me know...I will help you carry your burden no matter how heavy it feels
I am thankful for family and friends who have encouraged me and helped carry mine