Thursday, September 4, 2008

I know there's been quite a few birthday tributes lately..But you just have to meet Dave!

My Dearest David~ The middle of my three oldest brothers.I have often described someone as being "funny" But in this case "funny" is the GODS HONEST TRUTH. My brother Dave makes it impossible to be in a bad mood if he is in the room. And you leave with a sideache from laughing. My mom said that Davud made her laugh from the minute he was born(she always said his name with a ud at the end,so cute) She said he was "comical" since birth,that he constantly smiled, laughed and was silly even as a baby.Today Dave turns 50 !! How can that be??? I have the happiest memories of growing up with him.Of course that's after I got over the fact that he was the favorite.Because really how could he not be? Sure I was the only girl and I was the baby of the family but he was the favorite.You know you had GREAT parents when each child kinda thinks they were the favorite! But that Dave is just so much fun and incredibly kind hearted. I remember when he was in high school he would stop off at the store on his walk home and buy me surprises. When I got home from school they would be there on my yellow canopy bed.Once it was those waxy soda bottles that had syrup in them, and a candy necklace. He was probably only 15 and even then was sweet to his little sister.To this day if I have surprises for Steve or the boys I always put them on their bed.He also let me drive his cool van to the airport with my girlfriends to see "Robby Benson"(Our Ice Castle's Hero) Three 16 year old girls giggling and driving, so of course we completely forgot how high the van was until I scraped the entire top trying to underground park.I wasn't the least bit nervous to tell him because in all my life I can never recall him being mad at me. I have vivid memories of being tickled,teased and tortured by Paul and Kenny. But Dave was always my protector.(OK maybe tortured is a little harsh..but I did have frequent rug burns from them dragging me on the carpet and they would often shoot me from their cannon feet six feet into the air like a rag doll) But Dave was just born a gentle soul. Loud but gentle. He is our built in entertainment. And he performs on cue! Dave do your southern accent..Dave do your magic tricks...Dave imitate the neighbor.....Dave tell that story...Which he always does while we are on the floor in stiches.Everytime I answer the phone I hear a loud "sista my sista" to which I always reply "brotha my brotha" While visiting them in Tennessee I would wake up every single morning to fresh Starbucks delivered to my room. A joy I desperately tried to impart to Steve with no luck at all.He is an amazing father, husband, brother and friend. And I am most grateful! Dave I can hardly wait to see you all. But I am already dreading another teary airport scene when you leave. I don't cry pretty and everyone feels so sorry for me standing at the curb watching my brother board a plane. I just cant get used to you not living in the room next to mine even after all these years.Happy Birthday Bro! You are adored by all of us

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cougarnana said...

Sophia, You Lucky'd you get all these good looking men in your life?? If I was the jealous type I could be jealous but I'm not, so I'm not but I could be, just so you know, and I still think you're a Lucky Duck! Happy Birthday Dave, you're Lucky too to have a sista like Sophia!!