The joy of my heart is my family!! I am Happily married to my Very Best Friend and count being a Mom to our Boys the greatest Blessing of my life.To say that I am proud of my boys does not begin to tell the story. And as of September 08 I have a new daughter to love "Ashlyn" She is the answer to the prayers of my heart for Travis. We are thrilled!! I LOVE being a Mom and terribly miss being a daughter. I had two amazing parents who's unconditional love made me who I am today.My Mom was truly a angel.She never met a stranger and loved you with a love that would change your life.She was so fun to be around and her joy was contagious. My Daddy called me "Princess" my whole life. He never let me out grow it and I loved him for it. He was a friend to thousands and everyone who knew him will tell you he was more fun than a pool of jello.Every picture I have of him he's smiling! We knew we were their whole world every single day.They left a incredible legacy of love and faith and raised four kids who are the BEST OF FRIENDS...... Life is sweet and I am truly blessed. I wake up most days feeling so grateful!!