Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I checked into crazy town!

This should have been the sign down the street from my hospital.
I literally felt like I checked into " One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest " I will never understand when you feel your absolute worst you are required to share a room with a complete stranger?  I could not get out of there fast enough and to be honest even lied about having a "movement" so they wouldn't keep me ! I am usually very compassionate and empathy is certainly one of my strong suits. But when you are in pain all bets are off!
Here are the highlights of my roommate!
She was at least 55 but spoke baby talk
She had 6 kids and the youngest was 15
She told me she was nocturnal and loved to stay up all night {how do you do this with kids?}
She was also hard of hearing? {more on that fib later}
She watched Pretty Woman volume 30 three times on her portable player and laughed every time??
She literally buzzed the nurse every 45 minutes for something
She wanted "pink" jello not orange, not lime, but PINK
Here I was schlepping my IV by myself because I didn't want to bother the nurses who work their butts off 
She watched Dora in the morning {also at volume 30}
She used the bathroom and not once came over to the sink to wash her hands?
And at least three times she was standing at the end of my bed in the middle of the night waking me up to tell me she was having a panic attack. Trish and Jamie came by and were laughing because she has always teased me that I have "talk to me" written across my head. They can confirm I am NOT exaggerating  
By 4am I started crying! I asked the nurse PLEASE cant you make her turn the TV off?
No they cant
She also lied about having insurance and she told me her  son makes millions running a medical marijuana dispensary  in San Diego
That is where the hard of hearing came in! When they came to ask her about her insurance after a 8 day stay, suddenly she could only read lips?
Dave wanted me to tape her with my cell phone so you could get an idea what loony looks like but I couldn't...
What happened to quiet hospitals and patients having to go to bed? If there is ever a "next" time I am going to pony up the extra thousands for my own room!
In this case it would have been a bargain !

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Tomorrow is my surgery 
Although I know I'm going to feel much better soon
I also know its going to be a while until I do 
And that makes me sad
I feel as far as  pain goes, I have had my share & I'm not looking forward to any more
But I am loaded up with books, movies to watch, and my sweet, precious Chad called me last week to say he was going to come home for a week to keep me company! That boy is so tender and thoughtful to his momma!
I am blessed...
They said it would be a three day hospital stay but I am hoping for two. I want to get the heck out of there and get home to my cozy house
But as always I am going to end my post on a high note! I think my uterus will weigh at least 10 pounds and the tumor another 20 so I am thinkin my tummy will be flat and skinny : )
At least I hope so, since I told everyone at work I was going in for a tummy tuck and a new rack? 
I have the funniest story of my Vietnamese nail girl so if we chat remind me to tell you ! It wouldn't translate to writing but it was hilarious!  And it would only happen to me
See, there is always something to smile about  & so much to be grateful for...
I think when I'm asleep I will be dreaming of that beautiful baby boy who will soon be here to snuggle with and all the many blessings of my life. Which includes You !
I would covet your prayers for me and will post soon to let you know how I am doing
Wishing you love and giggles!!     
                                           YaYa Karen~ 
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The sparklers were BLUE !!

It's going to be a bouncing baby BOY! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

The sweetest video from the kids!

Be forewarned...

I am an emotional wreck...

And  I don't cry pretty....

But how precious of our sweet kids to capture the biggest surprise on tape and then make a movie for us to always have !

This baby will ALWAYS know how thrilled we all were that it was coming to join our family ! 

SURPRISE! We're having a baby. from ashlyn carter on Vimeo.

We love Fall

October I love you so much already !
Cool nights, beautiful days with white puffy clouds. I decorated the house for Fall and already feel the excitement of the holidays begin to build . I adore the "ber" months !! 

We have been walking in the meadow and it's breathtaking !!

Happy Fall Ya'll

Monday, October 3, 2011

Girls have a lead, 20 to 18!

When we found out we had a grand baby on the way I began asking my family what they thought?
Boy or Girl 
And I have been keeping the poll results in my phone ever since.Now friends and co- workers have joined in the fun. I have decided to give a fun prize to the person who guesses the most accurately

And there is still time!

If you want to vote in the "Carter Baby" contest leave me a comment or email and I will add your name  to the list. Even if you live far away I promise to pack up your prize and mail it to you!
So come join the fun!

The poll results so far....


  • Sandy                    Feb 19      7-13
  • Travis                      Feb 23     8-5
  • Lindsay                   Mar 7     7-1
  • Ken                          Mar 1      7-3
  • Chad                       Feb 1       7-7
  • Mary                       Feb 25   6-0
  • Kim                           Mar 6    7-3
  • Jodi                         Feb 17   8-14
  • Caren                      Feb 29  7-11
  • Paul                          Feb 19  6-8
  • Jared                       Mar 3  7-5
  • Koby                        Feb 22 6-8
  • Emily                        Feb 25 8-8
  • Kimberly                 Mar 3  8-0
  • Nancy Little           Feb 24 7-11 
  • Grandma Sarah   Feb 24 8-13  
  • Alicia                       Feb 20  7-3 
  • Amy M                    Feb 21   7-2  
  • Grandpa D           Feb 29  8-2
  • Chris H                  Feb 22  10-2
  • Maria                      Mar 5    8-2
    • Poppa                    Mar 3   8-6
    • Dave                       Feb 19  6-7
    • Kory                       Feb 23  7-4
    • YaYa                        Feb 26  7-2
    • Ash                         Feb 25  8-2
    • Chloe                     Mar 2   7-7
    • Sara                       Feb 14  7-14
    • Vickie                     Mar  8  7-14
    • Tracy                     Feb 24  6-8
    • Trish                      Feb 24  7-12 
    • Kat                         Feb 27  7-6   
    • Ashley                  Feb 15   5-4
    • Lia                          Feb 27  6-5
    • Whitney                Feb 20  6-13
    • Tina                       Feb 13   7-1
    • Abby                    Feb 17   8-0
    • Jocelyn               Mar 5    7-7
    • Kathy                  Feb 25  7-9   
    • Krissy                  Mar 2  6-12
    • Joe                      Feb 25 7-3 
          Can you tell we are just a wee bit excited about this baby!!