Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Almost everyone has a hero..And lucky me to have one in my own family. My brother Dave is a hero! Not only to me,but to 24 differently-abled people who work with him everyday. A few years back Dave realized when their daughter Sara graduated high school that there was no place for her to enter the work force. She worked at Lowes for a while watering plants but they were not prepared to handle the challenges of a special needs person.I will never forget the time they picked her up and she was drenched because the hose leaked and no one thought to help her.(This was one mad auntie who cried hearing that story)Dave started to think about how many other kids face those challenges or stay home because they are not given the chance to work. So he decided to open "Our Thrift Store" They started getting donations, found a store site and opened with a few kids working. After 4 years he now has 24 people who work for him who love their jobs!! The excitement and pride they have in working is so priceless.It is a non profit so each dollar that comes in goes back to hire more people and there is always a wait list for those who want to work.Sara has so much pride in how many pieces of clothes she hangs each day. And they love to get their paychecks!For the job coaches it isn't a easy job.Patience, love and understanding are greatly needed.It is very demanding but the joy they get back is so great.And they certainly have the hearts for it!! Dave,Sandy,Sara and Kory are loved like family. For many who work there,they are the only family they have.A couple weeks back they closed the store to surprise Dave with a birthday bash.Only fitting that he would celebrate with his favorite employees and friends! They quickly became my favorites too after one visit to the store.Hugs,smiles and enthusiasm are a GREAT way to start the day.Now we just need to open another store here in Temecula! I am praying for that big time! For info visit

When the kids find money in pockets or purses they get half and half goes into the kitty for a pizza party! Beth LOVES to find money! Dave calls her his intercom system because she has such a joyful "loud" voice.I happened to catch her excitement on video when she found $3.10 (forgive my southern accent it's just so contagious)


dkrikac said...

WOW, what an absolute honor sista to be on your blog....Yes, we must attack the throne of God in PRAYER every day for young adults with disabilities in Temecula so THEY can have a place to call their own. Prov 3:27

Chloe Krikac said...

Love this post - he's a hero of mine too! The store is truly unbelievable! To everyone who reads this --- please go visit, it will be life changing. Love you Thia!

cougarnana said...

I want Dave to be my brother too!! The compassion shows all over his face. What a wonderful idea came to him out of love, these are always the BEST ideas! I hope the dream of a store in Temecula comes true, you ALL deserve it!! I will say a prayer.

Anonymous said...

Aww... You all are soo amazing! What wonderful parents to raise such wonderful children! Huge Hearts! ;) ~cara