Thursday, November 6, 2008

Giving Thanks

It has been almost two months since the wedding and I am still so darn happy that our life includes a sweet daughter in law! I was thinking back on when I started praying for her. If I remember right it was when Travis was in first grade and Chad was only 4.
I joined a group called "Moms In Touch" We would meet every week for a hour and pray for our kids.We prayed for honesty, integrity,obedience,kindness and wisdom in raising them. One of the ladies began to pray for her child's future spouse. And something about that comment just stuck in my heart. What a great idea!! I knew my mom would often pray for my husband long before Steve came into my life. So every week when we met,we added that to our prayers. I began to pray for the boys future wives. That God would prepare her, bless her where ever she was,whoever she was,watch over and protect her,bless her family,and keep her in His mighty grip.I am thankful to this day for Sally, Anne, Lori, Nancy, Marsha, and all the moms who prayed along with me for years. I know that God answered our prayers by sending Ashlyn.She could not be any more perfect for my son or our family. We are so thankful and blessed! And to learn that her parents and grandparents were doing the same for Travis years before they met him. I asked Ash to send me a photo of her in first grade so I could see the little girl my heart began to love even then... How precious is she!! God is so good and we love you and your family so much! I can hardly wait to meet Chad's wife too ,I know shes out there .....


Ashlyn Carter said...

thanks again. love u too.

Chloe Krikac said...

Look at that little pumpkin!!! ~ What a cutie, and I love that photo of the two of them too... and yes, Chad's wife is out there, I am praying for her too just like I prayed for Ash! :) LOVE YOU!

Ashlyn Carter said...


Housewife Savant said...

Look at that picture. What's not to love?

We've done this too, and if SIL #1 is any indication we've got it IN with the Lord.

He listens.

You know what scripture says about effectual, fervent prayer...!