Friday, September 26, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

I am not talking about Christmas yet,although I have already started my countdown!But it is ONE of my other favorite times of the year!!! SURVIVOR Season! I am a huge fan,some might say a crazed fan...I have NEVER missed a single episode EVER in 17 seasons!It is just the best show on TV.I love to watch the competition,the struggle to stay clean,the lack of food,not being able to sleep,all from the comfort of my own sofa while eating popcorn.My friends know not to call Thursday nights at 8 and my own children know if there is an emergency it's best to hold off until nine.I have never gotten bored with the show or grown tired of the conniving and game play.I have had some favorites,Rudy the 80 year old navy seal,Rupert,Cherie,Coby,and of course a few I couldn't stand to watch for one more episode.But you have to love a show where there are people from all walks of life,all ages trying to form a team and survive the wilderness for 40 days.This season we are back in Africa and it looks like it will be a good one!(Well not "we" I will be here in my jammies in Temecula but you know what I mean) Out Wit..Out Last..Out Play! Maybe I should buy a buff to wear while I watch.And they eat a lot of coconuts so I really should eat some yummy macaroons...If you're a fan too let me know who you rooting for.

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cougarnana said...

First of all...I can't believe you STILL are watching that show! I remember when you and Pam used to compare notes about it and I couldn't believe it then either. I DO NOT like Survivor...what?? This is our first disagreement!! Actually I'm not a fan of most reality shows, just The Biggest Loser and, of course, DWTS (my very favorite!) I, for sure, won't call Thursdays at 8...Enjoy!!