Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My moms favorite word and it has become mine!

A "Serendipity"  is a happy accident or pleasant surprise !

And lucky me that I keep getting them !!

Ashlyns sweet friend Stephanie is a doll ! She was in the kids wedding and I remember that she RAN out on the day of the wedding back into town to find a photography prop so the kids could easily take pics of themselves on their honeymoon.
So thoughtful and always thinking about making life easier for her friends!
Ashlyn always tells sweet "Steph"  stories and I feel like I know her so well because of their friendship. I follow her on Facebook and Instagram and love seeing pics of her precious family and darling little boy   
But I really don't know her that well...
I have only visited with her a handful of times at showers, the wedding and different little events
Which makes this sweet surprise even more special
This came in the mail for me this week!

She saw that I am collecting Starcucks cups and she sent me one from her home town of Charlotte. And it is the cutest one yet!
She also included my absolute favorite tea "Trader Joe's candy cane"
Who goes out to buy, pack and ship such a generous gift just to be nice?
Stephanie I can hardly wait to find some fun things to ship back to you!
I want you to know the joy of a Serendipity too because you sure brought a huge smile to my face!
And because it was marked fragile my sweet mail lady Dianna brought it to my door
We ended up talking for a really long time. She is going through a divorce after 24 years of marriage and I could tell she really needed a friend and a ear that day
I would have never had that chance if this gift had not come that very day
God sure works in mysterious ways and nothing is ever by chance!
I feel so blessed and I could hardly even call her to say Thank you without crying with sheer joy

Wishing you all a happy day filled with love and giggles!
And hopefully a fun Serendipity    

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A source of my JOY!

I often get these little video messages sent to my phone  from my niece Sara !

She thinks of her auntie all the time and wants to give me  little glimpes into her day or share things that are on her heart

These along with her voice messages almost every day :) sure makes me feel so loved and blessed
And they fill my heart to overflowing with
Who could ever be sad with a Sara in your life
She always finds things to giggle about and she truly walks in the sunshine every day

How lucky I am to have her love !
To have someone who thinks of me and prays for me every single day
And who reminds me that I need pretty dresses and to drink plenty of water!   
And yes, she spilled the beans, we are off to Alaska again
It was the best cruise we have ever done and so Dave, Sandy, Steve and I are going back...!!!!
And we will be taking Sara's advice and packing sunscreen and get plenty of sleep
Find joy today in your life....
And if you cant find any , create it !
Sending you love and kisses from ...
"Auntie"         {one of my favorite titles} 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Loved this day...

Started with a fun surprise from my hubby!

He stopped off on the way to work and got me flowers so when I woke up I would be surprised!  Although we say Valentines is for rookies, I cried with his thoughtfulness and really loved my sweet surprise

Then it was this sweet pic from my Beckham Boy wishing us a happy Valentines day
This boy melts my heart ....I know I say it all the time but I simply cant get enough! 

Then I ditched my sweet hubby and went off for a girls day with Chloe, Lindsay and her sister and niece who were visiting from out of state! We had manicures, massages, lunch, dinner, shopping and giggles!
What could be more perfect
 I still owe my sweet hubby his special dinner but he insisted I go join the fun even though it was Valentines day !
We even stopped by Sees for a treat or two...
It was a fun , fabulous day ! 
Both the boys text me and of course Chad asked if we could be Valentines! I hope his future wife knows she will always have to share the day with me. He is so darn cute
I also got this sweet message from my brother Dave
He said he thought of me when he saw this sign and I love that it reminded him of me
It is a fabulous life and I am truly so incredibly grateful!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

You bet I am....

Pat and Vanna here I come!! 

I tried out once before 25 years ago and I am going to try again!

What the heck...
Someone has to win  ! 

I hate to brag but....I am quite often blurting out the answers from my couch without even trying,so only imagine how good I will be knowing I am solving for big money and a chance at the show case show down.

Oops wrong show? 
Well you know what I mean. So I am off to the lovely Casino Morongo this week to give it a shot. Wish me luck being darling and getting picked

I am already practicing my "come on big money"  and my "intro" speech
I am going to buy lots of vowels and never take the 50/50 chance of 10, 000 dollars
And I am certainly never going to scream and be obnoxious like some people are
That is so not like me....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Six ...

It's been a while since I did a "Sunday Six" but as always this week has brought so many things to be thankful for !

1-Saturday Ashlyn attended a baby shower and asked if I could watch Beckham. Of course I couldn't say yes fast enough! He is simply the sweetest baby! Just talking about him makes me well up. When he got sleepy he went into his room, grabbed his little blanket and rested his head on my shoulder. No crying or fussing but simply told me he was ready for bed. I rocked him to sleep , staring into his sweet face and feeling like the luckiest lady in the world. He reminds me so much of Travis at that age and it makes my heart remember so many sweet moments with my own babies  

2- We had a really fun Book Club meeting and I got all excited thinking about all the GREAT books we are going to read this year. I love my book girls and always look forward to our times chatting and sharing thoughts on life and books. And I'm ALWAYS so thankful for books that take me away and introduce me to so many new people and experiences

3-Its February ! One of my favorite months for so many reasons
It has been cold and gray and nothing  makes me more giddy!
And it is the month we celebrate  L.O.V.E.
So I bought a cute little mail box from Target and put it on my table. I told Carter if the flag is up there is a surprise inside. One day it held a note saying there was a McDonalds sundae in the fridge :)  I love trying to think of new little ways to say I love you everyday 

4- My baby boy has been spending lots of time in Mammoth this season. I love seeing pics of him on his Instagram LOVING life! It is what Chad does best. His passion for life and fun makes me so happy 

5- I know people often post so many silly things , but sometimes they just crack me up !
I saw these and smiled....
I like to think this one pertains to me. Although the 'brilliant' part might be a stretch
 See I do go the Jim everyday !!

6- I love music and I love PANDORA! I have it on my phone and Ipad and whenever I move from room to room I take that great music with me. Crazy but I was missing my mom so much the other morning, so I put on my worship station to remind me where she is and that God is in control of all things. And the very first song that played was the very one we had her funeral slide show made to !  
Yep a God wink to remind me we will all be together soon.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ! 
Living with a thankful heart and filled with lots of giggles and God winks !!