Sunday, December 14, 2014

Favorite Things Party

This party has fast become one of my favorite Christmas traditions !!
We have this party with my moms group who I meet with once a month for dinner. Most of them I have known since my kids were in kindergarten, and their friendships are so treasured and faithful
And once again our sweet friend Vickie flew in from Seattle to join in the fun !
We miss her terribly and love that she comes "home" at Christmas to join the party

Janice, Caren and Susan
Cute Janice explaining  her gift

Kim and Vickie

Sherie opening her gift

We each brought five , $7.00 gifts and we each put our name in the basket five times.
You select the five girls who will receive your gift and hand them out explaining why this is one of your favorite things.

This year we did a sing along to Julie Andrews " Favorite Things" and I also had a question for each of the girls at dinner that turned out to be really fun too ! What was your favorite book this year? What was your favorite Costco purchase?  What was your favorite dinner your mom made growing up ? It was fun to hear the answers and then most shared their answer too !
Good conversations are always one of my favorite things 
I made two different soups, biscuits, and dessert  and our friend Susan brought a yummy salad. I wish I had taken pics of all the gifts but was able to take a few of the gifts I received.

Caren brought darling scarves and cute candle holders 
Sherie brought her favorite mason jar that she loves to drink out of, and yummy Dasani coconut pineapple drops

Kim brought her favorite Mary Kay mascara and curling ribbon.
She also gave us the most amazing gift. Her son Allen plays pro baseball so we each got a  signed baseball card, So  meaningful to all of us who watched him grow up !

Janice brought her hubby's famous fudge,her favorite bees wax cream from the farmers market, favorite floss and her favorite chips of all time Maple Bacon ...
They sound so good but I haven't tried them yet  { the fudge however is gone.. ahhhmazing   

Vickie brought her favorite oven liner ! Such a cool idea, you put it on your lower oven rack and it catches the spills and you simply wash it when it gets yucky . She also made us the cutest button ornaments like these... 

And my gift was my favorite battery lights that you can place anywhere around your house not worrying about a cord. I love the soft glow that they cast . I also gave my favorite Crystal Light peach mango green tea and a box of tinsel ! Just for nostalgia's sake we are adding a bit of tinsel to our tree this year....While hearing my moms sweet voice asking us to be careful not to glob it on but to add a strand at a time

It was such a memorable night and we had a BLAST !! I think we all did so good and were quite creative on such a tight little budget
I am going to start planning another for my bunco girls at the first of the yea r  !
Who says gifts are just for Christmas

Wishing you joy and peace this week leading up to Christmas !!
I pray your life is filled with the gifts that matter most.....
Friends, Family and Faith...
And cozy fires to sit by

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Merry Christmas

It's hard to believe Christmas is 3 weeks away
It is my very favorite time of year....
I have been listening to carols long before Thanksgiving and loving every decoration and ring of the Salvation Army bell
My heart is so filled with love and gratitude for another year to be with my family and have sweet grand babies to love

Thanksgiving was so fun !! I had to work the next day at 3am so we only had a very small group
I missed the Greeks so much, but enjoyed a quiet day and a small table for  7
Kenny,Lindsay and Chloe came and so did Chad and his girlfriend Gabby
{ who is darling by the way, and we all loved having her spend the day with us }
I cooked and had everything done in record time, and it was all fabulous. I guess when you dont cook in bulk it's easier to dial it all in. We took a long walk in the meadow with the pups. played games, and just enjoyed a sweet Thanksgiving  day

And now I am planning the Big Fat Greek Christmas !!
Menu planning, shopping,wrapping,hosting a couple of parties and trying to squeeze as much time as possible with my kids and darling grand babies !!
Poppa and I babysat last Sunday and Travis text me that Beckham woke up the next morning  yelling  "YaYa"
My heart melted, They are the most precious,  sweet babies and the joy they bring us is unmeasurable

What a incredible reminder of how God gave his very own son for us
His sweet baby boy
A savior who was born, grew up with his family, and then sacrificed his life for US

Oh holy night
The stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear savior's birth
Long lay the world
In sin and error pining
'Til he appeared
And the soul felt it's worth
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices

I dont want to spend so much time doing " Christmas" without thinking of the meaning of Christmas
So even though I am busy, I am thankful for all the quiet moments to enjoy His birthday

I wish you  all a Happy Christmas !!