Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I promise they wont all be wedding posts!

Now that a few days have gone by and I have digested one of the most magnificent days of my life I thought maybe I could share my heart a little about such a special day! Ashlyn needs to be a wedding planner! Her love and vision was in every detail.The entire day was filled with magic!It will be hard to even remember all the lovely touches.Firstly they wrote their own vows and it was awesome to hear their hearts.They were very tender,serious,funny but so endearing.My brother pastor Ken married them and did a great job!!He made it all the more personal and special.At the lovely reception her details were everywhere.They are 24 years old and she had 24 guest tables.So each table was a year 1984-2008.When you received your seating arrangement and went to your table there was a photo of her and Travis from that year.So cute!

She made eyelet candle holders for each table and her mom made wonderful sugar cookie favors in little holders thanking each guest for coming.She had incredible caterers who waited on the guests so quickly and efficiently. We had cocktail time in the back of the house with hors d'oeuvres and music.Then onto the front yard filled with hanging white lanterns for the remaining part of the evening. The food was amazing,tri-tip,chicken and a martini mashed potato bar that had yummy toppings to choose from.Chad did a GREAT speech as his best man and Emily and Lauren toasted Ashlyn straight from their hearts.Travis lovingly thanked his "wife" for such a great night and thanked all the guests for coming! You could often find him raising his hand to show off the ring which he is so proud of! The DJ was super fun and played a great variety of music for dancing! The Greek music was a hit! Everyone loves to yell "Opa" while in a huge circle!One of my favorite "mom" moments was my dance with Trav,(to the song "Find your Wings"on my play list)Those few moments will be forever etched on my heart! I reminded him to look out at the sea of people who have been such a big part of his life.They cheered for him at sports, watched him take his first steps,went through grade school together,shared a dorm,studied abroad,and they are their parents dearest friends who helped shaped who we are as people.And they were all in ONE place,for ONE magical night because they loved him and Ashlyn. Such a incredible memory to have everyone you love with you for one special day! Another favorite moment was when they left and everyone lined the driveway holding candles to send them off. They played "Happy Trails To You" as the kids walked down.Travis picked up his grinning bride with so much love and joy and carried her all the way to the car while saying goodbye and thanks.The parents went to the car to send them off and my new daughter smiled and said "I LOVE YOU". Ashlyn, we LOVE you too! And thank God for you joining our family everyday!And for joining our two families together!It will be happy trails....because they are completely committed to always love each other like they did on that day.The love & support from family and friends was so strong you could grab it.It really was a dream day and I am so thankful to her family for all the support to make it so. We have a daughter and we are thrilled!! Travis has a wife and he is ECSTATIC!!!! Ashlyn has a husband and she is LOVED and ADORED!!
To view the slideshow from the day Click here...Tunnel Photography


cougarnana said...

Happy Birthday Sophia!! Happy Anniversary to You and Steve also!! Happy wedding thoughts and memories! Happy, Happy, Happy!!

cougarnana said...

The Dance picture is my very glad you added it! All the pictures are beautiful but I especially love the way Ashlyn's dress looks in this one. So Cute!

Ashlyn Donatelli said...

gosh..making me cry again. such sweet words the last few weeks you have written. I'm welcomed so lovingly into your Carter family - the best gift of them all. Love you.