Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Our trip to Alaska was amazing!

The glaciers spectacular....

The family dinners every night with so much laughter our stomachs ached....

I have over 200 photos and so many stories to share....

But I simply can't concentrate because of this!!! 

They surprised us the first night at dinner, and we are over the moon excited!

My sweet kids held the secret so they could surprise us with all my family there

We are blessed and I love this new baby so much already!

Have you ever seen a more beautiful grandbaby !!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bragging Rights

I wish I didn't have such great kids, so I wouldn't have to brag so darn much !

But I do....

So I gotta ...

So indulge me once again if you would...

San Diego is a huge city
There are millions of people and lots of successful businessmen

And guess who was awarded the business award for the
"Top 40 under 40"

Our very own Travis Paul Carter !!

Travis was picked for this amazing award and the magazine will be coming out next month. He assured me he would get me a copy of the magazine, but I told him never mind that....

I will be driving down and snatching every copy in a 40 mile radius

I cant help it , I am just so proud of him!

Not only did he earn this great award, but he is only 27 for goodness sake!
This child of mine who has such a passion for square footage, people, and real estate has taken his interest and made a career doing what he LOVES!
And I love that he finds so much joy in his daily life! And I am so thankful that he is surrounded by the love and support of men who have mentored him along and who celebrate his growth and achievements

What a blessing !

Of course I could not wait until the magazine comes out to share the news when I saw that his Alma Mater wrote an article about him. Click here to read it.
We love you Trav and pray you always stay humble and sweet

I know you will !

Its who you are

Friday, August 12, 2011

The sweetest surprise

I arrived home to this adorable box from my childhood friend Jeanette! She filled it with my favorite candy {that she would tease me endlessly about liking when we were kids} Candy necklaces, nickel wafers, all that chalky candy that no one likes? Well they are my favorites!

I gave up sugar 6 weeks ago but have put my box away for a "binge day" and I am going to enjoy every sugary bite. I am going to put on those big red wax lips and "smoke" a candy cigarette while thinking of how very lucky I am to have a friend like her. She also included a framed picture of us girls, and one of me with her darling son Blake!

Now that's what I call a fun serendipity!

The note said "As sweet as all this candy is,you are so much sweeter to have been by my side during my fathers services"

Jeanette it was my honor~
Loving you just comes naturally! 
It always has....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Such a wonderful summer day!

Last Sunday we all met at our favorite spot for a family bonfire! My nephew Koby is going away to college in Oregon and we wanted to give him a fun send off....
Hunter, Koby and Proud Mom Kat                                        

I kept thinking how lucky our kids are to be surrounded by so much love and encouragement. Who could ever fail with all these arms of support around you..... 
It was the first time the older Greeks joined us and it made it even more special ! We're sure going to miss seeing him as often as we do, but we are so proud of him and  excited for his new opportunity.Koby has a heart of gold and I know God has big things planned for him  !
All day I missed Dave,Sandy and the Tennessee Krikac's and just hate that any of us are ever separated by distance. Chloe said it perfectly,
"We love to travel in packs and are happiest when we are all together!
Koby always remember your "pack" loves you  so much and is cheering for you with all our hearts!

          And we even practiced "The Carlton"