Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silly Sara~

I have a few ongoing blog titles...Memory Lane,Sunday Six and Hooray for Hollywood.  I have decided to add in "Silly Sara" { the nickname I gave Sara years ago because she is always silly and happy just like her Daddy} There are just too many great stories to share about Sara to fit them all into one post.  This precious girl has been a light in all our lives since the day she was born. She was my parents first grandchild and a favorite from the start. Dave and Sandy are the PERFECT parents to have a child with special needs because their love and commitment to her are never ending ! And her brother Kory is an absolutely amazing big brother! She is my precious,perfect niece and a constant source of joy to our whole family!  So here's the first of many Silly Sara posts...

Untitled from Karen Carter on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sap Removal

I was looking over my blog and it seems to get a little sappy

I hate sappy...

Although I do believe we are much happier when we focus on the good things in our life. One of my favorite quotes of all time is  
"The grass is greener where you water it" 
And I find that to be so true. But since we often share the good when we blog, people can get the idea that we are sappy and only show our favorable side. I am SO AWARE of his our huge flaws. I had a post a while back where I spilled the beans and encouraged you all to do the same.I think its freeing and makes people all the more endearing{&some of your reveals had me in stitches} So after the Valentines and other mushy posts I think a little more sap removal is due. So here ya go, another honest glimpse of the crazy side...

*My hubby is the worst about "toilet paper replacement" I even took out my camera phone a while back and snapped a shot. I mean really?  Can you go the extra step and put it in the holder? I like it in the holder and folded the way they do in hotels.But he just ignores the whole process {year after year and roll after roll}  

*Steve has a fake girlfriend named Loretta. My whole family knows and she's often the topic of conversation.I cant even remember when I made her up but she's been with us for years. We think its hysterical! She calls him Meho and makes him Spam sandwiches. If he's really tired I'll ask if its because he had to pull the tranny on Loretta's Impala? I recently got in his car and seat was waaayyy back. So of course I asked if "Loretta" had been in the car with her hooves on the dash. We crack ourselves up! And yes, I know it aint right!

*I adore the dollar tree! I started off at the .99 cent store but have grown to love our brand new Dollar Tree! You get the funnest stuff in there! Sometimes I might get a little carried away. I recently bought the little Kleenex packs you keep in your purse for a dollar {a whole 8 pack} Only thing is they are "HALSFA" brand?? Chloe loves to tease me about my recycled paper towels tissues. Then the other day at the movies during a touching scene I hear my friend Casey whisper to Nancy "Ask Karen for one of her cheap ass Kleenex's" and I couldn't stop laughing! Nancy sweetly said "Maybe you should spend the extra 50 cents and get the good ones" Perhaps she's right...they did scratch my glasses

*Just this morning before the gardener came I was outside in my jammies picking up Brody's oompa piles. When he was a pup he loved to chew our thongs and I think he liked the right ones better? When I couldn't find a matching pair I just wore two left ones on my feet, one purple,one pink {so half my foot was hanging attractively over the edge}

My make up was on but my hair was still wet and as I went to the side yard with the see through gate the drywall guy from next door said "Good Morning" I smiled, waved and said "Oh thanks you too" and I was not for one second embarrassed?

*I also think I am secretly being filmed for "What not to wear"  I buy my clothes at Costco &  Old Navy. I can almost see Clinton and Stacy shaking their heads and asking what is it with that lady and her jeans and hoodies? Thank goodness they missed my morning get up or I would have been hauled in!  {wait a minute,was that really a dry wall guy? }

So come on..Ya'll join in and share some of the 'good' stuff so we don't get too sappy!
Ya know its kinda cleansing .....I feel better.....Maybe I'll run to Target and get a new outfit


Saturday, February 20, 2010

A picture is worth a thousand tears...

Every girl loves big diamond stones. Maybe a carat or two...I like a princess cut thank you and with good clarity. But no, the stones I get are ugly....dark...jagged...and painful as any childbirth. As you know if you read my blog the last 5 days have been miserable!
I finally called my Dr. today and said I needed something more to help the pain {an induced coma sounded like a perfect idea} Also a antibiotic because I knew the little bugger was giving me a horrid kidney infection. Of course the pharmacy I use closes at 6. So I was anxiously awaiting morning to get more drugs....

Look what came tonight!!

I went to the bathroom and heard a "tink" , looked down and saw something. Yep I fished it out. And yes I took a picture like any proud mother would after 5 days of back labor. Now as far as stones go....even a piece of gravel can cause havoc. So you can imagine...
If you are queasy just don't scroll down.....But in a sick way I am kinda proud.
Told ya I'm not usually a cry baby....

It is as thick as a raisin and quite jagged{obviously hard as a rock} How in the heck did I pass this bugger?

Friday, February 19, 2010


*Well my lost "day" turned into three. I guess I blogged too soon about feeling good. Soon after I hit 'post' I was back in bed and have been there ever since.I am thankful for pain meds, saltine crackers, a sweet hubby who calls every few hours to check on me and for the food network. I have never been a fan of daytime TV but somehow have been comforted by their company this week.

*I am adding to my bucket list to visit Charm City Cakes in Maryland. That Duff is a kick and I just want to stop by for a quick visit and hear him laugh {& maybe a little finger dip in the buttercream frosting }

*Today is my sister in law Sandy's birthday and I just want to wish her all the blessings she deserves! We all love you so much Sandy and wish we were closer to celebrate with you. 

*I have decided I am not going to worry about Chad again. I look at all these photos of him having a blast and think to myself "Why am I here in T Town losing sleep over this boy while he is having the time of his life? I know I have said it before but this time I am more worrying

*I am so proud of our athletes in the USA!! Watching the Olympics makes me so patriotic and proud. Go Team USA!!  This old, chubby Greek girl is living vicariously through you and cheering from my couch.

*Oh Tiger Woods....Who are you speaks so loudly, I cant hear a word you are saying  

*Is it me or are the male figure skaters more "flamboyant" than ever? I have seen painted on tear drops? feathers? false eyelashes and way too much sparkle and bedazzling.I think they should try the pajama jean paired with a flannel shirt so they can look manly but still be comfortable? But WOW can they skate.

Sorry for the crazy random post. Blame it on the pain meds I have digested in the last few days combined with absolute boredom. Today I really  do feel a bit better and am hoping its a really good day. I hope it is for you too!
                                               Love and giggles....Karen

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I lost Tuesday

Yep a whole day completely  lost. If you asked me about the 16th of February I would have to say I wasn't there. I love my days and am so thankful to have things that keep me busy.But yesterday morning I woke up around 3am with the worst pain ever! And instantly I knew "kidney stone". I have had more of those little buggers in my life than most people can imagine. I don't know why I get them.....but I do. I am quite sure it did not pass. It must be a big one and it simply moved for  6 straight hours! Thankfully I have pain meds here so after a percoset and a Costco sleep aid I finally fell asleep. It is the worst pain imaginable and I was in and out of the tub at least three times, you throw up and feel like you may pass out. My sweet hubby took the day off and watched over me. Kinda a waste of a sick day because I literally slept the whole day away. I woke up long enough to answer a couple calls, watch a little American Idol and then back to bed. So I am askin if ya'll would pray that when I go to the Dr. I don't have to  have another operation. I simply feel like I CANT go through it another time. I am weary of the process.
But today its Wednesday and I feel good! I am hitting the ground running! I am going to make up for the day I lost. I am making my sweet honey /nurse a nice dinner since last night he dined on Raisin Bran. I have chicken in the crock pot with salsa for soft tacos, I"m going to make some yummy rice and maybe even a little treat too. I have vacuumed  and changed the sheets and I feel so alive.  
Its a good day.....I hope yours is too!

P.S. While I was in so much pain I thought of Nie Nie, a precious girl I have never met. I prayed and prayed for her. She needs our prayers! Pain is a every day reality for her and yet she struggles through with a gorgeous smile and so much hope.I visit her blog everyday and always say a prayer for her and her darling family. A good reminder to us all that everyday is such a gift, and often stops me from ever complaining about the little frustrations in life.     

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day~

I have always loved Valentines Day!
The sweet cards and thoughts..

The white paper bags decorated with pink and red  hearts ,filled with cards from friends at school. I remember going over the class list to make sure that no one was ever left out. Each box with 30 cards and the special one just for the teacher. 

Cupcakes and Conversation Hearts!  {especially the yellow ones} 

When I was a young girl I would always run to my Dads truck to see what surprise he was bringing me! Since I was the only girl I was always his one and only Valentine.  And I LOVED that!

I loved when the boys were little and they would race home and empty their bags on the carpet and go through their treasures. Separating the candy and reading all the riddles.Giggling over the ones from girls and separating all the "cool" ones

I love that every year Chad has asked me to be his Valentine.No matter where he is or what he's doing he will call  and ask if I will be his Valentine. And of course I say " Yes" usually with a few tears. Whatever will I ever do when he has his very own Valentine   

It is simply a precious day filled with LOVE....
Now that I am older it's different, but still as magical and fun. I love that Steve has been my Valentine for 28 years. And when the cards say " Be Mine" I can honestly say " I am" And he is mine too. Handpicked from God  Himself. I carry in my wallet a little card that came with flowers from him years ago.It's in his handwriting which I love. Its tattered and old but it reads...

"Karen My wife, my love, my everything. Be my Valentine forever" 

I just couldn't throw it away. So there it stays with all my punch cards and receipts. 

God is good....He is the author of LOVE and He has given us His love to share and experience with each other. Whether your Valentine this year is your Child, your Mom or Dad, your Best Friend, or your Sweetie, Think of  how  lucky we are to have LOVE !!!

And to you my family & friends I want you to know.....  
You are loved by me ♥!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hooray For Hollywood!

Another fun look at pictures from my  family. Elvis was at the studio one day so Uncle Nick called and told the girls to come down and meet him. They got autographs and chatted a bit with him. Thankfully Uncle Nick snapped the photo of him with Aunts Teresa and Kay.
In their words " That Elvis sure was a looker"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pajama Jeans?

Wow look at the article I found this morning...
Move over Snuggie, there's a new loungewear product in town and it doesn't resemble a blanket.Say hello to PajamaJeans -- a new addition to the "I didn't feel like getting dressed" family of "fashion," advertised as "the pajamas to live in, and the jeans to sleep in."
"We were noticing that people were wearing their pajamas on airplanes and in grocery stores. But a lot of people have mixed feelings about it because they think it's inappropriate and sloppy," Stacey Buonanno, manager for The PajamaGram Company.

This is disturbing news even for a girl like me who loves her jammies. Not that I would ever wear them, but I sure can say " Why didn't I think of that" You remember the photo I shared of my customer who would often shop in her jammies. You can read that post here.To me this one line is  the most disturbing part of the article.  
    "We were noticing that people were wearing their pajamas on airplanes and in grocery stores??"

Yeah so was I....But it doesn't make it right for goodness sake.Call me old fashioned but we dont wear our pajamas out running errands!  But now they have made a way to wear your PJ"s and still look OK??  I don't know gang. But I sure smiled when I read the article. I keep thinking of ways to get on the "Shark Tank" with a great invention  but I cant really see the sharks going for this one. Although the "designers"(can you really in all honesty call them that?) say they are selling like crazy! So I am off to design a robe that looks like a fabulous red carpet dress, and maybe some slipper/heels that match.Even as I type I'm thinking of sewing together my top and bottoms that I have on and making more of a darling "pajama jumper!  I just gotta get my piece of the pajama pie. 
Hold on Barbara, Kevin  and  the rest of you Sharks....I'm comin...And who knows what I will be wearing!  

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Did the Food Network call?


Cause if they want me to do a show I think I'm ready! I have been cooking like crazy.And when I'm not cooking, I have been shopping for pots and cute new kitchen goodies! (I have got to get back to work) Cooking is either something I love to do or absolutely ignore. Lately I LOVE it! Maybe it's the gloomy weather or my new cookbooks but I have found it to be so enjoyable.So I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite kitchen things~

1- My Le Creuset Dutch Oven...These pots are magic! You can put any piece of meat or chicken inside and it comes out delish! Because of the cast iron base it heats so evenly and cooks perfectly! It has fast become the only pot I use.I also have one of their grill pans which is amazing for cooking veggies, fish or chicken. I just got a new smaller 2.5 qt. size which is the perfect utility size.(Thanks to my bestest friend Sandy for such a wonderful Christmas gift!)It's so cute I leave it atop the stove all the time.Trust me they are fabulous!
2- I found this tip on google and loved it. I made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup for Travlyn cause my boy was sick. Of course he didn't need his mom but this Momma jumps at any chance to baby my kids. So I cooked the chicken for the soup,saved the stock and let the fat rise in the fridge overnight. Then you simply place a piece of saran wrap on the surface and pull up. All the fat lifts right off! No straining or using a spoon. I then added lots of noodles,(grandma's frozen is the BEST) carrots, celery, onions and a few red potatoes.The soup is sure to cure whatever ails ya. Its a great recipe so if anyone wants it let me know. My sweet neighbor Julie made it for us a few years back and it has fast become our favorite!

3- Silpat liners! When you are baking cookies there is simply nothing better! Your cookies will never stick and I swear they brown nicer and more evenly! Plus clean up is a breeze

4-This cookbook!(Thanks Trav & Ash) She cooks for hungry cowboys so it isn't your every day fair, but she sure makes some great dishes! And notice her pot? Yep Emeril, Rachel, Ree and Me. It has terrific photos,stories and easy recipes that are practical with things already in your kitchen.

4- A cute apron! You just have to put on a darling apron! I still use my moms a lot but have added a couple more to my collection. I found a fun one at the Goodwill for only 2 dollars. You can skip the pearls like Julia but an apron is a must! I promise your food will taste so much cuter better.

So in the words of Paula Deen "I wish you love and best dishes from my home to yours" Leave me a comment and tell me whats cookin in your life......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Outside my window...Its kinda dreary and I am wondering how my muddy yard is ever going to dry.

I am thinking...of the money I just spent to register our two cars, and now we need to smog them too. Yuck! There is nothing cheery about a smog place but I am going to try to visit one of those greasy joints today.

I am thankful knee being a bit better every day.

I am wearing... jeans, pink hoodie and socks.

I am remembering...Chads scrambling eggs every single morning. I miss my boy today!

I am going... to buy some stamps at the post office and do my recycling.But first I am meeting the book babes for coffee!!

I am hearing... the sound of Brody's toy which is so darn squeaky.It sounds like we have a toddler in our house.

I am reading...The story of Edgar Sawtelle, a bit daunting because of the size of the book but its our book club pick this month so I am going to give it a try.

I am creating...not much today, maybe dinner?

Around the house... I found a cute little jar that I used to keep soaps in and now I have homemade oatmeal cookies in it on my dining table. Don't tell my sis in law Sandy but there is a doily under it! But it sure looks cute and very "Martha" There is something so homey to me about oatmeal cookies.

One of my favorite things...Nutrogena Face Wash. Chloe and her friend Jesse told me about it and I love it! Makes your skin feel so soft and clean.That's about it from my corner of the world. Whats life like in yours? I would LOVE to hear.