Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm happiest when...

These sweet people are in my life! 
Dave Sandy and Sara were just here for a week and we had so much fun!
They got sick toward the end of the trip but we even loved just hanging out on couches under blankets together.
We had a fun family dinner Sunday and then took little trips to the beach and wineries
They have lived in Franklin for 18 years now and I still cant get used to not seeing them all the time. We are happiest when we are all together ! 

                                                                 I love this guy with all my heart~ The sweetest brother! 

We also celebrated Chads birthday and played a little Left Right Center...
Travis won again....the kid is gold

Usually January is a bit sad with the after Christmas blues , but ours was wonderful!
A great way to start off the New Year!
And our sweet little Beckham is walking!   
It is the cutest thing and he is simply delightful 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to a year filled with JOY and giggles   

Saturday, January 12, 2013


If I could spend my days with these sweet gents life  would be sweet. I have always LOVED old people and find their ease at being who they are refreshing. No one to impress or put on a show for. Just content in their own skin able to express their true thoughts without a filter
So much I love about these two...
Their friendship
But mostly Silliness!
I only hope I am still finding joy in my older years and still have friends around me to make me laugh!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Downton Abbey

I was so excited about Thansgiving & Christmas spending all that wonderful time with my family
{ my real family } 
But oh how much I have missed my other family that live in Downton Abbey 

Lady Mary ,Mathew ,Cora and the Earl of Grantham
I had heard about this series from so many people {mostly you Littles}  and wonder why I ever hesitated. Because once I watched,  I was hooked for good
I love it all!
The clothes,the manners, the struggle between the siblings,the intense friendships between the help and the family. The class and refinement of days gone by
The story literally took me away! The hours you spend watching are like living in another time.
I asked Steve to please watch one episode with me and he literally watched the entire two seasons in three days! We sat one Sunday and went through 9 episodes and never moved.
He now calls me " My Lady" and I call him "My Lord"  Honest to goodness we spoke in a English accents for days!
Season 3 starts soon and I am giddy with anticipation !

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I am always excited to start another year. A new calendar to fill with fun and a fresh new beginning. I am not big on resolutions but do like to ponder what I should focus on and weed out some of the things that cause stress and steal our joy. God has been so good to us and I have nothing but thanksgiving in my heart for this last year. Even with the loss of my job, a new job for Steve and the uncertainty of the economy, I can see Gods hand in everything that has happened and rest in knowing He has us in His mighty grip.
What a blessing to have that peace!

A few goals for this year...

read more books

see more of my fabulous aunts and uncles knowing they are getting older and are so darn fun to be around

organize my photos and home movies

I truly desire to serve my family and husband with a cheerful heart

put down my phone and be more present
get a massage at least once a month { that's how we rang in new years with my family all getting 25 bucks you can spend }

have as much fun with the people I love & make sure I let them know how important they are to me
that is the favorite one that I hope the most to keep!
We had the most wonderful Christmas and enjoyed having a baby in the family so much more than I even dreamed ! He truly made it the most wonderful Christmas!
I will post pics of all that fun soon
But today I wish you all a Happy Happy New Year and hope that as you look  back you will see all the joy & blessings of the last year and smile
I know I am...
This pic was on Travis instagram and I just love it!
Lets all go forward into 2013 with this kind of abandon and joy!