Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bucket List~

I have said numerous times that inside my heart is a "Bucket List"
I think everyone has one..but after the movie came out we all started to think about what would be on our list. So I have decided to start one.As I go along I will add the things that become important and highlight the ones I have accomplished. So my list will be a work in progress...It's rather imaginative to think about the things you would really love to do. They are such personal goals,and I know some of mine will be quite silly and random( & I'm afraid will include food much too often) But I want them to really be my own.What's on your list?
Things I have always wanted to do...
People I want to meet...
Places I want to visit...
Onto the Bucket List....
*Eat a yummy pastry in France
*Go on a missions trip
*Tour the White House
*Buy a pink bike
*Start writing thank you letters to the people who have so positively influenced my life
*Visit New York at Christmas
*Become a Ya Ya and rock my grandbaby to sleep
*Chicago for pizza,Cubs game,and people watching
*Be in Dave's "pit crew" while he gets blessed with lots of money for the kids at The Gear Foundation {Oprah, Ellen, Here is a great charity to support!}
*Renew my vows at our 40th anniversary
*Plan a 133rd street girls reunion with Renee, Jeanette and Paula!
*Hug Vince Gill
*Eat at Paula Deens restaurant in Georgia
*Go to Greece and visit my Moms childhood
*Organize a family reunion with all the Krikacs
*Interview all the Greeks about their childhoods and memories 
 *Drink a hot chocolate from Serendipity 
*Visit San Fransisco and eat chowder on the wharf
*Visit Boston
Alaska with the family
*Eat lobster in Maine
*See the play "Wicked" (thank you Chloe)
*Raise two amazing boys 
*Meet Bonnie Hunt~ shake her hand and speak with her 

Having one of my dreams fulfilled this week is what made me decide to formally start my list. To put down on paper what has always been in my heart.And I am thrilled to be able to cross the 'Bonnie Hunt' one off my list!  Chloe and I got to meet her this week and it was thrilling.We had a nice long chat and she is so fun and down to earth. I just know we would be great friends if we hung out.

So here's to crossing things off and finding new dreams to add~  


Ashlyn said...

Oh i love this. I would like to travel and do each one of those things with you - and if its' up to me, i'll make you a Ya Ya "soon", i promise :)

Casey said...

Love your list!!! You and Chloe didn't scare me at all! I always enjoy being with you, and now I've met Chloe and she's such a doll. I can see how you two are so much like peas in a pod! Here's to pursuing your bucket list! You know I'm going to "borrow" it.

dkrikac said...

Amen Sista..we really want to WIN that money and take our 20 Kids on the Vacation of their dreams...From OUR lips to God's Ears....


Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

I don't know if you will read this but you can check off another bucket list item I think with the pink bike~! You need to post a picture of you pedaling away on your bike with its adorable basket~!