Friday, July 27, 2012

Mommas got a new ride...

Yes this laid off worker who probably has no business getting a new car 
Just got one!! 

My old car was purchased used 12 years ago and I fully intended to drive it another five years!

But it died, darn it  YIPEE

Big time engine work was going to be needed and it's simply not practical to put money into a 99 Ford Explorer

So my sweet hubby sent me off to pick out a car that I wanted !  He didn't want to drive it , didn't want to know how much it was, he just said  
"you deserve it, so go get one"

 {Yes this is the kind of man I was lucky enough to marry }  

I love the Ford Edge and have many friends who are huge fans of the Jeeps
But we knew at the end of the day we were going to buy a Toyota !
Our  friends own the "Toyota of Temecula" dealership and you simply cant beat the sales and service you get when you buy a car from them! Travis drove here a few months ago to get his new Highlander and Chad and I both bought our last cars there. I would say no matter where you live, it's worth the drive for all the extras they make sure you get spoiled with!
So I drove in with my old Ford and a couple hours later drove home in this!
It is so sporty and fun and it smells divine ! They hooked up my blue tooth for hands free calls and it has XM radio and plays Pandora right from my phone.
I haven't had a new car in over 20 years and I truly appreciate every single thing about it!
The dash feels like a cockpit and I feel a little Judy Jetson driving such a fancy car
I NEVER want to come across as braggy but truly just want everyone to know how thankful I am !
And promise me if you are in the market for a new car....
Try Toyota of Temecula Valley  first!
You will be glad you did !

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My new favorite place to be....

I always loved swimming when I was a little girl and suddenly found the exact same joy now when I am in the water
The freedom and sense of peace I have while I'm swimming is one of the BEST feelings in the world
I have a few kidney stones { which is another depressing story } and sometimes when the pain gets bad it feels so good to float and it helps my back totally relax.
So my sweet friend Casey allowed me to borrow her community pool key and off I went to float one afternoon and I have been back at least five days a week ever since. It has been hot and nothing beats that feeling of diving under that cool, clear water. There is hardly anyone there and it is right by my house!  Plus its gorgeous....
snapped this last week with my camera phone...
But the bad news is

I have become one of those old ladies who takes her paddle board and does laps like I'm at the Del Bocca Vista retirement home. I even shower there to get the chlorine out of my hair so my 'tint' will last longer? Last week I left there with my floppy hat, big Jackie O sunglasses, wet hair and sundress and stopped by Henry's on my way home for chicken...
And I didn't even care??

Chad swims laps everyday and he kindly offered me a pair of his goggles but I have to draw the line somewhere
It would be nice to see under water 
I am one step away from a flowered bathing cap with a strap
But I LOVE it !
And I feel anonymous and I know I am burning calories like crazy plus I sleep like a baby!
So if you ever want to join me for a swim..........Call me
If I'm not at the pool I am probably playing rummy at the senior center with my new best friends

And its only been a month since my "forced retirement" 
Lord help me ...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We had two really fun celebrations this last week !
Travis turned 28 and Ashlyns little sister Lia got married to a darling boy Chris! 

Travis wanted to spend most of his birthday at the beach after a early morning golf game!
So we all met up there and had such a great time with the kids and the baby 
Happy Birthday sweet baby of mine!

Proud Uncle Chad
After the beach we went to Coronado for dinner at a great Italian restaurant and it was such a beautiful night so we ate outside with a view of the harbor.Travis has been telling Steve for so long about a guitar player at the "Hotel Del Coronado" so we went there after and sat in the bar and listened to him play
The guy is amazing!! If you ever have a chance to be there on the weekend night GO!
It was awesome...
And Beckham was such a  good boy the whole night long. Even with us keeping him up way past his bedtime he never gets grumpy. He has the sweetest  disposition 

Then we traveled to Ventura this last weekend for the wedding

 It was so beautiful and meaningful !
LOVE these two~

Travis and Ashlyn were both in the wedding and Beckham was the Jr ring bearer
The cuteness factor was off the charts !  
They looked so cute ! Travis being silly and Ashlyn finding him funny! 
It was a beautiful venue and my talented daughter in law did all the flowers and tablescapes !
She amazes me~

It was a precious wedding and we had so much fun celebrating the sweet couple! 
My sweet boys tuckered out

We also had a fun  4th of July with my brother and his family....

Lindsay and I did a 5k { yes, crazy I know  } and then we had a BBQ and slumber party ! We played cards and hung out a bit with the neighbors at a block party
We also took Cooper to the dog wash and gave him a bath!  He is so darn cute and he and Brody are
Life is sweet....We are so blessed....
And I am one very thankful girl!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Aww "shucks"

Of corn that is 
We love corn on the cob ! 
I have so many memories of eating corn on the cob with my parents. My daddy LOVED corn and he would always bring home big bags of it and we would sit on the porch with a grocery sack and shuck it
And we were allowed to use the whole stick of butter to "roll" it in   
Once my mom and aunts Mary and Kay ate so much they had a belly ache for days
They said it was so good they just kept eating more. I think Mary ate four ears!
I do come from a long line of Nebraska Cornhuskers so maybe it's in our blood
So when I saw this video, I LOVED it and couldn't wait to try it out.
The corn turns out perfect!!
I don't think I will ever cook it any other way ....
Go get some corn, cook it, roll it and thank me later ...
Happy summer!

 Don't you agree this guy is just the cutest?