Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Splendid September

My brother and his family have been here since the wedding.And we have been having a BLAST! Dave,Sandy and their darling daughter Sara. Kory had to fly home because he is still in college.We are super proud of him and terribly miss him being here with all of us.We cruised the coast in the RV,went to Carlsbad for a couple days,visited Chad in San Diego and he showed them around where he works,went to Mission Bay,ate lunch at HoDads,(a favorite of Diners Drive Ins and Dives)played cards,visited with Thia Mary,and we still have three more days of fun! Kenny and his family are coming today! I think all this fun and company has helped with the wedding let down.Then we heard from the newlyweds! They called last night to wish us a happy anniversary(26years)and me a happy birthday(39 years).They are having so much fun and they sound GREAT! Travis has that smile in his voice that just warms my heart. He almost giggles while he talks.It was fun to talk about the wedding and hear how much fun they had.Life has sure been fun this last week!

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cougarnana said...

Bet you can't wait for Outrageous October!!